Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wonderland on Hulu

I'm a bit obsessed with Wonderland right now. I think it might be my favorite Australian show.  I might even like it more than Offspring and Dance Academy.

Thanks to a Rubik's Cube on the beach, I was able to pinpoint where Wonderland takes place.  It's Maroubra, which is an south-eastern beachy suburb in Sydney. Of course, I knew we were supposed to be in Sydney.

According to Google Maps, Maroubra is south of the Bondi and Bronte stuff.  It's about 7 minutes below Coogee and only about ten minutes from the airport. I wonder how much real estate costs there. Since it's Sydney, I imagine it's extremely expensive. But maybe it's a bit less costly than the northern eastern beaches.


I fell in love with Wonderland quite quickly. Usually, it takes me several episodes to warm up to a show. For example, you know how I was recently super obsessed with Doctor Who? Well, I had to watch nine episodes before feeling any amount of adoration.

Maybe the reason I so quickly felt attached to Wonderland was because I had recently watched Michael Dorman in The Secret Life of Us. His character on that is quite similar to the one on Wonderland—a very sweet, easygoing, and caring guy.  So maybe that helped with the transition to a new show.

Wonderland and The Secret Life of Us are quite similar actually. Both takes place in a beach suburb. Both involve young professionals in their 20's and 30's. Both are about a group of friends living in the same building. Both have characters that have coed flatmates. Is that a common thing in Australia? Around the world? It might even be common here. I have no idea, actually. I thought usually people shared flats with the same gender. Though, Tim had a female roommate in college.

Another thing both shows in common is they each have a character that cheats on their partner by sleeping with the person who works at the local drink/food hang-out (bartender in The Secret Life of Us; barista in Wonderland). 

Yesterday, I realized I had accidentally begun watching season two of Wonderland.  Hulu has things a bit messed up. They have all of season one and about half of season two; but they label all 22 episodes as season one.  I hope they fix that and add more episodes soon.  I wonder why they didn't get all the season two episodes yet.

I feel bad complaining about Hulu, because they're my favorite company right now. I love them, and I'm so grateful to them. It's wonderful that I can watch all these Aussie shows legally.