Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kath and Kim and House Husbands

Right now my two Aussie binge-watching shows are Kath and Kim and House Husbands.

I watched some clips of Kath and Kim a few years ago, and didn't like it.  I thought maybe if I tried a whole season, I'd grow to like it.  So far, it's not working. Today I watched episode #3 of the first season, and I've not yet fallen in love. Maybe I will like it by the end of the season?

I've heard it said that Americans aren't typically able to appreciate Kath and Kim.  For example, Wendy Butler Gregory, a Hulu commenter, says,  I LOVE this show!! I think it's hysterical. But I'm an Aussie expat living in the States. When I came across this I was surprised (and grateful) that Hulu's showing it, only because I think it's true Aussie humor, very tongue-in-cheek which I don't think our friends here in the States would get or really appreciate.

So I guess I'm not the only American who's unable to love Kath and Kim. But why?  I mean why am I able to enjoy some Aussie comedy, but not others.  Is it the tongue-in-cheek aspect? Do I not like tongue-in-cheek humor?  I don't know.  I think A Moody Christmas and At Home With Julia had a similar style of humor, and I enjoyed both of those.  Do they use tongue-in-cheek humor? Or is it a different style.

I'm trying to find a definition of tongue-in-cheek, but am not really finding anything that makes sense to me. Lord Wiki says the term is used to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended, and it should not be taken at face value.

Doesn't that apply to most comedy?

What I feel about the Kath and Kim comedy is that I'm being hit over the head with it. I feel it's not subtle enough for me.

As for the characters. I feel very annoyed by Kim (Gina Riley). And yeah. I know she's supposed to be selfish and annoying; and that's part of the joke. But I end up feeling more annoyed than amused. I do like Kel (Glenn Robbins). He's probably my favorite character. He's such a nice guy. And I like Sharon (Magda Szubanski) She's sweet and cute.  

I'm wondering if I'll end up growing to like the show eventually.  I might. I'll see what happens in the next few days.

As for my other show. House Husbands. I love it. I think I liked the first season; and now with the second season, the like has grown to love.  As we have comfort foods, I think we can also have comfort shows.  They're the ones that make us feel warm and cozy. The characters feel like our friends; they make us laugh and cry. That's how House Husbands is for me.


mysliceofoz said...

I don't like Kath and Kim. Honestly don't know how many people actually do. It was a massive fad when it was out. I think people only liked it because it was bogan culture lol. Check out housos for a laugh (Australian rednecks haha). It is quite stupid though so be prepared to lose a few braincells :p

I do love House Husbands though! The new season is supposed to be on here later in the year! Can't wait!!

Dina said...


I'm jealous that you'll be able to see the new season of House Husbands! Hulu has only the first 2 far. Hopefully, they'll add the third soon!

I've not heard of Housos. I'll have to check it out.

I am glad to find someone else who doesn't like Kath and Kim.

By the way, I've been looking at your blog. It's making me want to go to South Australia.