Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jumping Into the Future of Puberty Blues

Today I started watching Puberty Blues. That's what picked for me.

I accidentally watched the seventh episode of the second season instead of the first episode of the first season.


I sort of had that feeling of not belonging—joining a story already in progress. But you know what...not too much so.   This could be because I've watched an episode or two of the show before—a year or so ago.  It could have been the first episode I watched, but maybe it was the second. I actually remember feeling back then that I had joined something already in progress, more so than I did today. It would be funny if it was the first episode I watched back then.

I didn't really like the show when I watched it back then.  I thought it was the same way Tangle is depressing.  I think the two shows are made by the same people.

Tangle grew on me by the time I got to the end of the season. Maybe Puberty Blues will as well.

Some of the seventh episode of the second season was depressing, but other stuff was kind of sweet.

Well, it will be interesting traveling back in time and seeing what led to what  I saw today in the episode I watched.