Monday, October 6, 2014

Another Australia-Doctor Who Connection

I was hanging out with Lord Wiki, learning more about "The Family of Blood" episode of Doctor Who.  I was kind of skimming through the first paragraph; saw the name Kate Orman, and I clicked on it.  It was kind of strange, because I don't often click on people's names. But I started thinking that I'd like to know more about the people behind the scenes of my new favorite TV show.

Anyway, yes. If you haven't guessed already. Kate Orman is Australian.

She was born in Sydney in 1968.

Her Doctor Who job? She wrote novels based on the series.

I don't think she's done anything for the revised series.

As for "The Family of Blood", that particular episode was based on an old Doctor Who novel. Orman didn't write it, but she co-plotted it. I can kind of guess what that means.

Kate Orman has a Livejournal called Dreamer Easy. Her latest post has a list of all her writing.  I still have money left on my Powells gift certificate. Maybe I'll find her books there. Or maybe they'll have some of the books at our library. I've already tried to find Doctor Who books there and didn't have much luck. But I'm hoping I simply failed to look in the right places.

I can see from Dreamer Easy that Orman is very passionate about refugees in Australia. Or NOT in Australia, because they've been sent away elsewhere.

Well...I just checked Powells. They have one book, but it's pretty expensive. Yeah. I'm cheap.

Our library has nothing.

If I remember, I'll check Powells again at a future date.

I probably won't remember. Unfortunately.

But you know...I do reread my posts. So years from now, I'll get to this one and (Hi, Future Dina!) and then I'll remind myself to check Powells.