Sunday, November 23, 2014

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was a nice mixture of Australia and BBC love.

Thanks to Chef Tim we ate pies and Pavlova while watching Doctor Who, Torchwood, and then the Catherine Tate Show.

I was a bit apathetic about the Pavlova at first, because I was totally not in the mood for fruit. I have a weird relationship with fruit. Sometimes I love it...almost too much. I can have strong cravings sometimes. Other times, I'll get really tired of it. I had an apple in the morning, raisins for a snack, and after that felt blah about fruit. Then Tim came home with all this fruit—strawberries, cherries, and grapes. Usually, I'd be thrilled about it. But this time I wasn't. 

He later revealed he was making Pavlova, and I couldn't get myself to look forward to it. Just because I was not in a fruit mood.

But fortunately, the bad feelings towards fruit lifted by dinner.  I ended up loving the Pavlova, and I look forward to eating the leftovers today. case you're wondering. The grapes weren't for the Pavlova. That was just an extra bonus. Although I suppose you could put grapes on Pavlova. Why not? 


Ann ODyne said...

ketchup on the pies I hope. Wishing you many more happy funny birthdays dear Weird American. Same day as Toulouse Lautrec I now know thanks to the Google thingy.

Andrew said...

Happy birthday for yesterday. Pavlova is happy food.

Dina said...

Ann ODyne: Thank you SO much! I appreciate it a lot. No, tomato sauce on the pies; at least not mine. I was being very self-absorbed on my birthday and didn't even ask what kind of dead animal was in Tim and Jack's pie. I'm not sure if it would be the type to warrant ketchup. Mine was a spicy black bean pie. I don't think ketchup would go with that. And even if it did...I'm not a ketchup fan.

Toulouse Lautrac seems like an interesting guy. His birthday is actually 2 days after mine. I posted this post a day after my birthday. And then there's the whole time gap thing between my country and yours.

Andrew: Thank you!!! So...does Pavlova remain happy even after you've eaten it? Is it jumping around my insides with joy; or is it depressed now?