Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wonderland on Hulu

I'm a bit obsessed with Wonderland right now.  I think it might be my favorite Australian show.  I might even like it more than Offspring and Dance Academy.

Thanks to a Rubik's Cube on the beach, I was able to pinpoint where Wonderland takes place.  It's Maroubra, which is an south-eastern beachy Sydney. Of course, I knew we were supposed to be in Sydney.

According to Google Maps, Maroubra is south of the Bondi and Bronte stuff.  It's about 7 minutes below Coogee, and only about ten minutes from the airport.  I wonder how much real estate costs there. Since it's Sydney, I imagine it's extremely expensive.  But maybe it's a bit less costly than the northern eastern beaches.


I fell in love with Wonderland quite quickly. Usually, it takes me several episodes to warm up to a show. For example, you know how I was recently super obsessed with Doctor Who? Well, I had to watch nine episodes before feeling any amount of adoration.  

Maybe the reason I so quickly felt attached to Wonderland was because I had recently watched Michael Dorman in The Secret Life of Us. His character on that is quite similar to the one on Wonderland...a very sweet, easygoing, and caring guy.  So maybe that helped with the transition to a new show.

Wonderland and The Secret Life of Us are quite similar actually. Both takes place in a beach suburb. Both involve young professionals in their 20's and 30's. Both are about a group of friends living in the same building. Both have characters that have coed flatmates. Is that a common thing in Australia? Around the world? It might even be common here. I have no idea, actually. I thought usually people shared flats with the same gender.  Though, Tim had a female roommate in college.

Another thing both shows in common is they each have a character that cheats on their partner by sleeping with the person who works at the local drink/food hang-out (bartender in The Secret Life of Us; barista in Wonderland). 

Yesterday, I realized I had accidentally begun watching season two of Wonderland.  Hulu has things a bit messed up.  They have all of season one and about half of season two; but they label all 22 episodes as season one.  I hope they fix that, and add more episodes soon.  I wonder why they didn't get all the season two episodes yet.

I feel bad complaining about Hulu, because they're my favorite company right now. I love them, and I'm so grateful to them. It's wonderful that I can watch all these Aussie shows legally.


Michael Jackson Smith said...

I loved your post and the show! I live in the states but think I should have been born in Australia! I may place all my doorknobs up high and paint murals of the beach and pretend I'm in Sydney.

Dina said...

Michael Jackson Smith,

Hi! Thank you so much for commenting! I'm especially excited to get a comment from another American who loves Australian TV.

I love Wonderland. I wish Hulu would have more episodes.

Lovely idea about the mural.

Do you watch any other Australian shows?

Michael Jackson Smith said...

Hi Dina! I just switched from Netflix to Hulu and love all the Australian TV shows they provide. I started with McLeod's Daughters, then all the Jonathan Shiff productions--the mermaid shows, Elephant Princess, etc.--and just finished watching Wonderland (left hanging :( on the Tom/Miranda romance!).

BTW, I lived in Fort Worth for 5 years and worked in the T & P Warehouse building on Jennings. I really loved FW because it changed my life. I published a book, The Road To Fort Worth, a book about my recovery from addiction and panic disorder.

I live in Fort Myers, Florida, a short drive to the Gulf. Links to Twitter and Facebook in the toolbar!

I'm happy I found your blog and like your writing.

Have a great day.


Dina said...


Hi! Yes. I checked out your website yesterday! I'm a very nosy person.

I'm glad you had a positive, life-changing experience in Fort Worth.

I think McLeod's Daughters is the first Australian show I watched, too. Though I haven't finished with it yet.

I've watched The Elephant Princess, but haven't watched the mermaid stuff.

Have you started watching anything new—now that you're done with Wonderland?

Dina said...

I mean I checked out your website before you suggested that I do so.

It took me awhile to see this comment.

I need to be better about checking up on comments!

Michael Jackson Smith said...

Hi Dina,

Currently, I'm watching Home and Away, Reef Doctors, Packed to the Rafters and The Secret Life of Us. Also, I'm watching a clone of Wild at Heart, titled Life is Wild about a Vet working in South Africa and filmed in the same location. The first show is British, the second, American. There are not a lot of American shows I like, though I enjoyed Psych and Fringe. I don't watch crime shows.

I may be watching too many shows at once, though!

I'm on my second time around on McLeod's Daughters bc I love horses! The series changes characters from beginning to end, though they're all "daughters!"

I can't believe I never went to the rodeo when I lived in FW.


Michael Jackson Smith said...


I wanted to share my post to the producer of McLeod's daughters, which I wrote a couple of years ago. Couldn't believe she wrote back. That wouldn't happen in the U.S.

To Posie Graeme-Evans on Facebook:

Thank you for your saga, McLeod's Daughters, which I recently finished viewing on Netflix. I, at last, learned the wonderful lesson that to love, to hate, to forgive, to find redemption, to find a part of yourself and to be transformed by a writer's words is the power of great writing. I more fully understand the saying that "to know you is to find me." All the best!

Posie Graeme-Evans What an absolutely lovely comment, Michael. Thank you so much. I'm touched the series meant so much to you. Posie

Dina said...


That's a lovely comment from Posie Graeme-Evans; and it was very nice that you wrote her that message. I'm sure even successful people like to hear praise sometimes.

Yes, you're watching a lot of Australian shows! Wow.

I watch a lot, but just one or two at a time.

Did you watch Neighbours at all? I was really into that, and then Hulu lost the contract.

I've watched the first few years of Home and Away, but not the modern 21st century episodes.

I like Packed to the Rafters. I've only watched three seasons, though. I plan to watch more, someday.

What season are you on for The Secret Life of Us? That's one of the shows I've been watching lately. I'm towards the middle of the last season. They pretty much got an entire new cast.

I liked Reef Doctors a lot. I wish they had more seasons.

That's funny that you didn't go to the rodeo in Fort Worth. Is McLeod's Daughters what made you interested in horses?

Or did you watch McLeod's Daughters because you become interested in horses?

Michael Jackson Smith said...


I'm going to put Home and Away on hold for a while cause I really am watching too much at once. I just finished the first episode of The Secret Life of Us, but will come back to it later. I will finish Reef Doctors soon and was hooked from the first episode. It's another Shiff production.

I'm half way through Manhattan, with only one season available, a series about the Manhattan project, a huge interest for me because I wrote a screenplay based on the life of the daughter of the man who prepared and supervised the delivery of the bomb on Hiroshima. I was a friend of his daughter's when I lived in Fort Worth. I'm doing one more read through before I try to sell the play.

It's great being able to talk about the shows with you. Everyone else looks at me like, what are you talking about, lol! You know the feeling!

As a child, I rode horses a lot and worked in a barn one summer. We used to jump on the horses w/out saddles or bridles, sometimes. Also, went on some overnight pack trips.


Dina said...


That's very cool about the screenplay!

Yes, it's great to talk about these TV shows.

What other non-Australian shows are you watching?

Do you have a favorite show right now?