Sunday, May 17, 2015

An Australian in a Certified Fresh Movie

As I said in a recent post, I like looking at Rotten Tomato movie scores.

Last night I looked at a high-scoring movie (90!) and saw an actor name I recognized.  Kodi Smith-McPhee. I was pretty sure he was Australian. I Googled and saw from Lord Wiki that I was right.  I haven't looked at his filmography yet; but I'm pretty sure he's the one from American remake of the Swedish vampire movie. Or was it Norwegian?  Now I can't remember. But I read the book, and liked it a lot. I think McPhee was also in the Australian movie. Romulas My Father.  I might not be spelling that right.  

Was he in the TV show Tangle?

Well, I'm going to stop guessing and look at the IMDb filmography.

I was close with the spelling. Just had an A instead of an U. It's Romulus My Father.  

The Americanized vampire movie is Let Me In.  I know the title of the original. Let the Right One In.  Now I'm going to go find out if it's Norwegian or Swedish.  Or maybe it's something else?  

Lord Wiki says it's Swedish.

Okay. Cool. I'm glad I got that cleared up.

Smith-McPhee is also the kid who starred in The Road. I haven't seen that movie, but I've read the book. I liked it, despite the lack of quotation marks.  I've also listened to music from The Road. Some of it was done by Nick Cave.  Here's a bit from the soundtrack.

It doesn't look like Smith-McPhee was in Tangle. I got that wrong.

The 90-scoring new movie starring Smith-McPhee is called Slow West.

I'm watching the trailer now.

It's a western about a Scottish man (Smith-McPhee) who moves to America.

I think I see Ben Mendelsohn.  He IS from Tangle. I know that.

Now I'm going to look at the Slow West page on IMDb.

I see another Australian. Caren Pistorius. She played Eloise, on Offspring, and was also in the Paper Giants: Magazine Wars mini-series.

And I was right about Ben Mendelsohn being in the movie.

I thought maybe the movie was filmed in Australia. But no. It was filmed in New Zealand.

Smith-McPhee is going to be in the upcoming X-men movie. That's cool.What's also cool is Caren Pistorius is going to be in the upcoming adaption of A Light Between Oceans.  I liked that book a lot. I kind of get the sense that I already knew she was going to be in the movie. But then I sort of forgot and was happily surprised when I saw the information.  Well, at least I remembered enough to get a sense that I was learning something for the second time. So, it's not like I completely forgot.

Then again...I could be wrong. Maybe this is the first time I'm hearing about the movie.