Sunday, May 17, 2015

Career Magic from Manjipoor

I've been watching the second season of The Elephant Princess.  I've noticed, through watching the show and playing around on IMDb, that many of the show's actors have gone on to have successful careers in the US acting industry.

The first season had Liam Hemsworth, who I know mostly from The Hunger Game movies.  My sister saw and liked him in some other movie. What was it again?

Checking the filmography....

I think it was The Last Song.

Also, in the first season, Margot Robbie appeared as a disguised version of the sorcerer Diva. According to IMDb, Robbie is EXTREMELY popular.  On their Star Meter thing, she's listed as #5. Her popularity is due to The Wolf of Wall Street. I vaguely remember hearing she was in some kind of memorable scene. Maybe I can find it on YouTube.

Here's one scene. I'm not sure if it's a famous scene or not.

She's fighting with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Margot Robbie is quite attractive and the scene is somewhat interesting, but I can't imagine it being that famous.

Maybe this is the scene. It's described as being hot. Sex might be involved.

No sex. But I did think it was pretty hot. And funny. I could understand if that's seen as being memorable.

Robbie is going to be in a Tarzan movie.  Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from True Blood is going to be Tarzan. That could be fun. I'll be curious to see what it gets on Rotten Tomatoes.

Season Two of The Elephant Princess has some major cast changes. They got rid of Alex's(Emily Robins) family, and brought in three new characters.

We have Richard Brancatisano, who plays Alex's new love interest.  Brancatisano now stars in some American TV show I've not heard of before— Chasing Life.   It's a drama about cancer.

Here's the trailer.

It looks like it's chasing after the success of The Fault in Our Stars and 50/50.

Brancatisano plays the love interest of the cancer victim.

On the Elephant Princess, Brancatisano has a sister. She's played by Georgina Haig. Haig played Elsa on Once Upon a Time.

I'm going to see if I can find a clip of her doing that. I'd like to see how she looks.

Here's one.

Elsa's sister Anna is having a drowning moment with her boyfriend that reminds me of Sun and Gin's scene on Lost.

Elsa is trying to find her sister.

I think Anna and her man will be rescued....

Yep. All is well in Disney Fairytale land.

We tried watching Once Upon a Time. Tim and I liked the first episode, but Jack didn't. We pushed him to try another episode. And then all three of us didn't like the second. I wonder if we would have liked it if we kept with it for longer.

The other actor, new in season two, on The Elephant Princess, is Eka Darville.  After his Elephant Princess days, he appeared as Diego in thirteen episodes of the vampire TV show The Originals.

Here's a Diego scene.

I just looked up the girl in the scene. She's an Australian too.   Claire Holt. She's not a Manjipoor alumni. Instead she comes from a mermaid background.

I actually thought the character in the scene was British. Is is because, despite my almost eight year obsession with Australia, I still can't get the accents straight? Or was she doing an English accent?  That IS a possibility. Darville was doing an American accent in the scene. If one Aussie is pretending to be American, I shouldn't be surprised that another is doing English.

Well, according to Lord Wiki's cousin, Holt's character Rebekah is more than a thousand years old. Her accent, after all those years, would be some kind of hodge-podge. The girl has lived in Spain, Italy, England, New Orleans.... I don't see anything about Australia.

Back to Eka Darville. He's going to be in an upcoming series (A.K.A Jessica Jones) staring David Tennant.  I wonder if that will be any good.

Oh! And this show has another Aussie as well. Rachael Taylor. I've not really heard of her, but it looks like she's been in some major American things.  Most of my family has probably heard of her, because she was on eight episodes of Grey's Anatomy. My parents and my two sisters are big fans of the least one of my brother-in-laws as well.

Well, this was least for me. Jumping through Aussie IMDb filmographies. Now I shall go finish watching my episode of The Elephant Princess.