Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Voting For Paul Robinson

I dreamed about Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) last night.

I'm at an event where voting is taking place. Both the voters and the candidates are there, hanging around together. We write our votes down on pieces of paper. 

Then I'm sitting near Paul Robinson. He asks me if I voted for him. I tell him that I voted for him in my heart, but not on the official voting thing. He seems actually somewhat touched by this. 

I watch him looking over the voting sheets of paper. He complains about people not writing their names on their forms. I'm wondering if I did or not.  Then I see my paper with my name. I start to worry, though, because I can't remember who I voted for. I had meant to vote for the candidate with the first name Melissa. But now I can't remember her last name. How would I have written her name on my sheet if I couldn't remember her last name?  I worry that I didn't write any candidate on my sheet, and the only name there is my own.  It will look like I voted for myself, and that I'm very conceited.  

I don't know why I dreamed about Paul Robinson. I haven't watched Neighbours in a few weeks.  It's not the first time I've dreamed about him, though. I dreamed about him last year, and used the dream as an inspiration for a scene in my novel The Dead Are Online.  Though I changed Paul Robinson to another character.

As for the Melissa in my dream. I don't remember what it was now, but last night there was another dream with the Melissa name mentioned.  I have a sister named Melissa, so maybe my subconscious was thinking of her. Though I'd think I'd be more direct and just dream about my actual sister. I often do.