Sunday, February 8, 2015

Desires for Australia


I have another dream post here.

Tim, Jack, and I are sitting at a table in Australia. I tell the two of them that I really want to move to Australia. Tim says he does too. Jack is hesitant, but says something along the lines of maybe being open to the possibility. I think to myself that I'm tired of not following a dream that is possible to follow. Yet I also think that if we all agree to move here, it's probably not exactly possible. (Meaning we're not likely to qualify for residency). But I decide we might find a way to live in Australia for a short time...six months or so.  

We can see beautiful mountains from where we're sitting. I point them out to Jack and Tim, and say something about the scene looking like it's from Asia.  

Then we get a note from Jack's school indicating that he's been expelled (or suspended) but with no indication of why. I worry this will be a setback in getting Jack to agree to moving to Australia. I march off to talk to those in charge. I decide to use an Australian accent, because I feel by doing this, the teachers will treat us better.  

It turns out that Jack's crime was having tears in his eyes when his teacher accidentally destroyed what he had made. I point out that he's in trouble for showing emotion. The teacher's supervisor/boss seems to agree that this is wrong, and that we're in the right.  

Then later I had dreams within dreams about me trying to blog about the above dream. I think, though, that I'm NOT in a dream right now, and I will finally be able to post this.

I think some of the dream was inspired by things I was thinking yesterday.

In the past few weeks or months, I've had less desire for Australia traveling and more desire to see other places.

My family travels a lot, but it seems we either do Disney stuff or Australia.  

But then I was looking at other places we could go to besides Australia and Disney, and I started to realize other places appeal to me much less.  

I talked to Tim about my frustration with the trade possibilities in the Disney Vacation Club. If you want a break from Disney you can trade your points and stay at these other places. I looked through them, and most look like retirement homes to me. I talked about how architecture is important to me. I want to stay places that look...special. I want it to call out to me. I want to feel a pull to go there. Maybe it's like interpersonal romance. I need there to be chemistry.  

But then I realized, and said, that with Australia it doesn't matter that much. I'd be fine staying in a place that wasn't adorable, because it was Australia. I'd be happy just to be in Australia. With other places, I need something more, since it's not Australia.  

That being said, I did finally find some resorts in Canada that are attractive to me. And we have talked about going to Canada. All three of us are somewhat interested. So maybe we'll do that.  Plus, Tim has chosen to make Japan and Korea his birthday trip. That should be interesting.  

So it looks like there are non-Disney and non-Australia trips on our horizon.  

We do usually have a nice time when we visit other places.  But I don't think there's anything wrong with me feeling that when it comes down to it, I prefer to do Disney stuff and Australia.  

I think travelers can be divided into two different groups.  The first group wants to see as many different places as possible. The second has favorite places they want to revisit over and over.

Tim is in the first group. I think Jack and I are in the second. Though we both have interests and desires to visit other places, we're reluctant to let go of places we love.  We want to keep going back. I feel Tim would be happily willing to not go back to favorite places if it meant we could visit more new ones.  

How about you? Do you have favorite vacation places you keep wanting to return to? If so...where? Or do you prefer variety—always seeing new places?   

Wait. Now that I think of it. Maybe I'm wrong about Tim. Because this will be his third time in Japan and his second time visiting Korea.  So I guess he too has favorite places he wants to return to.

Maybe no one is really in the first group. Or hardly anyone. Maybe most people, like us, have a hard time choosing between visiting new places and returning to favorite old ones.  

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