Saturday, November 8, 2014

Road Trip

We're on a road trip—visiting Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, and other places.

I thought the United States was ugly compared to Australia. But now I realize I was wrong. It's just Texas that's ugly compared to Australia; or at least the part of Texas where we live. It's very blah for the most part.

This road trip isn't the first time I've seen pretty scenes in America. We've seen lovely scenes in Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, etc. But this is our first time driving out west; and in my opinion, the west could compete with Australia in a beauty contest.

Parts of Arizona remind me of pictures I've seen of central Australia. Though, there's less red.

Here's one photo I took while driving. I think it's from Arizona, but it could be from New Mexico. I'm not 100% sure.

In Anaheim, we stayed at the Howard Johnsons. In their lobby, they have a display of Aussie and Kiwi stuff. Tim asked what's up with that, and they told us they get a lot of visitors from that area of the world.

After we checked in at the hotel, we went to Downtown Disney and ate lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. Look whose picture was on the wall....

Well, never mind. You can't look. I thought I took a photograph of the picture, but now I can't find it. was Captain James Cook.  I was happy to see him.

What else?

We've been listening to Spotify in the car.  Today we heard "Surrender" by Ball Park Music. I liked that song, but today I suddenly loved it. Maybe it will always remind me of our road trip.

When we drove past this amazing scenery in Dragoon, Arizona, the Pet Shop Boy's "Go West" started playing. It all made me kind of emotional. And I started thinking about how that song was featured at the Sydney Tower 4D movie experience thing. It wasn't there the last time we were there, but it was there one of the other times. Anyway...I'm wondering what message they were trying to convey with the song.  Were they trying to say we shouldn't just stay in Sydney? We need to make our way out west? How far west did they want us to go? All the way to Perth? Or would Melbourne be far enough? Maybe Adelaide?

Right now Tim is watching Zero Dark Thirty. I think there's an Australian in that movie. I remember writing about it recently.  I shall google to see who it is....

Never mind. Tim is NOT watching Zero Dark Thirty. He's watching another version of the story.  But anyway...Joel Edgerton is in the movie I was thinking about. I haven't written about him yet, though. The actor, from the movie, that I have done a post on is Callan Mulvey.

I'm also seeing that John Barrowman is in it!  I was kind of obsessed with Barrowman and Torchwood before we left for our trip. Now the interest has faded a bit. But I'm sure it will return when I start reading his autobiography, and we begin watching season 2 of Torchwood.

Back to our road trip....

We might go to the Albuquerque zoo. They have Tassie Devils there. I have a feeling we're going to go, and the devils will be sleeping and we'll just see their butts. But still. It will be an honor to be near them.

We're going to the Grand Canyon this weekend. I'm curious to know how I'll react to it. I'm often not interested in very famous sites. I'm more interested in the ones that aren't over-loved by the masses. So I've never been super interested in seeing Uluru. But then I've imagined I could be wrong. I could go to Uluru and be totally amazed.

If I end up loving the Grand Canyon, it could mean I might love Uluru. And if so, maybe we should go there someday.  If I go to the Grand Canyon and shrug my shoulders thinking, this is pretty, but we've seen more beautiful things while on the road. And it's annoying that there are so many other tourists. Well, if I think that, then there's probably no point in us visiting Uluru.

Really. Arizona is FULL of beautiful mountains and other scenery. I'm wondering what's so extra special about the Grand Canyon.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the cactus. We saw a lot of cactus while driving in Arizona. It was the tall stereotypical cactus.  Do you know what I mean? It's hard for me to explain.

Another thing I've loved seeing on our road trip is the wind turbines. I love them. They look like they're dancing.

Maybe in a few days, I'll admit to being wrong. But for now I am guessing that the wind turbines and cactus will be my favorite thing in Arizona...rather than the Grand Canyon.

As for my favorite thing on this whole road trip in general; it will probably be the roller coaster at Disney's California Adventure Park. The three of us had a fantastic time on that.

I  feel this post is totally disjointed and badly organized. Sorry about that. Or maybe all my posts are like that; and I'm noticing it more today.

I don't know....