Wednesday, May 13, 2015

German Tourist Synchronocity

Twice today, in my blog-reading, I've come across something about German tourists.

I just finished reading one of Caz Vincent's posts.  She and her husband stopped between Mildura and Renmark to eat some sandwiches. There they encountered a German tourist rummaging through rubbish bins to find food. He told them he believed Australians are very wasteful. The scene reminded me of Rain and Amber on Neighbours.

Earlier today, I read a post in the Caravan of Courage blog. The blogger said:
Monday morning we awoke ( we all are sleeping in one room with the boys sharing a sofa bed) to clear skies and no wind!, we headed for brekkie and then it was down to the pool like a German Tourist to stake our claim on the sun lounges!

What does that mean? It sounds a bit derogatory. Is there some kind of common stereotype associated with German tourists in Australia?  Or is this a stereotype that's personal to the blogger and her friends and family?

Then again, despite being a might not be a derogatory one. Maybe it's a positive, actually.  Decide on what you want and/or need; then go after it.  It's not like the blogger said, We went down to the pool, and, like a German tourist, pushed people out of the way so we could steal their lounge chairs.