Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dance Academy the Movie

I saw an intriguing article this morning about Dance Academy. Apparently there are plans to make a feature film about Tara and the academy.

It's going to be directed by a guy named Jeffrey Walker. The article says he directed episodes of Modern Family.  The Australian episodes? Or other episodes? Is he Australian?  I'll have to look him up.

Here's his IMDb page.

He's Australian.

He's done a bit of acting, mostly in Aussie Youth fantasy/science fiction stuff—Ocean Girl, Around the Twist, Mirror, Mirror, Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left, etc.

As for directing, he did three episodes of Modern Family.  I saw "Larry's Wife". This is the one where Phil gets close to divorced women via his real estate career. I haven't seen the other two episodes yet.

Neither of them were the episodes that take place in Australia.

BUT Walker has directed stuff filmed in Australia...including Dance Academy.  He directed eight season one episodes.

He also directed episodes of Neighbours and Home Away, and the first episode of The Elephant Princess.

So...Dance Academy the movie.  It's interesting that they're planning to turn it into a feature film and not just a telemovie.  I wonder which cast members will return. Just Tara (Xenia Goodwin)? Or others as well.

Wait. Who knows if they're planning to have Xenia Goodwin. Maybe they're planning to do a whole recast.

I hope not.