Thursday, February 12, 2015

Morgana O'Reilly

Today I'm going to be learning about Morgana O'Reilly. I love her already, because her name sounds like a witch name, and I'm really into American Horror Story: Coven right now.

Morgana O'Reilly...I guess she'd be an Irish witch. She plays Naomi on Neighbours. And that's another show I'm really into right now. I feel a bit addicted to it.

When I first saw Naomi, I thought she looked like Robin from How I Met Your Mother.  I don't see it as much anymore; I think because now Naomi just reminds me of Naomi. But I'm wondering, if I watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother, would I look at Robin and think, she looks like Naomi.

I'm comparing photos on Google images now, and I'm not seeing much of a resemblance, except maybe for the hair color. I don't know what I was thinking before.

Anyway, what do you think? Here are photos of Morgana O'Reilly,  and here's Cobie Smulders (Robin). Do you see a resemblance?

As for Naomi, I like the character. She's bad, but not evil least from what I've seen so far. She tries to steal another woman's husband, but not out of malice. She does it out of love. Or lust, perhaps.  I don't think all women who long for another woman's man are bad. But Naomi is quite conniving about the whole thing. She goes as far as faking a stalker, and even hires someone to play the part. Then to pay for the stalker, she steals her friend's new engagement ring.

I saw all that weeks ago. Naomi has since confessed and apologized, and backed off from the already-taken object of her affection. She's been quite lovely, actually...sympathetic. But I'm not sure how long that's going to last.

I kind of worry about uncovering too many spoilers when writing this post. I'm going to try to avoid it, but running into them might be inevitable.


I'm going to start my learning with IMDb.

Morgan O'Reilly's bio page says she was born on August 19, 1985. Her birthday is a day before Jack's.

She's thirteen years younger than me. That makes me feel old.

She was born in New Zealand, so maybe she's more Kiwi than Aussie.

She's five feet five inches, which is a few inches taller than me. This woman is making me feel short and old. Thanks a lot.

O'Reilly is married to a man named Peter Salmon.  He's a writer and director—has done a lot of Power Rangers stuff. He also directed two episodes of Offspring.

Now I'm going to look at O'Reilly's filmography.  Like usual, I shall skip writing about one time guest appearances on TV shows, unless it's a show I've watched. And I also skip movies if I can't find much information on them.

Interesting. O'Reilly's first screen appearance was a 2003 documentary called Murder on the Blade?  She appeared as herself. Yikes. How did she get involved with that? I wonder if it really involved a murder.

The documentary is a New Zealand thing.  It's about something called the Marlborough Sounds/Scott Watson murder case.  Lord Wiki says Scott Watson was convicted of murdering two people on his boat.

I wonder how Morgana O'Reilly was involved? Maybe she was just a neighbor of the killer or victims? Or knew someone who knew someone?  She would have been a teenager when the documentary was released.  The crime itself happened in 1999.  O'Reilly would have been only around 13.

Maybe I'll learn more about all that later. For now I'm going to continue with the filmography.

In 2007, O'Reilly was in a film short called Knickers. And that reminds me. I also usually skip short films if I can't find them online. But I made an exception for this, because it's the first thing listed on O'Reilly's filmography that's not on the as-self category. And by the way, I usually also skip most as-self stuff...unless it really intrigues me.

In 2008, O'Reilly was on a New Zealand show called A Thousand Apologies. It's a comedy and she played various characters, which leads me to think it's a sketch comedy type thing.  I can kind of picture O'Reilly doing sketch comedy.

Here's a clip from the show. I'll see if O'Reilly is in it.

Yeah! I think she is!  I think she's the woman sitting on the right.

Yep. It's her.

I thought the clip was pretty funny. It's about ethnic diversity on TV.

Here's another clip.  O'Reilly plays a wealthy women with some house staff who protest with a song.

In 2009, O'Reilly was in a TV movie called Piece of My Heart.  It's about a birth mother trying to reconnect with the daughter she gave away.  O'Reilly is low in the credits, so I'm guessing her role was fairly small.

In 2011, O'Reilly was in a TV movie called Billy.  IMDb lists her name second in the credits, so maybe her role was bigger in this one. The movie is about a New Zealand entertainer named Billy T. James. O'Reilly plays someone named Lynn Mathews.

According to this article, Matthews is Billy T. James' widow.  He died in 1991, when he was only 42.

Also in 2011, O'Reilly appeared in three episodes of the first season of a TV show called Nothing Trivial.  Lord Wiki says it's a Kiwi show about people who meet at a pub quiz.

Even though it's a New Zealand show, the Australian television website has episodes summaries for it.  They don't mention O'Reilly's character (Alison), though, except to say she was played by O'Reilly. Sometimes the website helps me get ideas about the character, but unfortunately not in this case.

O'Reilly was in a short movie in 2011 called Dr Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game.  I'm bookmarking it to watch later...sometime when I'm done with the rest of the filmography.

Here's the official Dr Grordbort website. It looks like a video game.  But I think it's more of a movie series...short movie series.  It has something to do with ray guns.

In 2012, O'Reilly starred in a TV movie called Safe House. It's about a struggling single mother.  This television guide gives details about the struggles. She has a dangerous ex-boyfriend, and this leads her and her family into the witness protection program.

Here's a trailer for the movie.

It looks intense. I'm surprised it's a TV movie. It looks more like a theatrical type thing.

Also, in 2012 O'Reilly was in the short film Ten Thousand Days. I'm bookmarking it to watch later.

And....O'Reilly was in the 2012 movie We Feel Fine.  Here's the trailer for that.

It's a film festival type movie.

The movie might be good, but the trailer failed to convey that to me.

And I didn't see Morgan O'Reilly. She might not have a big part in it.

In 2013, O'Reilly was on a TV show called Sunny Skies. There was only six episodes, so maybe it was more of a miniseries. O'Reilly was in all the episodes.  Lord Wiki says it's about two brothers who find out they've inherited a campground. O'Reilly plays the owner of the campground. Or maybe she was the former owner? Wouldn't the brothers own it now?

Here's a promo for the show.

That...I like. It looks fun. It seems the two brothers didn't know each other. One is white and the other is Maori.  I suppose O'Reilly's character is their sister. So maybe she partly inherited the camp as well?

In 2014, O'Reilly was in a horror comedy film called Housebound.  Like everything else so far on her filmography, this movie too is from New Zealand. So it looks like she jumped islands quite recently.

Lord Wiki says Housebound is about a woman on house arrest. The home in which she's imprisoned might be haunted.  It seems the comedy comes from the fact that when O'Reilly's character tries to tell people about the ghost, they're more delighted than scared.  I can picture that happening in real life. In horror movies, people are scared of ghosts. In real life, people are probably grabbing cameras and writing about the encounters on their blog.

Here's a trailer for the film.  From that, the movie looks more horror than comedy. It does look fun, though.  I mean it doesn't look like one of those overly serious depressing horror films.

Here's a clip from the movie.  It's a horror movie shower scene without Norman Bates.

Next on the filmography....We have This is Littletonanother sketch comedy thing. There were four episodes. O'Reilly was in all of them.

Oh! And guess what. According to Lord Wiki, this was Australian. So Neighbours isn't O'Reilly's first Aussie project.

The ABC website has a page for it. O'Reilly is in the picture, but half her face is covered up by a Twitter link.

Here's a trailer for the show. O'Reilly first appears at :10. She's playing a student wearing a uniform. She looks quite young there.

She appears other times in the various characters.

Here's a clip from the show. It's about hipsters.  O'Reilly's in it, but not much.  I don't understand enough about hipsters to fully appreciate the sketch. The first time I really heard of them was on an episode of New Girl. From that and this clip, I'm getting the idea that hipsters do things because they think they're cool and not because they actually like them.

Here's a clip with more of O'Reilly. She plays a dance instructor. A very inappropriate dance instructor.  I feel I may have actually seen that before. I don't know why or how.  But when they got to the punchline, it seemed very familar.

The last thing on Morgana O'Reilly's filmography is Neighbours. According to IMDb, she's been on 77 episodes.  Her first episode aired on March 27, 2014.   I think the Hulu episodes I've been watching begin from July.  So she began only a few months before that.

Naomi's last name is Canning. I wonder if the Canning family is related to the Ramsey or Robinson family.

I'm looking at Naomi's biography on the Perfect Blend website. Hopefully, I won't come across too many spoilers. At the same time, I'm hoping to get some history about the character.

It doesn't look like the Cannings have a huge connection to the Robinsons or least not a blood or marital connection. But it seems Naomi's mom Sheila worked with Paul Robinson. Yeah. Okay. Sheila worked as a barmaid at a bar that Paul owned. Is that Lassiter's?

Here's something fun. The Perfect Blend provides Naomi's address, and then there's a link where they list everyone who's lived at the same house.  In the episodes I'm watching now, Naomi lives at 24 Ramsey Street with Mark Brennan and Paige Smith.  The first people to live in the house were the Ramsey's—Max, Marie, Danny, and Shane. I remember them! Well...really I just watched them around a year ago.  I miss those people, though, and I also miss Summer Bay.

The Perfect Blend provides the address used for the exterior of the house. I'm going to see if I can see it on Google Maps.

It's 4 Pin Oak Court, in a suburb called Vermont South.

Here's the Street View of it. I'm guessing the whole neighborhood is used for Ramsey Street. I wonder if they film on the street.  I know tourists visit the area sometimes. I remember watching a YouTube video about it.

Lord Wiki says there's a Neighbours tour bus that visits the street; and it's popular with UK tourists. Maybe now that it's on Hulu, it will be popular with American tourists as well.

I have heard that Australian soap operas are more popular in the UK than Australia. Though I do have an Australian friend who watches Neighbours somewhat religiously. Or at least she did. It's been awhile since we've had a decent conversation. I'm not sure what she's up to now, or what she watches on television.

I recently read somewhere...I wish I remember where... about how certain shows are more cool from an international perspective. I think it was in reference to Doctor Who.  Maybe it feels more cool to be a fan when you're not from the UK.  Certain shows, when local, might seen campy and/or corny, but when you watch them from abroad, they seem like a sophisticated cultural experience.

That being said...I think Neighbours is much less corny and campy than the American soap operas I used to watch.

Now I'm going to see what Lord Wiki has to say about Morgana O'Reilly.

He says her mom is a dancer and choreographer. Her dad's a graphic designer.

O'Reilly grew up in a suburb of Auckland.

Along with her film work, she also did theater stuff. In 2009, she starred in a one woman show called The Height of the Eiffel Tower.

Here's a video about the play.

It's confusing me. O'Reilly is playing different characters.  I think it's kind of hard to follow the character changes. It's kind of like reading a novel that's lacking quotation marks.

While looking for information about the play, I came across a Morgana O'Reilly website. I'm guessing it's her official site.

The website says that O'Reilly traveled overseas. She stayed at people's houses, and as a thank you, she'd perform the play in their living rooms. That's pretty cool. I think I'd feel shy, though, if someone performed a play for me in my living room. It's one thing when my child performs along with his cousins.  It would be much different if it were a professional actor.

The website has a video diary. O'Reilly is in Times Square.

Her friend Abigail doesn't seem too happy.

O'Reilly says she's picked up an American accent. I'm not sure I agree with that. I guess it kind of sounds American. Maybe?

I think O'Reilly is very funny and cute.

There's another video diary. It's actually the first one. I accidentally watched them out of order.

Abigail's grumpy in this one too. I think it's an act. I think this is more like a parody of a video diary. Though when actors make a diary, how do you know when they're acting and not acting?

The last time I watched actor video diaries was the David Tennant stuff. But how do we know David Tennant was really being David Tennant, and not just the character of David Tennant that his fans want him to be?

I guess it's somewhat the same with all of us, though. Most of us act a little different when we're on video, and most of us sometimes play the part that's expected of us rather than our real selves.

I do think this video diary is more parody, though. Kind of like Abigail and Morgana are playing fictional versions of themselves. It's like the actors playing themselves on Extras and Life's Too Short.  They play rather obnoxious versions of themselves.  Rather convincingly sometimes. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Daniel Radcliffe and Clive Owen the same way again.

Here's Morgan O'Reilly's show reel.  It begins with a scene from the ray gun thing. I'll see more from that later.

There's a funny clip from A Thousand Apologies. O'Reilly plays a woman seeking out a Chinese friend. She already has a Korean and Japanese friend, but still needs someone who's Chinese. The random Chinese woman she approaches is reluctant, until O'Reilly offers her the chance to gain a Moldavian as a friend.

I do feel there's this pressure to have a friend from every ethnic group, and other types of groups. I guess that's not hard when you have and want a large social circle. But when you're like me and have very few friends, and you don't want a large social circle, it's near impossible.

I just noticed there's a comedy showreel and a separate drama one.  I'll watch the drama one next.

Okay...watching the drama one now.  It begins with a scene from Safe House.

And then there's a scene from Billy.  It includes a very dramatic funeral scene.

Here's a page with Morgana O'Reilly headshots. I wish I could get my mascara as good as hers. I'm so bad at doing the bottom lashes. I wonder if she did her own make-up for these photos, or did she get a professional?

She's very beautiful.

Her website has her resume, which includes a skills page. It says that she's done 12 years of tap dancing.

There's a long list of accents she can do—Australian, French, Cockney, General RP (what's that?), US (Southern, midwestern, NY), New Zealand, South African, Irish, Scottish, and Spanish.  That's impressive.  I wonder which accent is her favorite.

I can do different accents, but I don't know which ones I'm doing. I just know that sometimes I stop speaking American. Or I speak in an alternate American accent. For example, after watching American Horror Story: Coven I feel compelled to speak in a southern accent.

When we were in Disney World, I went into the laundry room wearing my Australia t-shirt. I greeted some women, and she said something like, Do I hear an Australian accent?  I said no, but I might have been kind of lying. I don't know which accent I used to greet her.  Maybe it was Australian, or something similar. Or maybe it was American, and she imagined it. I really didn't know. But I wasn't in the mood to explain my weirdness.

Here's an interview with Morgana O'Reilly about her role on Neighbours.

O'Reilly talks about the audition process. First her husband filmed her in their Sydney backyard.  I guess they sent the tape in? Or these days, maybe you just email it.  She did well on that audition, and then was flown into Melbourne to test with Stefan Dennis and Colette Mann. I'm guessing Mann plays Naomi's mother.

O'Reilly says she had to compete with five other women.

Oh! I'm loving O'Reilly. She seems to believe in signs like me. She felt the role was going to be hers, because her middle name is Naomi, and her grandmother's name is Naomi.  Then when she was taking a taxi, she asked to be taken to Rainford Street, and the dispatcher thought she said Ramsey Street.  Though it says here that she was going to the airport.  Why wouldn't she just ask to be taken to the airport?

I think there might be a mistake here, because it says she was going to the airport for the second round of auditions. Why would you go to an airport for auditions?  I mean you might do that if you're going to be in an airplane commercial, or star in an airline safety video. But for a soap opera?  So I'm guessing the article meant to say she was being picked up FROM the airport.

I just looked on Google Maps. I'm not finding a Rainford Street in Melbourne. But there is one in Sydney, in Surrey Hills. So maybe what happened is O'Reilly needed a ride after she returned from the second round of auditions in Melbourne.

I like how O'Reilly describes Naomi. She's like a cat—if she had it her way, she'd sit by a fire and be petted all day.

O'Reilly is asked if she thinks fans will like Naomi. O'Reilly says, You know, I don't know! I really can't wait to find out! It could go either way. She could definitely be the character everyone loves to hate, or maybe people will see that she's a good girl on the inside and root for her to find happiness.

I think I'm more towards the latter; though when I first encountered Naomi, I thought she was a bit awful.  She would do things that seem so nice, but in reality she was trying to get her own way. It made me wonder if I've dealt with people like that. They do things that seem very kind and giving, but maybe they're not doing it for good. Maybe they have some kind of diabolical plan.

Lately though, Naomi's been very nice and apologetic. She's trying hard, and I admire that.

O'Reilly is asked if Naomi really loves these married men, or does she just like the drama. O'Reilly believes Naomi truly loves them, but does admit the unattainable bit might add to the attraction.

Sometimes we don't fall in love with the single person who's an easy catch.

O'Reilly talks about her first scene and how it was with Stefan Dennis. She says, Yes! Stefan is so much fun to work with. Sometimes I'd be sitting across from him waiting for 'action' and I'd have a flash of perspective on the situation. Little old me all dolled up as Naomi, sitting across the table from one of the most famous stars of Australian telly! How did this happen? 

I've wondered about situations like that. What's it like for actors to have scenes with much more established actors? For example, how about actors on American Horror Story?  I can't imagine doing a scene with Jessica Lange. I think I'd mess up completely, because I'd just be sitting there thinking Holy Shit! I'm working with Jessica Lange. Jessica Lange!!! Though many of the actors on that show are pretty established themselves.

Here's a blogger that had the chance to interview O'Reilly.

Oh! I think she has a radio show, and she interviewed O'Reilly for that. And then later she wrote a blog post about it.  It has excerpts from the interview.

I don't see a link to the recording. I wonder if it's been aired yet.

Here's a UK video interview with O'Reilly. She answers viewer questions. The first asks who besides Naomi would she want to play.  She answers Paul Robinson or Sheila Canning (Naomi's mom). OR Bossy the dog.

Now she's talking about the tattoo on her back. It's Morgan written in Cantonese. O'Reilly says this means Naomi has Morgan written on her back. That's pretty funny.

One viewer asks if O'Reilly wants Toadie with Naomi, or Toadie with Sonya. She says she does believe Toadie belongs with Sonya.

Another person asks if Naomi has any redeeming qualities. O'Reilly believes she does. She says she has a good heart and goes for what she wants. She's also good at business, and O'Reilly can picture Naomi having a successful career in that.

I think going for what we want has it's good side and bad. It's probably good to be driven, but not so good if you step on other people to get what you want.  On the other hand, you can go too far in the other direction—be too self-sacrificing.  I think I've leaned more towards that side in life.  I'm not 100% self-sacrificing. I do get what I want sometimes. But I can't think of many times that I've stepped on other people to get what I want. I can think of times that I stepped on myself to make other people happy.  And when I make a choice that I feel won't make the other person happy, I often don't enjoy it. I feel guilty and tense about it.

It's all quite hard to define, though.

It makes me think of another storyline on Neighbours—Amber, Josh, and Daniel.  Amber and Josh are dating. Then Amber falls in love with Daniel, and out of love with Josh. She ends up cheating on Josh and gets caught. Some people are angry and disgusted with her.  I could kind of relate. Back in college, I fell out of love with my boyfriend and in love with another guy.  I can't remember if I cheated, or if I broke up with my boyfriend first. Either way... Does that count as stepping on someone to get what I want? I definitely stepped on my boyfriend. I stomped on him, really. He was very hurt. And I hated that I hurt him.  Or was it self-sacrificing to stay with him longer than I wanted just because I dreaded hurting him?

Naomi stepped on Sonya to try and get what she wanted. And that's bad. Right? But what if Toadie and Sonya were NOT right for each other? What if their marriage was doomed to fall apart, whether or not Naomi interfered? Would it be so bad then for Naomi to pursue him?  Well, yeah. She hired a fake stalker, and did some conniving stuff. That's not right. But what if she didn't do anything backhanded? What if she just flirted a bit and made herself available to Toadie.

Maybe alls fair in love and war; and it's just inevitable that to get what you want, other people are going to sometimes be hurt. Maybe it's only really wrong when you are conniving and manipulative about it.

As O'Reilly said, four other girls auditioned for the role of Naomi. By winning the role, I'm sure O'Reilly caused the other girls to be sad and disappointed. But that's life.  To give up the role to one of the other woman would be way too self-sacrificing. Although I feel I'm somewhat too self-sacrificing, I can't imagine myself ever going THAT far.

Now I shall watch the short films.

The first one is called Ten Thousand Days. It's not as short as most short films. It's 17 minutes.

It begins with with a funeral and melancholy music.

A mysterious man appears, riding a bicycle. He drinks something and then throws the drink into the grave.

The mysterious man is the cousin of the dead guy. Now he's not so mysterious.

Now there's flashbacks of people being killed by magpies.

The basic premise is that there's a family who's cursed to die on their ten-thousandth day of life. My calculator says that's about 27 years.

Isn't there something about celebrities dying at the age of 27?

Yeah. Lord Wiki says it's called the 27 club.  Included on the list are Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse. There's a lot more on the list, but those are the people that are familar to me.

The voice/accent of the guy doomed to die reminds me of Matthew Le Nevez.

The movie's getting pretty funny.

The story is that O'Reilly's is at the funeral for her man who died young. Then she meets his cousin who tells her about the curse. They have a romance while waiting for him to die. He ends up living longer than expected, and now O'Reilly seems bored with him.  The guy said something earlier about dying trees having the sweetest fruit.  So now that he might not be dying, maybe he's less sweet.

I think the movie deals with a sad truth. People are often more appealing to us when they're dying...or dead.

It's like the person who fought with a parent throughout their lives. Then the parent dies, and the grieving offspring comes to their senses, realizing their parent was wonderful, and they had failed to appreciate them. But was the parent really wonderful? Or does death warp our perception of things?

Now I'm going to attempt to watch the Dr. Grordbort thing. I'm not sure I'll watch any of it. It doesn't look like my cup of tea. But I could be wrong.

Well, so far it's more interesting than I expected. The characters are talking about war. O'Reilly's character talks about villagers being killed, and the Dr. Grordbort character sees them as combatants. He agrees that they live in a village, but even combatants have to live somewhere.  I think that's an interesting point. In wars, we hear of combatants vs. villagers being killed. What is it when a combatant is off-duty and living his life in the village? Does he count as a villager or combatant?

Dr. Grordbort is the opposite of the Doctor Who doctor.  The Tardis doctor is against killing. I think it's a favorite hobby of Dr. Grordbort.  The shows kind of remind me of each other though, because they both have aliens. And O'Reilly's character seems somewhat like a companion.

I'm done watching that. I'm not sure I understand it. At first it seems to be anti-war, poking fun of aggressive entities that kill innocent people. But then in the end, when O'Reilly tries to speak in defense of the aliens, she ends up encountering a dangerous creature and the doctor saves the day.

The movie almost seems pro-war and aggression, but perhaps in a mocking way.

I don't think I'm smart enough to appreciate that film.

I'm trying to find Morgan O'Reilly's Twitter account. There are a lot of Morgan O'Reillys on Twitter. Here's one that's also from Auckland.

I found the right Morgana O'Reilly, but I wasn't sure if it was her real account or an imposter one. Then I remembered seeing a Twitter link on her website. I followed that and it got me to the same account.  UNLESS...her official website is an imposter!

I don't think it is. It seems pretty authentic to me, with all the showreels, headshots, and the resume. If someone faked it, I think I'd be impressed with their dedication.

Oh! You know what. I was looking up Morgan O'Reilly before, rather than Morgana O'Reilly. That's probably why I was getting too many of the wrong people.

O'Reilly's most recent post is about the movie The Badadook. I've heard it's good.  Maybe I'll see it someday.  I don't like horror movies as much as I used to.  I do like scary adventures, but ones that have some humor and hope. I don't enjoy the really scary and depressing ones like The Ring.

On January 24, O'Reilly Tweeted, Lighting your phone up in a movie theatre is as rude as farting audibly in a lift. So does that mean it's okay to fart silently in an elevator?  How do you know what's going to come out? What if you expect it to be silent, and it's not?

I wonder what O'Reilly would prefer—someone lighting up their phone at the movie theater or someone audibly farting during the movie. I guess you'd have to fart pretty loud for the movie not to drown out the sound. But someone might fart during a quiet scene in the movie. You know how those artsy films have all those quiet moments....

Here's the Morgana O'Reilly Instagram account. Four days ago, she posted a photo of her husband. He sort of reminds me of the guy in Ten Thousand Days. I don't think it's the same guy, though. I don't remember seeing anything about him being an actor.

Seven days ago, she posted a photo saying happy birthday to Bob. It's for something called Waitangi Day. I'm assuming that's a Kiwi thing.

Oh! The Bob is Bob Marley. I kind of thought it looked like him, but then I doubted myself because I didn't know what he had to do with New Zealand. Lord Wiki says Waitangi Day is also Bob Marley's birthday, and because of this, reggae music is often played on the holiday.

Waitangi Day is New Zealand's founding day. It's like their version of Australia Day or America's 4th of July.  At least that's what I think I'm learning. Hopefully I'm not wrong and embarrassing myself.

On February 3, O'Reilly posted photos of homemade sushi. Impressive. Tim used to make homemade sushi.  He hasn't done it in awhile.

On the day before Australia Day, O'Reilly posted an image of the Aboriginal Flag. Maybe that's a political statement?

Here's a selfie of O'Reilly with her mom. That's sweet.  I wonder if I've ever taken a selfie with my mom. I don't think I have. Maybe we should do that one day.

Here's a photo of monkeys. I wonder where it was taken.  Tim wants to take us to a town in Japan that has wild monkeys. That might be fun. I don't think I've ever been to a place that has wild monkeys.

Here's another monkey. O'Reilly was traveling somewhere. I'm trying to figure out where.  This picture is making me think somewhere like India or Thailand. Maybe Nepal?

I found the answer. It's India.  She went there around Christmas time.

Here's O'Reilly and some other people dressed as zombies for Halloween.  Ramsey street is mentioned, so maybe Neighbours did a zombie thing.  I mean the cast...behind the scenes. Or...well, I guess it could have been on the show as well.

There are some fun photos of other Neighbours cast people.  Here's one of Amber.  She's holding something that looks like a deformed penis, carrot, or finger.  Then here's O'Reilly with Naomi's mom, Karl, and Daniel.  Sorry. I don't know most of the actor's names. I didn't know O'Reilly's name until this morning. I guess I could go look them all up, but I'm feeling lazy. I want to get this done so I can watch American Horror Story!

Last summer, O'Reilly went to London.  I want to go back there someday.

Well, I think I'm done for the day.

I had fun. I enjoyed learning about O'Reilly. I hope I don't end up boring anyone to death with this post.  What if there's someone doomed to live only 10,000 days, and my blog post ends up being the thing that kills them.  Tragic!