Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cook For Them!

I had some soap opera synchronocity yesterday.

In the afternoon, I watched Neighbours. It was a touching episode. Poor Paige has broken up with Mark. Since he was her housemate, she has to find a new place to live. She's invited by her stepmother Terese to move into their house. Just as she has her stuff unpacked, Terese admits she only invited Paige to live with them because a friend had reminded her of the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Paige gets the boot. Then her mother invites Paige to live with them instead. Paige accepts the offer. The problem is now her stepfather isn't too happy.  Though his voice says it's fine for her to move in, his facial expression and body language says otherwise.

Paige vents about all this to her sister and brother. Her sister Imogen suggests that Paige should win over her stepfather with a homemade cake. The problem is, Paige is no cook, and she ends up burning the cake.  In the end, it all turns out okay, though. There's a very tender moment between Paige and her stepfather that brought some tears to my eyes.

Then at night, I watched Coronation Street. Young Faye wants her adopted parents and biological father to start getting along better. So she pressures her father to invite her parents over and cook their favorite meal.  The poor father has the same problem as Paige. He's not a cook.

The Coronation Street incident had less of a positive ending, unfortunately. Faye still wants to see more of her biological father while her parents continue to want her to see much less of him.

What's kind of funny is, before watching these shows I did some cooking of my own. It's not that I rarely cook. I stick things in the microwave. I boil pasta. I make grilled cheese and quesadillas.  I can open a can of beans and add some spices. Rarely, though. do I take out a cutting board and chop up fruit and/or vegetables.  But yesterday morning, I cut up an apple and fried it with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. And I also managed to cut up a sweet potato...which I usually find challenging. We ended up making sweet potatoes.

Who was I trying to impress and win over?

Probably myself.

And it worked.

I loved myself a little more than usual yesterday.