Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Invading Texas

This is my dream from last night.

I realize it's been a long time since we put bird food out in the backyard for the emus. I regret that I've neglected doing this.  Then I remember that there are no emus in Texas. I feel quite disappointed when I remember that.

I also decide that although I do like living in Texas, I wish it were Australia. I want the Australian flag to be our flag.  I decide there's a way for this to happen. Australia can invade Texas.  But then I start realizing this might not be a great idea, because many Texans might be resentful of the whole thing.  

I do love the Australian flag. Though I understand why it's controversial to some.

If Australia ever got a new flag, I'd probably love that as well.

I definitely wish we had wild Australian animals here.  I know there's a big risk in introducing a foreign animal into the wild.  It can become invasive, and all that. But I don't think it always has to have a bad conclusion.  

I saw it mentioned on San Diego Zoo's Instagram that the reason they now have Tassie Devils, is they're trying to create a breeding population in the US.  The Tasmanian Devil is in SERIOUS horrible danger because of facial tumors.

So after reading this on Instagram, I started having this fantasy that a success wouldn't just be about having many Tasmanian devils at the zoos, but that those in charge would release some the tumor free ones in the US.  Then eventually they're be a bunch of devils roaming about the US.

I wonder if they'd still be called Tasmanian devils.  Probably...since that's where they originated.