Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Is McMillan Australian?

Last night I dreamed:

 My sister tells me that a certain actress with the last name McMillan is Australian. I want to confirm this, so I start doing research. But I keep coming up with roadblocks—technical difficulties and other problems. I struggle to find the information I desire.  

Then I had a false awakening/dream-within-a-dream:

I want to write a blog post about my McMillan dream. I write it longhand on paper (instead of typing on computer). I keep messing up and crumpling up the paper. I remind myself that I could type it out on the paper rather than writing it out. I feel rushed because we're supposed to be leaving for a leg of our road trip. Tim asks me if I'll be ready to go soon. I'm thinking I'm going to need another hour, and I feel stressed about that.  

I also dreamed about the preschool where I used to work. When I was writing down my dreams for real, this morning, I remembered that one of the teachers at the school had the name McMillan. Although maybe it was MacMillan.  I wondered if, for some reason, I had the school on my mind and the Aussie actress dream was an offshoot of that. 

Then this morning I decided to see if there really were any actresses with the last name McMillan.  I found one named Babs McMillan. Then I found Glenn McMillan. And there I had the probable explanation of why I dreamed about that last name last night. It wasn't from the preschool. It was from the actor. I Googled him last night, because he's one of the actors on Wonderland.  I learned he used to play one of the yellow Power Rangers.  

I was wondering if McMillan considers himself Australian or Brazilian, because he was born in Brazil.  I just looked at his IMDb bio (which I didn't look at yesterday), and it says he considers himself Brazilian, even though he has spent a lot of his life in Australia.

I wonder why.

Why not both? Brazilian-Australian. Maybe he doesn't like being hyphenated?  Or maybe he's always been resentful about moving to Australia, so he clings to the Brazilian identity.  

I'm consulting Lord Wiki now.

He labels McMillan as being Brazilian-Australian.  

If I'm understanding Lord Wiki correctly, McMillan's father is Australian. He met McMillan's mother when he was an exchange student in Brazil.

Then when Glenn McMillan was four-years-old, the family moved to Adelaide. That's a long time to be in Australia! I was picturing that he came around his high school years. But to be there since early childhood, and still not consider himself Australian?  Or maybe IMDb was wrong about him not considering himself Australian. Maybe he does consider himself Australian, but has stronger feelings towards his Brazilian identity.  Lord Wiki says McMillan speaks fluent Portuguese and visits his birth place often.

On Wonderland, McMillan speaks with a Brazilian accent.  Is that the accent he uses when he's off-camera as well?  Did he not ever pick up an Aussie accent?

Here's something interesting. McMillan is also a lawyer. He took a break from acting to pursue that career.  It reminds me of Jeremy Cumpston, from All Saints, being an actor-doctor.  Though that was even more interesting, because Cumpston portrayed someone in a medical career on All Saints.  McMillan's character isn't a lawyer on Wonderland. He's a guy who picks up drunk woman with his scooter, and helps them get home.  He does date a lawyer, though!

Oh! Here we go. It seems McMillan does have an Aussie accent. Lord Wiki says the character on Wonderland was originally supposed to be Argentinian, but because of his familiarity with the Brazilian accent, McMillan suggested the character be Brazilian instead. I think if he actually used the accent in his regular life, Lord Wiki would have said things in a different way. Or maybe not?  I'm not sure, actually.

Well, now I know. Because I found a video.  It's of Glenn McMillan talking about his year 12 exams. He has an Australian accent.