Monday, April 13, 2015

AFL Teams, All Saints Nurses, and Neighbours Actors

I had lots of Australia-related dreams last night.

Sorry. I feel compelled to share them...or at least imagine I'm sharing them. 

In one: I enter a crowded hospital room. I see that the patient is nurse Steph from All Saints. At one point, she kind of moves around in her sleep.  

Yeah. There wasn't much too that particular dream. When I woke up, I thought it was pretty random that I dreamed about her. It's been five months since I watched All Saints.  But then I remembered that yesterday I watched Very Small Businesses.  On the last episode, the actor who played Steph's husband was one of the guest-stars.  So, that's why it was on my mind.

In another dream: I'm in someone's house, sitting at a table. The woman living there says something about a footy team, and then admits somewhat sheepishly that it's her footy team—as in it's her favorite. She hands me a piece of paper in which she's written down information about the team. She leaves me with that. I look at the paper and see there's other information written down. I'm confused about whether or not she meant for me to take the paper. I don't want to take the paper if she needs it. Yet I don't want to leave it behind if she meant for me to keep it.  

I'm pretty sure the woman's footy team was Waratah? Is that a team? I think it is. I've heard of it somewhere.

Let me check....

Yes! Lord Wiki says there's a Waratah Football Club. They're the Northern Territory Football team. So, my subconscious did not make that one up.

I also had this long dream that took place at an alligator-infested hotel. Since there were Australian characters in this dream, I'm tempted to say crocodiles instead of alligators. But in the dream, I thought of them as alligators. 

Actually, I think all the Australian characters were specifically Neighbours characters.

I think there were three Australian-related scenes.

In the first: I'm in my hotel room and Sonya Rebecchi enters. It turns out this is her room. The hotel has made a mistake. I decide instead of fighting over it, why not share the room. I suggest this and she agrees to it.

There was something weird here, though. It was like I thought of her as Sonya, but wasn't 100% sure it was her. And then I decided it would be her. It seemed there was some level of lucidity and control here...or at least knowledge that I had some control over the dreamworld.  

In the second: I'm in a hotel room full of people including Georgia Brooks. They're working on some kind of compilation project involving Georgia's work.  She's telling us that she appeared on a computer encyclopedia, in what seems to be reenactment type scenes.  I'm wondering how they're going to take scenes from that and add it to the project. We then all watch it together.  We have to sit through scenes that do not include her. Then I see someone who might be her.  I ask Georgia if it's her and she reacts in a very bitchy way. She's in a bad mood, and my question seems to stress her out.

I walk out calmly, but then when I get back to my own room I slam the door loudly so she'll know I'm mad.  Then in my room I think back to seeing Nate Kinski cutting a piece of sausage into small segments. I think about how I found it sexy, which I think is strange since I don't even like meat.

I'm actually not 100% sure if I had the Nate memory after being bitched out by Georgia, or if that happened elsewhere. I'm pretty sure it happened there. I'm also not sure if I actually had another scene in my dream where I watched Nate cut a sausage, and then had a memory within the dream. Or was the memory a false memory?

Who knows.....

And it probably doesn't matter.