Friday, April 3, 2015

The Qantas Dress Code

I don't like the Qantas dress code.

When I was getting dressed this afternoon, I looked at my shoes. I have these precious thongs—silver with a little flower. I love them and I don't think they're overly casual. But I don't think they'd fall into Qantas acceptability. Then I have some really worn out ugly flats. I think technically speaking, they would be accepted by Qantas.

One of the things I love most about Australia is its casualness. I love the image of rural children going to school barefoot. I love the Australian love of thongs.  I don't love that Qantas isn't embracing all that.

I wish Qantas would go the opposite direction and have a barefoot lounge. That would be awesome. But maybe also a bit smelly.

For now, as far as I know, the dress code is for the lounge only. I guess people can wear what they want on the flight, with the idea being people will wear on the flight what they wore to the lounge.

I think it would be funny, though, as revenge, for people to dress business casual in the lounge. Then they can go in a public airport restroom and change into shorts, a tank top, and rubber thongs.

Now...don't me wrong. I'm not against dress codes in general. I wouldn't approve of someone wearing shorts and a t-shirt to a posh restaurant (outside Disney World), or someone attending formal religious services in sweatpants.  But for me, airplanes are different. Flights can be long and we have to sit for a long time.  Because of that, I think comfort should come before style.