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Eddie Perfect


Today I'm going to be learning about Eddie Perfect. He played Mick on Offspring.  I don't know much else about him. I think he sings; maybe comedic songs.  He did a funny song on Offspring in the first season.  It's called "Six at Best", and it was an apology song for his girlfriend (Billie) in regards to him having sex with her sister.

It's a great song. I loved it. It was a touching moment between the characters, and the lyrics were a great tribute to the little fun details of the show.

"Six at Best" is probably what I like best about Mick. What I like least is his behavior and attitude in the later seasons.

In season four, Mick's music career blossoms. He starts becoming famous. That's good for him. What's unfortunate, is Billie's (his wife now) life goes in the opposite direction. Her real estate business has some major failures. She tries to be supportive of her husband's good fortune, but she gets depressed and her self-esteem sinks. This leads to Billie having sex with an old friend.

Mick eventually leaves her for this, which I think is incredibly unfair and ridiculous. Did he not forget that he had sex with Billie's own sister?  I know what Gandhi says about an eye for an eye making the whole world blind. But that's for violence. When it comes to infidelity,  I say if one person does it and is pardoned, then their partner gets a free pass. Now that doesn't mean I think a person should seek out adultery just for the sake of revenge.  But if there comes a time that an opportunity presents itself, whether it be for love, infatuation, or some sort of mental weakened state...well, then I think the person has a right to go for it.

My feeling is that Mick made himself out to be the righteous victim, because it gave him the "right" to leave Billie. I think he wanted to be the dedicated husband—the man who becomes famous but stands by his pathetic wife.  Then when she had sex with another man, he imagined he had an excuse to leave her. Did he not remember having sex with Billie's sister?

I don't know. Maybe he was waiting for Billie to sing him an apology song.


Now I shall start learning about Eddie Perfect, the man behind the Mick.

I'll start with his biography on IMDb.  They don't have much to say about Perfect—nothing personal. They just say he's an actor and a writer, and they list the highlights of his career.

I guess I shall move onto the Eddie Perfect filmography.

I wonder if Eddie Perfect is his real...birth name. I imagine his last name might have brought on a bit of teasing.

The filmography is quite short.  When that's the case, I don't follow my usual practice of skipping one time guest appearances on TV shows. I do the skipping, because many filmographies are incredibly overwhelming.  This isn't the case with Eddie Perfect.

His first screen thing was in 2002. He played someone named Stumpy on the show Stingers.  The episode was in the fifth season. My favorite Australian television website says the episode was about teenage drug manufacturers.  I was thinking maybe Stumpy was one of the teenagers, but I'm pretty sure Eddie Perfect is close to my age. Maybe a little younger. Maybe a little older.  Either way...I certainly wasn't a teenager in 2002, so I'm guessing that's also the case for Perfect as well.

I just noticed that Perfect was in multiple one time guest appearances in 2002. Well, actually...just three. Still. That's multiple, right. It's not a total exaggeration.

Next on the list is Blue Heelers.   Perfect was in the 17th episode of the 9th season.  This time his character had a first and last name: Mark Lalor.  That name kind of sounds familiar to me.

You day I misspelled familiar, as I often do. I accidentally clicked Add to Dictionary; so now I'm plagued by that mistake.  I spell it as familar, and the dictionary doesn't correct me. Fortunately, I sometimes manage to correct the mistake on my own.

The Australian television website disagrees with IMDb about the episode being the 17th episode. They say it's the 16th.

There's no information here about Mark Lalor—what he's all about. But there is something fun. Another guest star on the show was Kat Stewart.  Kat Stewart played Billie on Offspring.  I wonder if this is the first time the two actors met each other.

The episode is on YouTube. I'll skim through to see if I can find the Offspring actors.

Kat Stewart appears at about 4:31.  She's a lawyer.  She's pretty sweet and timid—different from her character on Offspring and Tangle.

Eddie Perfect appears at 10:03. Stewart plays his lawyer.  I have to say he DOES look very young. He could actually pass as a teen. So maybe he was one of the teen drug manufacturers on Stingers.

Wait. Maybe that's not Eddie Perfect. They're calling him Mr. Hart.  Perfect plays Mark Lalor. But it LOOKS like Eddie Perfect.

I'm so confused.

No...they just called him Mark. Maybe they weren't calling him Mr. Hart. Maybe they were just talking about Mr. Hart.

Who is Mr. Hart?

I don't know.

I should probably move on.

The third guest appearance was on MDA. I think that's the show with the guy I was mildly obsessed with a few months ago. And now I can't remember his name.  Jason...something.  Neighbours. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.   Why can't I remember his name! This is so annoying.

Well, I had to get IMDb's help for that. It's Jason Donovan. My brain wasn't even close to formulating that.

Oh well.

Anyway...Eddie Perfect appeared in the 18th episode of the 1st season.  He played a guy named Nigel Newland.

The episode is on YouTube. I'll watch some of it.

Where are you Nigel Newland?

So far...I'm not seeing Nigel or Jason Donovan.

Okay. Now I see Donovan.

I'll keep searching for Nigel.

Here we go. I think I found Eddie Perfect at 27:59.  Again, he looks very young. I guess that makes sense since both shows were made in 2002.  I would say Perfect looks to be about 19-20.  Eight years later, he was on Offspring.  I suppose Mick could have been in his late 20's rather than the mid to late 30's I was imagining.  Maybe I'm not good at judging ages.

Or he could be one of those people who still look like teenagers when they're in their mid to late 20's.

Hopefully, sometime today, I'll find out Perfect's age. I'm curious.

Also, in 2002, Perfect was in a miniseries called Bootleg.  He played an unknown TV studio manager, so I'm guessing it was a small part.

Lord Wiki says it was a BBC thing for children. But it was filmed in Melbourne.  So, it was a mixture of British and Australian.

In 2004, Perfect guest-starred on two episodes of Kath and Kim.  In the third season, he played Brett's co-worker.   The Australian television website says that Brett started to volunteer at a computer store. So maybe Perfect's character worked at the store as well.

I found one of the episodes on YouTube.  By the way, if anyone is reading this post years from now, it's unlikely any of these episode links will be still working.  TV episodes are usually taken down after awhile.  But for now, it's here and I'm going to take a look at it.

Perfect appears at 12:06.  He doesn't have any lines, at least not in that scene.

Well...and I skimmed through the rest of the episode. I didn't see him again.

In this part of the filmography, there's nothing until Offspring in 2010.  But earlier, I took a secret peak at Perfect's "As Himself" filmography, and there was some stuff there.

I'm going to take another look.

I'm not going to go into detail.  I'm too lazy. There's a few things between 2005-2010, including four appearances on Spick and Specks.   Since that show's about music, and I know Eddie Perfect can sing; I'm guessing he was working on his music career between 2004 and 2010.  I'll hopefully learn more about that later.

As for Offspring, IMDb says Perfect was on for 58 episodes. He was on a lot in the first four seasons, but in only five episodes of the last one.  This was when Mick was off in London...or something like that.

I'm guessing Mick went off to London because Perfect was working on other things. But I could be wrong.

Recently, Perfect appeared on the TV show It's a Date. I thought it sounded familiar, and that's probably because Sibylla Budd was on it as well. I think I looked into the show when I wrote a post about her.

Actually, now I'm seeing a ton of names I recognize in the credits: Dan Wylie, Eve Lazzaro, Justine Clarke, Kate Richie, Deborah Mailman, Lachy Hulme, Susie Porter, Kat Stewart, Rove McManus, Bridie Carter, Asher keddie....

Lord Wiki says the show has had two seasons— eight episodes each. He probably told me all this when I wrote about Sibylla Budd. But he has to repeat things a lot with me, because I have such memory failure. What's funny is my family makes jokes about me having an amazing memory. That's because the one thing I do remember is fights; or people offending me. I remember that stuff for years. But on balance, I also tend to have a strong memory for people being nice to me. For example, if someone gives me a compliment, in many cases, I'll remember it for a long time.

Besides memory sucks.

Anyway.  I should get back to Eddie Perfect.  Or actually, It's a Date.  Well...Eddie Perfect ON It's a Date.  Lord Wiki says he was on the 6th episode of the 2nd season. Deborah Mailman was on that episode as well.  In the episode, a woman joins Perfect on a search for his dog.

The last thing on Perfect's filmography is South Pacific. The musical. That's going to be released sometime this year.  Perfect plays Luther Billis.

Here's a video of a guy named Gary Maracheck being Luther Billis.  The only problem is I'm not sure which person on the stage is Billis. I thought seeing the video would give me an idea of what Perfect would be doing. But it's not really helping.

Now I'm going to see what Lord Wiki has to say about Eddie Perfect.  Unfortunately he doesn't provide a year of birth. I was hoping to find out Perfect's age.

I was right, though.  Before Offspring, Perfect was working on musical stuff.  In 2008, he wrote a musical about Shane Warne, the cricketeer guy.  It won a 2009 Helpmann award.

Here's a song from the musical.  Perfect didn't just write the musical. He sings in it as well. I guess that should be expected.

I like the song. It's fun. I just checked Spotify. They have the album. I added some of the songs to my massive Aussie music list.  I also have a musical list. I suppose I could add some of the songs to that list as well.

Ah! I think I have some age information here. Lord Wiki says that Perfect attended St. Bede's College in Mentone, Victoria. And he was dux of the school in 1995. I think dux is the same as valedictorian. That happens when you're seventeen or eighteen.  Right?  So I'm going to guess then that Perfect was around the age of eighteen in 1995.  He was probably born in 1977, or around that time. Now he'd be in his thirties  In 2002, when he was looking like he was about nineteen, he would have been twenty-five.

But I might be wrong. He might have been one of those people who graduated high school when they're sixteen.

Where is Mentone Victoria? Is it part of Melbourne?

From what I see on Google Maps, it's about 30 minutes away from the Melbourne CBD.  And it's about 20 minutes from Dandenong. I'm still not sure if it's a Melbourne suburb. What does Lord Wiki say?

He says, yes. It is a suburb.

For his acting education, Perfect went to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). It seems to me that most Aussie actors go either there or NIDA.  Is there an acting school in Melbourne?

From Google, I can see there are acting schools. That should be expected. All cities probably have acting schools. But I'm wondering if any are as prestigious as WAAPA or NIDA.

This article has a list of what they see as being the best acting schools. WAAPA is mentioned.  Then there are several schools in Sydney. I guess if an Australian person wants to become an actor, Sydney is probably the best place to go.

Melbourne does have the Victorian College of the Arts. Lord Wiki has a list of their alumni. Anyone I know?  (not personally, of course).

Sybilla Budd and Gillian Armstrong.

That's about it.

Eddie Perfect was featured on an anti-John Howard record called Rock Against Howard. That's John Howard the Prime Minister, not John Howard the actor. I wonder if anyone is against John Howard the actor? Probably. But probably not enough to create an album about it.

Perfect's song for the album is called "John Howard's Bitches". I tried to find it on YouTube, but couldn't. But while looking, I found this song of his about the Family First political party. It's called "Gay People Shouldn't Get Married". '

It's a lovely song, but I like it less than "Six at Best".  Maybe if I listened to it multiple times, it would grow on me.

Perfect played Alexander Downer in Keating the Musical. I've heard of that musical before.

I guess the general idea is that before appearing on Offspring, Perfect was doing a lot of political comedy music.

As for personal stuff...Lord Wiki says Perfect is married to a woman named Lucy Cochran. Together, they have two young daughters.

Here's an interview with Perfect.  The first question is whether he prefers acting or music. He says he feels lucky he gets to do both.  But then he says he does prefer writing over performing.

He prefers performing in front of a live audience rather than a camera.

His favorite storyline on Offspring was the one involving Mick's brother Andrew. This is when Billie and Mick asked Andrew to be the biological father of their child. I forgot what happened with that, though.  I know it didn't work out. But why?

They ask if Perfect believes Billie and Mick belong together. Perfect says he doesn't know. I feel the same. I don't really like them together. Yet I also don't like them apart. Does that make any sense? Is it rational? Probably not.  Maybe it's the case for some people, though. Maybe they belong with someone who's not actually very good for them. Or maybe Mick isn't really bad for Billie. I didn't like how he treated her in season 4. Yeah. But no relationship is perfect. We all make mistakes. We're all unfair at times.

The last question is about Perfect's future plans. He's writing stuff and wants to write more stuff. He wants to do another musical. I wonder if it will be political. Or maybe it will be another sports star kind of thing.

Here's another interview.  The writer describes Perfect's hair as blond meringue.  That's kind of funny.  I wonder what dessert my hair would be.  The other day I might have described it as dry overcooked brownies. Stale cookies might work as well.

There's an age given here.  At the time of the article (2013) Perfect was 35.  So that would make his birth year 1978.  That's close to 1977. And it could still be 1977, if his birthday is towards the end of the year.

Perfect says he doesn't like long interviews. Why?  He seems to think his life is boring.  The Doctor says he's never met anyone who's not important. We're all important. And I bet we're also all interesting. That's not to say I haven't met people who bored me. But it  could have been they were talking about the wrong things...and to the wrong person.

And I think maybe we have times in our life that are more interesting than others. I was thinking the other day that if people asked me about my life, currently there wouldn't be much to tell.  I feel the main focus of my life is my TV shows. And my blog. I guess I could talk about our travels. I'm not sure there's much story in that, though. But I do have a lot of interesting things from the past.  At least I think they're interesting.  I got some drama.

I guess I still have drama, really. Subtle stuff though. And my TV shows overshadows it.

But yeah. I bet Eddie Perfect does have an interesting life. If he doesn't? Well, it sucks that I'm wasting my time writing a post about him.

Perfect and his interviewer eat roasted pig's face together.  I've never heard of that before.

It seems they're eating this pig, because Perfect has created a play about the death of a baby animal.  It's called The Beast, and it's about people wanting to eat an ethically butchered animal.  Then they realize they'll have to kill the animal themselves. It's not a musical.

Eddie Perfect is Eddie Perfect's real name.  The interviewer says the family tree is like reading the cast of characters for a jolly sitcom. There's a Percy Perfect, a John Perfect, and a Judy Perfect.  Tom Perfect is Eddie Perfect's father. He came to Australia from England. So that would mean Eddie Perfect is second generation Australian. Right?

Like me, Perfect is a middle child. He has an older sister and a younger one.

Perfect could play the piano by ear at the age of five. Impressive!  His music teacher didn't think so, though. She wanted him to read the music. When she realized he was playing by ear, she stopped playing for him. Then Perfect lost interest.  Come on! How is that not interesting?

Fortunately, Perfect went back to music in his teens. It was a guitar that first enticed him, but he also returned to the piano.

When Perfect was twelve, his parents homeschooled him. Well, actually they travel-schooled him. They traveled around Australia in a van.  That's pretty awesome.

On the road trip, the family sang musical stuff together.  In my childhood road trips we listened to John Denver, Air Supply, Kenny Rogers, Peter, Paul and Mary....and some other stuff.

If anyone reading this remembers the music they listened to on their childhood road trips, please share...If you want. I'd love to know.

There's some education stuff here that Lord Wiki didn't mention.  Perfect planned to be a visual artist.  He went to RMIT, and it seems the professors weren't impressed with his work.  Then he went to the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music with plans to be an opera singer.  That's interesting. I wouldn't have expected that.

Now this part sounds like Dance Academy. Although it would be more like Singing Academy.  After the second year, students were accessed to see if they'd get into the performing stream thing.  If they didn't get into that, they were put into music therapy, composition, or music education. Perfect wanted the performing thing, and he thought he got into it.

He didn't.

That's sad.

But it makes me happy.

I like hearing about people failing and then later succeeding.

I was about to say it gives me hope. But I think I'm past that stage now. I am very doubtful that I'm ever going to be successful. Still...that's okay. I'm having a nice life anyway.

After Perfect's failure at the music school, he had a success with getting into WAAPA.  See, that's the thing for the lucky people. They have a failure followed by a success. I just have failure after failure after failure.

Now there's more talk about The Beast play. It was inspired by a dinner party that Perfect and his wife attended.  There was a desire to witness a respectful butchering of an animal; and things didn't go exactly as planned.  Perfect says the play is about....the distinction between the things people do that are good and the things people do in the cause of making themselves look good. It’s about people who wear their particular causes as a badge of honour. 

Unfortunately, I think the play is describing people like me. I mean not that the play is unfortunate. I mean it's unfortunate that I'm the way I am.  I start off actually caring...about the cause. But then it evolves into carrying about what people think.  For example, grocery bags. I started using reusable ones because I know plastic bags are bad for the environment.  Lately we keep forgetting to bring our reusable bags. I feel bad about that, but it's more that I hate that I've failed to be a good person, and not that I'm actually worried about plastic bags polluting our oceans.

I'm not total shit, though. The other day I cut up those plastic things that keep soda cans together. Actually, no. Now that I think of it... I did it out of habit, because I know it's the correct thing to do. I didn't do it because I was imagining poor animals trapped.  But on a previous occasion, I cut the plastic because I worried about the animals.

Yeah. I start off with causes, then they become, as Perfect says, badges of honor. Or they're simply habits.

Then again...if you're doing something that's better for the planet and/or things living on the planet; it's probably a good thing no matter what your reasons.

I love what Perfect says here.  He's asked if the play has given him a stronger stand on his feelings toward animal welfare.  He says that he's not sure.  I don’t think I could have written this play if I was clear about it. 

Yeah. It's confusing. Really confusing. Is Sea World evil or not evil? Zoos? Circuses? I know some treat elephants horribly. But are they all bad?  Is it bad that I'd love a pet Tasmanian Devil? I mean I'd never actually have one. But is it bad that I even desire one?  Is it bad that I'm vegetarian, but still love the smell of bacon?  What does it mean that I'm not disgusted or bothered by the graphic descriptions, in this article, about the dead pig they're eating?

Here it says that Perfect plans to write a musical about colonial life in Australia. That was in 2013. I wonder if he's finished that.

Perfect says although Shane Warne The Musical was a critical success, it was a financial failure. A lot of people lost money over it.

Now I'm thinking...if I had a choice between doing something that's financially successful or critically successful, what would I pick?

I don't know.

Well....I think I'd actually probably want the financial success, as long as I didn't totally hate the project and it wasn't something that made me feel ashamed.

Now I think I'll watch some Eddie Perfect music stuff on YouTube.

Here's a song called "Juice Bar Girl". It's a love song about him wanting to chop up and juice the girl who works at the juice bar.  I wonder if the folks at Terminus ever considered that.  They probably didn't have a juicer. But if they did?

The song has fun lyrics.

Here's a song called "Don't Kill Yourself".  It's an upbeat anti-suicide song.

I love the lyrics.  Perfect asks, Don't you want to find out what happens to the little dwarf guy on Game of Thrones?

Well, I don't watch that show. But I definitely want to know whose going to be chosen to play the 13th doctor. And where is Ryan Murphy going to set the fifth season of American Horror Story? Will Rick, Glen, Daryl, or Carl ever be killed on The Walking Dead?

I like comedy that deals with serious subjects. What's nice about this song is it's not really making fun of suicide. I think the point is actually to encourage people not to kill themselves, but it's done in a light-hearted way.  It's not just trying to be shocking and offensive. They actually show the suicide hotline on the screen.

I don't usually mind the other type of dark comedy, though—the kind that mocks sacred cows. Sometimes I think it's more about whether something is funny or not and less about whether it's offensive or not.

The other day my dad sent all of us a joke about drunk driving. I thought it was a bit odd, because drunk driving caused a huge personal trauma/drama in our family.  That was over two decades ago, though, and maybe my dad felt we'd be able to laugh at it by now. I didn't laugh.  But I'm not sure if I was offended, or if I just didn't find the joke funny.

What makes us hear a joke and say, That's really not funny?  Is it because the joke simply wasn't funny, and all we can feel is offense? Is it not funny because it's about something that's affected us personally? Or are there certain subjects that should never be included in humor?

I scolded Tim recently about making a joke about something serious. Then later I was a total hypocrite and made some slightly humor-filled remarks about the same subject.  I said maybe it was about timing. Sometimes you just need to wait a little. For me, he said it a bit too soon. And I was in a tense mood about it at the time.  SO...I was a bit of a bitch.

Here's Eddie Perfect's Twitter account. His last Tweet was 24 minutes ago. That's very recent.   He says something to @Lin_Manuel about Big Bird getting his deposit back.

Who is Lin_Manuel?

Well, he or she has 53 thousand followers; so I guess he or she is famous.

I Googled. It's a man. He's an American rapper, lyricist, and actor. He wrote a Broadway play called The Heights.  So he's in the same career path as Eddie Perfect. I wonder if they're friends or if Perfect is a fan. Or...a Twitter follower.  I guess he could be all three. You can be friends with someone and also be their fan and follower.

I can't find the Tweet that Perfect was responding to.

I'm not going to dwell on it too long.

Here's a funny exchange. It happened on December 23. Someone named Kate Leaver asks, how was the rest of your nap?  Perfect Tweets back, That's cryptic. I'm not much of a napper, so I'm not sure what you mean.... Then Kate says she had the wrong Eddie.

I'm easily amused by mistakes like that.  I mean I'm not hysterically laughing right now. But it did lighten my soul a bit. I do laugh hysterically at stuff like auto-correct mistakes.

I like to judge people's Twitter accounts, and I'm going to do that now. I give Eddie Perfect an A+. He's interactive, and he doesn't just stick to talking with fellow celebrities.  I see hardly any self-promotion. He talks about a wide variety of subjects. He seems well-rounded and not self-absorbed.

He actually seems quite wonderful. But as I said in the recent past, I'm going to be careful not to idolize anyone. Someone can be horribly evil, and still manage to look wonderful on Twitter. And some of those people on Twitter that seem so incredibly real life, they might be super nice.

All I know is Eddie Perfect has a great Twitter personality. Hopefully his real life persona matches that. But we can never know for sure.

Now I'm looking at Eddie Perfect's Instagram account.  His most recent post is of a little girl wearing a Frozen shirt. I'm guessing it's one of Perfect's daughters.  Perfect says Merry Christmas and happy birthday to Frozen.

I guess Frozen came out last Christmas?

Well, according to IMDb, here it came out in late November.  In Australia, it came out December 26. Is that December 26 Australia-time or December 26 USA time?

Either way. It doesn't matter too much. Perfect probably celebrates birthdays the way my family does. It's not a day thing. It's a week thing. Sometimes longer.  And I know other people celebrate it that way as well.

Here's a photo of Perfect and his daughters at the Paddington movie. I didn't know it already came out.  Maybe it's the opposite of Frozen.  Maybe it's out in Australia, but not here yet.

Yep. According to IMDb, it's already out in a lot of countries. It's not coming here until January 16.

I hope it's good. I want to see it. We saw a trailer for it. It was a good trailer. It wasn't the type that gives away the whole movie. It just showed one scene. Jack was laughing hysterically.  I think more movies should do that—just show one good scene from the movie that makes us want to watch more.

There are two photos here that illustrate one of Perfect's own personal causes.  It's saving old theaters from destruction.  One photo is of a Green politician holding a piece of a building. I don't fully understand the caption. Greens MP Sue Pennicuik with some of the Palace Theatre's original hand-worked Edwardian plaster interior. This was ripped out ILLEGALLY and in SECRET by Jinshan Investments ahead of an inspection that would determine The Palace's undoubted heritage status. Salvaged from a dumpster, by opportunistic criminals trying to destroy a theatre so there's nothing to preserve;

So are the bad guys the ones who ripped out the plaster? Or are they the ones who salvaged it from the dumpster?  I would think salvaging something from a dumpster is a good thing.  I wonder how the piece went from the criminals to the Green politician?

Maybe bad people threw the Edwardian plaster in the dumpster; then people found the plaster and were going to exploit it for their own use. Then some other people came along and saved the plaster.

The other photo is of Perfect and another guy holding up a poster about saving the theaters.

I'm guessing this is cause that Perfect truly cares about, and not just one he has to make himself look good.

Here's another photo of a Perfect daughter wearing Frozen-themed clothing. There's also a beautiful garden in the photo. A Perfect garden!

Actually, it might not be a Perfect garden. They might have taken the photo at a friend's house. Or they might have trespassed on a random person's property.

Here's a photo of Perfect and a dinosaur. It was taken in a place called Cabazon. I had to Google that. It's in California.  So, a couple of months ago, Perfect was in America.

Here's a Halloween photo.  Perfect says, I know there's a "bah humbug" about Halloween, but it's become a thing on our street. This is Kitty and Lottie with their neighbours Claire and Alita.

It reminds me of Jews avoiding Christmas like the plague. Well...guess what. We plan to celebrate Christmas next year. We've already bought a tree, lights, and stockings.

I think if you want to celebrate something you should celebrate it and not worry about the origins and/or whether it "belongs" to another culture.

The only thing tricky about Halloween is the trick or treating. If not all Australians are onboard, it might be awkward and a bit imposing to ring people's doorbells and demand candy. But I'm guessing there are certain neighborhoods where it is becoming common practice.  Plus, if people don't want to participate, they can do what we do here. You just keep your lights off. You make your house look unwelcoming.  Here I think it's usually less about being anti-Halloween and more about you're out doing your own trick or treating. Or you're at a party.

Really, though. I think the Australian attitude towards America is very much like the Jewish attitude towards Christmas. I think I've rambled on and on about this in the past. I'll skip repeating least for now. This post is long enough.

Here's a photo of something melting. Maybe ice-cream. Perfect says, This image says more about my life than a million words.  Then someone in comments says, Are you having a meltdown??? You can call me if you need to talk!  That's very sweet.  Sweet like the ice-cream.  Really, though. It's nice that this follower (friend?) was thoughtful enough to consider that Perfect was using a light-hearted Instagram post o to reveal something serious. That might not be the case...but who knows. I like that this person offered himself as a listener.

He could be a stalker. That would be less nice. Then again, I might still appreciate his attempt to show a caring attitude.

I just went from adoring Eddie Perfect to being very envious of Eddie Perfect. He has rainbow lorikeets at his bird feeder!  That would be a dream come true for me.  But still. I do appreciate what we have. We have beautiful birds at our bird feeder...when the squirrels aren't hogging the thing.  I love all the birds, but yesterday I was slightly crushing on the bright red cardinal.  Today, we had a bunch of big black birds. They weren't actually on the feeder. They'd probably break it. But they were on the tree that holds the feeder.

I love our bird feeder. Buying it was one of the best decisions I've made in life. Although if the bird flu spreads to wild birds in America, and we catch it by handling the feeder...I'll likely take back that sentiment.

Six months ago, Perfect and his family were in Italy.  Here's a photo from that.  I'm guessing the adult female in the photo is Perfect's wife.

I wonder if they were in Italy for business, or just for the fun of it.

They also went to London.

Eddie Perfect has a ton of fantastic photos and interesting captions. But I think I'm going to end this post, and get back to doing my other stuff.  It's close to dinner time here.

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