Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Websites Listed In My Favorite Bathroom Book (Part 10)

I thought about quitting these posts, because it seems not many people are reading them.  But then what will happen to me and my blog if I write only posts that I know will attract attention? Besides, I often think that, even if no one is reading now, someone in the future might read.

If anything, Future Dina will probably read the post. I often read what I've written in the past. Sometimes I'm ashamed of Past Dina, and sometimes I'm impressed. The other day I got a lecture from Past Dina. When I wrote it, I meant to be lecturing other people, but then it turned out I needed the lecture too.

I should get down to business now. My bathroom book.....

Today's website is part of a bigger website. It's Wombarra Beach House, which is part of a business called Contemporary Hotels.

I'm reading a little bit about Contemporary Hotels, in general. It was started by a woman named Terry Kalijo.  Her first hotel was called Medusa Boutique Hotel.

Here is a photo from Terry Kalijo's Instagram account. She's feeding a giraffe at Taronga Zoo. Or at least I think it's her. It could be a friend.

You know what. I think I've written about Contemporary Hotels before. I was just looking at their list of properties and saw Bedarra Island Villa. I'm pretty sure I wrote about that one.

Yeah. I remember noticing that they have a lot of properties in Byron Bay.

Well, I should probably get onto Wombarra Beach House. What's that like?

First of all, I know Wombarra Beach House is in or near Wollongong, because that's the page of my bathroom book in which it was mentioned.

Wollongong is south of Sydney. I always connect it to our 2007 Disney cruise. We went on a few weeks before our first trip to Australia. I talked to someone who worked on the ship, and I was super excited because he was Australian. I asked where in Australia he was from, and it was Wollongong.

Google Maps shows Wombarra as being 24 minutes north of Wollongong.  It's about an hour south of the Sydney CBD.

From the front page of the The Wombarra Beach House I've learned that the building was designed by an architect named Ed Lippmann.  Here's his architecture website.  He and his team helped plan the eastern bits of Darling Harbour. That's pretty impressive. And he/they have designed a lot of buildings around Sydney.

This overview page for the Wombarra Beach House pretty much repeats what was on the other page; with a few additions.  They say, While the drive from Sydney takes an hour, once there, the private track to the beach takes less than a minute.

I don't think I'm very impressed by their selling tactics. What exactly does that mean? Are we supposed to be annoyed that we have to drive an hour from Sydney. Is that considered far? Or are we supposed to be amazed that this place is so close to Sydney.  It kind of seems like they're saying, I know it's a pain to have to drive all the way down to Wombarra. But don't worry, once you get here, you'll only have to walk for a minute to get to the beach.  Or is it a walk? Maybe it's a one minute drive?

I'm guessing it's a walk. Who would advertise a one minute drive? It would be kind of ridiculous to drive one minute to the beach, when you could simply walk there.

Now I'm looking at the features and facilities page.

You get four bedrooms—two with king-sized beds. There are two bathrooms. There's a spa/hot tub, views of the beach, and that private track to the beach.

There's a fireplace and air-conditioning, so you're covered for all types of weather.

I just noticed the page has a slideshow of the house. I can't say I'm very impressed. It's not my type of style.

Here's the location page.  It looks like, to get to the beach, you walk through a park. That sounds nice.

Here's an image gallery. I'm going to see if any of the photos call out to me.

The house has a lot of glass. It has more windows than walls.  I guess that would be okay, because I think the property has privacy. But I'm not sure I'd like it much. I'd feel exposed.

That being said, the second picture calls out to me. Unfortunately, I can't link to the photos directly. Maybe I'll just describe it. So...there are lots of windows.

I'm looking at the sixth photo now. From the dining room table, you can see the ocean. That's pretty awesome. I guess there are benefits to having a house with a lot of windows.

From the eleventh picture I can see the view you get from the living room area. You can see the ocean and trees. It's lovely.

They have only one picture of the bedrooms. Interestingly, it's not one of the ones that has a King bed. I wonder why. I would think they'd want to show that off...unless they feel it would fail to impress people.

Here's pricing information.  It's definitely out of our range. It's $800 a night. We usually aim for places that are less than $200. Even if we shared with another family, it would still be too expensive for us.

Yesterday, we started talking about what we'd do if we ever won the lottery. I wonder if I'd want to stay at these very expensive places. I think doing so too often would make us  turn into one of those people who won the lottery, and now they're broke.  I feel it would be better to continue staying in the price range we do now. But maybe we'd splurge every so often.  Go to Australia for a month. Spend most of the nights in holiday parks, but then spend a handful of nights in a place like this.

One thing cool on the rates page is they give you a $100 voucher for your next stay at one of their properties.  That's fairly significant. And you get entered into a drawing to win a free weekend stay.  They don't tell you how often this drawing is. Once a week? Once a year?

Anyway, I think that's it for today.

See ya later...alligator.