Thursday, October 9, 2014

Australia is Smart!

I just read another article about Ebola in Australia.

The nurse who's currently enduring an Ebola scare has been in home-quarantine since returning from Africa.

Australia has come up with guidelines that say people returning from infected areas need to put themselves in quarantine for 21 days. This, to me, is very smart and reasonable.

Some say we should ban flights from infected areas. The worst thing about that idea is it prevents brave and self-sacrificing health care workers, like this Queensland nurse, from going over to Africa to help.

I think having a quarantine, though, is a brilliant idea. It doesn't need to be overly strict, because people aren't contagious until they show symptoms.  But if someone does get sick, it's helpful if the symptoms didn't appear in the midst of a big party or while they were walking around at the mall.

The thing about illness is the symptoms don't always wait until you're safe at home to appear.

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