Sunday, October 19, 2014

Violet Ashes

I'm bored and not feeling 100% great. So I was thinking maybe I'd so some Flickr stalking.  And then I thought, what if I combine my Australian obsession and my Doctor Who obsession by finding a Flickr account of an Aussie Doctor Who Fan?

This led me to finding Violet Ashes' account.

Violet Ash is from Adelaide.

Is Violet Ash her real name? Probably not. But if it is, that's very cool.

Violet Ash has a blog, but she hasn't posted since July. The last post is about her garden. It's very important to her.

There are some sad things in her blog. I think writing is one of the ways she works through things. Although some things maybe can't be fully worked least not completely.

I should look at her pictures now.

I think I'll start with her photostream and then look at some albums.

Her most recent picture is from about a week ago. It's of a bird and some trees at Mt. Lofty Botanic Gardens. I'm guessing that's in Adelaide.

Yes...Google confirms that.

She has a photo of her great grandfather's headstone. She visited his grave. His name was Albert Haarran. He was born in 1915 and died in 2006.

Here's a photo of Violet Ash and her husband. If I'm understanding things right, it's their wedding photo. She's not wearing white. She's wearing purple.

One of the things that intrigues me about Violet Ash is she says she's an atheist on her Flickr profile, but from the skimming I did in her blog, I got the sense that she's spiritual. I might have misread stuff, because I was reading fast. But I started wondering if she was atheist not in the skeptical only-believe-in-stuff-proved-by-science way; but maybe in the more literal sense. She doesn't believe in God.  That would be like me. I am a big believer in things that can't be proven by science, but I don't really believe in any Gods.

Anyway, and there's the purple dress, which I associate with spirituality. It looks like something a Pagan might wear.

I think I shall stop with the photostream and look at some albums. Then I can find stuff that specifically interests me. Cause I'm selfish in that way.

Here's some food/kitchen photos.

I like this meal. It's a smorgasbord of veggies, olives, and other things. Violet Ashes has managed to make me feel all inferior. Why? Because the meal looks very fancy, and in the caption, she says her and her husband were sick. This is the stuff they quickly grabbed from their fridge. What the hell? I think if Tim and I were sick, we'd be grabbing bowls of cereal. Or I'd pop a frozen meal into the microwave.

I was excited to see Violet Ashes' Christmas album. Since I don't celebrate Christmas personally, I like to live vicariously through people who do. Unfortunately, Violet Ashes has only 4 photos in the album. kind of disappointing.  One of the photos is of her with her husband and black cat.  Yesterday, I decided maybe black cats have the ability to be photogenic, but they make their owners look bad. You know...because there's that thing about superficial people returning their black cats because they look bad in selfies.  I saw photos of a black cat alone and he looked fine. So that's why I concluded that. But now...looking at this photo....Violet Ashes and her husband look lovely. The cat doesn't look so beautiful. So maybe when humans photograph themselves with their cat, the cat ends up looking bad.

I just realized that Violet Ash doesn't really divide her photos up in the way that I prefer. I like when people have albums based on location and dates. She doesn't do that, which is fine. It's her account.

I think I'll just look at this album. It's called Violet Ashes Photos; and it has 389 pictures. I'll just glance through and see if anything interests me.

Here's a beautiful scenery photo.  She took it at Mount Crawford.  According to Google Maps, Mount Crawford is about an hour north-east of Adelaide.

I think this is a cool photo. I'm attracted to it for some reason. It's of a Fort in St. Kilda. Not St. Kilda in Melbourne, but in South Australia.

Here's a photo of a feather. Violet Ashes calls it a good luck feather. I don't think atheists typically believe in luck.

Ah! Here's the Doctor Who stuff.  And it's incredibly wonderful. It's Mosaic Doctor Who. It's very beautiful.

The photos are from a garden in Strathalbyn, South Australia. If I'm still obsessed with Doctor Who for my 50th birthday trip, I might have to delete our Tasmania plans and go to South Australia instead.

I just went to Google Doctor Who and Strathalbyn mosaic. The only thing I got was Violet Ashes Flickr album.  Does no one else know about this?

Anyway...let me get to the photos.

Here's a mosaic Dalek. It's awesome.

Here's some little mosaic pictures.  The description on these photos say they're from Violet Ashes' geo-catching adventures. So maybe they're not from an established garden somewhere. Maybe they're a hidden treasure for geo-catching folks.

Here's the whole set all together, including a Tardis.

I just noticed that Violet Ashes provides a link. It's the website of Bruce Long. He's the owner of a business called The Studio of Mosaic Art.  I think he's the creator of the awesome Doctor Who stuff.

There are other mosaics besides Doctor Who. Here's a creepy clown.

You know. I just thought of something. Violet Ashes might not be a Doctor Who fan. Though her profile does say she likes science fiction. But maybe she has a mild interest, and she just thought the mosaics were cool. So she took a photo. That's fine. I'm enjoying her Flickr account, regardless.

I don't see the Doctor Who stuff on Bruce Long's site gallery. I don't know....Maybe he doesn't photograph all his Mosaics?

The majority of Violet Ashes' photos are of a sunset. I like sunsets, but I'm not really into pictures of them. If there's a picture of some other kind of scenery that I like, and the sun is setting in the photo; I'll often like those photos. But I'm not a big fan of photos where the sunset is the star.

Well, on that note. I think I'm going to quit here. I think I've seen what I wanted to see.