Thursday, December 4, 2014

From the Dusty Red Soil Plains...and Whales.

I dreamed about Australia related stuff last night.

I'm at a place and I start singing "I am Australian" with an Australian. She sings part of a line, leaves out a word, and then I fill in the word. She corrects me on a word. I believe I'm right and she's wrong, but I don't argue. 

Then she sings, "I came from the Dreamtime". I sing back, "From the dusty red soil plains". She's impressed that I got it right. 

I then notice my singing buddy is Aboriginal. I think it's very cool that I'm singing this song with an Aboriginal Australian.

Then later I think about Africa and Australia. This leads me to wondering what's scarier the wildlife in Australia or the wildlife in Africa. I think about going around and asking people.  

Personally, I think I'd probably be more scared of African animals....just because big animals sometimes scare me.

Speaking of big animals, I continue to feel haunted by whale sharks. I saw another screensaver photo yesterday and then our episode of Torchwood was about an unfortunate partly-eaten extraterrestrial whale type creature.

I've asked myself. Am I really seeing an abundance of whale shark photos? Or am I just noticing them because they're on my mind. But WHY are they on my mind in the first place?

I like to imagine it's a message from the universe...well, just because I like imagining the universe sends us messages.

What's it trying to say then?

I can't help, but think it's telling me we should go to Western Australian instead of Tasmania for our far-in-the-future Australia trip.  If that's true, I'd say the universe wants us to spend a lot of money. First of all, plane tickets to Perth are going to cost more than plane tickets to Hobart. Second, then we'll have to pay for the $300+ whale shark tour tickets.

I'd say if the universe wants us to spend that much money, it should have me win the lottery. Or one of my Kindle novels should suddenly become super popular and be optioned for a movie or TV show.  If I get tons of money, I'll certainly seriously consider swimming with whales. Though I'm not a fan of snorkeling and being out there in the open water scares me.

But I do like the idea of meeting whale sharks.  Yeah, so if I was rich...I'd probably swallow my fear and go for it.

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