Wednesday, May 13, 2015

German Tourist Synchronocity

Twice today, in my blog-reading, I've come across something about German tourists.

I just finished reading one of Caz Vincent's posts.  She and her husband stopped between Mildura and Renmark to eat some sandwiches. There they encountered a German tourist rummaging through rubbish bins to find food. He told them he believed Australians are very wasteful. The scene reminded me of Rain and Amber on Neighbours.

Earlier today I read a post in the Caravan of Courage blog. The blogger said:
Monday morning we awoke ( we all are sleeping in one room with the boys sharing a sofa bed) to clear skies and no wind!, we headed for brekkie and then it was down to the pool like a German Tourist to stake our claim on the sun lounges!

What does that mean? It sounds a bit derogatory. Is there some kind of common stereotype associated with German tourists in Australia?  Or is this a stereotype that's personal to the blogger and her friends and family?

Then again, despite being a might not be a derogatory one. Maybe it's a positive actually.  Decide on what you want and/or need; then go after it.  It's not like the blogger said, We went down to the pool, and, like a German tourist, pushed people out of the way so we could steal their lounge chairs.


Andrew said...

It is just what Germans seem to do all over the world, that is get down to the pool early to stake their sun lounge. I don't know about here in Australia, but I have certainly seen them do it overseas more than once.

Dina said...


Well, if it's a common German practice, I find it admirable. I guess because personally I prefer the life of the early bird over that of the night owl.

UNLESS...these German people, you've seen, stay up all night partying and then are able to wake up early to get sun lounges. Then I can't relate. But maybe I'm still sort of impressed.

Though the lack of sleep is unhealthy and therefore not admirable.