Thursday, May 21, 2015

Matt Keegan, Campers/Caravans, Montsalvat, and Netflix

1. Dreamed about the names Matt and Keegan. I am looking at my friends/followers list on an online site. I'm surprised to see that one of the people has died. Her icon reports this. I scroll up to look at more friends and see a picture from a TV show.  It's of two young boys. The photo is labeled "Matt and Keegan" I get this idea that the show was another Norman Bates show. Tim and I watched the first few seasons, and then we totally forgot about it.  From what I remember, this show was about a man and his psychologist. I try to remember the actors and am thinking maybe it was Kyra Sedrick, and that man from The Waltons.  In later seasons, the show had flashbacks to when the psychotic man was a child. And this was Matt and Keegan. (Don't know how Norman fit into all this)

I struggle to figure out if it was really about Norman Bates. Or was the show about someone else?

2. Woke up and was disoriented, and struggled to remember if there was a TV show like this or not. Okay, actually I'm not sure if that was a real awakening, or if I had a false awakening. A dream within a dream.  I AM pretty sure that I eventually woke up for real. I went to the bathroom. Then I searched for Matt and Keegan on my phone. I was about to say, I Googled them; but no. For some reason, I use Yahoo on my phone.

Anyway, I ended up finding a Matt Keegan who is a Saxophonist in Sydney. Or at least I think I did. That might have been a dream. I will do some Googling later.

3. Went back to sleep and had a dream within a dream type thing about Matt and Keegan and the Norman Bates show.  I look up Matt and Keegan online and find an Australian website. I start to read and blog about it. Then, after some work is done, I notice I read the name wrong. It's much less close to Matt and Keegan than I originally thought. I'm wondering if it's still okay that I blogged about it.

Then later in the dream: Jack tells me it's not my imagination or just my dream. There really was a show about Norman Bates.  He tells me it also used the name Bates Motel. He tells me the actress in it was Poppy Montgomery. 

4. Dreamed more Australia related dreams. My mom is watching TV. A show is just starting. They're showing flashes of different people as the introduction. I see Nicolle Dickson. This tells me that my mom is watching an Aussie show. I ask her what it is. She says the name is Every Day. I'm delighted she's watching something Australian.  But then I see the first segment is going to be sex-related. I have a feeling she's going to turn it off. (I think because there was a child in the room with us). 

5. Dreamed about watching a Home and Away spin-off. Carly Morris lives with two other characters underground in a little home.  She goes to get some type of medical procedure done. When she comes back, she's disoriented and having a conversation with the little hut, which is the entrance to the underground dwelling.

I'm not sure that Carly thought the hut was a sentient being. It might have been she was TRYING to talk to real people via the hut. It was more like, because she was drugged, she couldn't figure out how to get back into her own home.  

6. Read that police officer Chris Hurley is in trouble again. He's under investigation for using inappropriate force during a police chase.  

Hurley is the guy who caused a lot of trouble, back in 2004.  Under his watch, a man in custody, ended up dying of injuries. If I remember correctly, this was because Hurley beat the guy up

Hurley didn't lose his job because of this. He just got moved to a new police job in the Gold Coast. 

And there were riots about death.

The same type of things happen here in the US.

7.  Liked Geek Diva's post about her love of Scrabulous on Facebook. Though she doesn't seem too impressed with players who are more interested in flirting than playing the game. She says: There are the die hard Scrabble players who watch their ratings rise and fall by the drift of seven letters a turn. The other are the lonely, desperate and slightly stimulated players who want to talk about other s-words and demand only attractive 16 year old brunettes with no boyfriends and two girlfriends accept their game invitations.

Yeah. The Internet has a lot of people who like to flirt and...I suppose are seeking some kind of online-sex partner.

Though I might prefer those people over the ones who add you as a friend or follower simply so they can have a huge artificially-created fan base. They give off the illusion that they're interested in you. But they're not. They just want you to be interested in them. They'll probably never actually look at anything you post.

8.  Read Project 2014's blog post about their camper named Matilda; and wondered about the difference between campers and caravans.

9. Went to a website which explains the difference between campers and caravans. I can't say I fully understand it. But I'm getting the ideas that caravans are fancier, and probably more expensive.

The website says, A caravan is even less set-up with more creature comforts, but there are some restrictions on where you can travel with them.

I'm wondering if a camper is the thing that's attached to the back of the car?  If that's the case, could you detach the camper and take the car solo to the supermarket?

10. Looked up definition of caravan, and Google says, a vehicle equipped for living in, typically towed by a car and used for vacations.  So I guess they too usually have a car towing them. I thought the driving was done in the caravan itself.

11. Realized I might have been wrong all this time about RV's being the same thing as caravans. I thought caravans were just the Aussie way of saying RV. But Lord Wiki has pictures of RV's, and they DO have the driving bit inside the living area bit.  It's more like a big bus rather than a car that's carrying your accommodations.

Do Australians have RV's then? If they do, do they call them RV's? Or do they call them caravans?

12. Looked at Australia's Apollo company. They DO sell vehicles in which the driving area and accommodation are are all in one.

13. Looked a the Apollo FAQ page.  They rent out the vehicles. I wasn't sure about that from the other pages of their site.

You don't need a special driving license...just a car one.

You can only drive on sealed roads.  So if you're wanting to do more adventurous driving, it's probably better to get a 4WD.  Now that might be because you're renting their vehicle. If you own your own camper/caravan/whatever, maybe it's okay to drive on unsealed roads.  Well, at least I know people do it. Because I've been reading blogs about people traveling that way, and they talk about bumpy roads and red dust going everywhere.

14. Looked at a 4WD camper that's available from Apollo. They say,
If travelling in a 4WD please read the information at the links below for recommended travel routes, roads that require permission from Apollo prior to travelling and roads that are strictly prohibited.

So they don't want you going every which way.  I've heard that before—that there are restrictions when renting a car in Australia. Or that you have to pay more if you plan to go on unsealed roads. I'm guessing the best thing to do, if you want to go on such roads, is to buy a used car instead of renting one.  I vaguely remember hearing of people doing that.

15. Found the website of Matt Keegan, the Saxophonist in Sydney.  So I didn't dream that one up. He really exists.

16. Learned that Matt Keegan does music for the TV show The Voice.

17. Listened to Matt Keegan's original song "Fading Faces". It's lovely, but a little fuzzy.  I'm not sure if that's due to the instrument or the recording.

The song has a haunting quality to it.

18. Wondered why I dreamed about the names Matt and Keegan. Maybe it was just random, and by coincidence there is someone Australian with both those names.

19. Learned from Nikki's expat blog that Christmas is a good time to be in Hong Kong. She says, 
it is a wonderful quiet restful time, no traffic, low pollution (all the factories in China shut down) and generally good weather.

I like places when the crowds have gone away.

20. Learned that you CAN find Vegemite in Hong Kong. You can find it some places here as well. It's not at our run-of-the-mill neighborhood grocery store. But it is sometimes at the more upscale, and/or specialized shops.

21. Finished reading Nikki's list of what she will miss and not miss about Hong Kong. Okay...I skimmed some of it. I didn't read every word carefully. But I really enjoyed the parts that I read.

22. Tired of The Elephant Princess storyline about having to save Caleb from the dark magic thing that's killing him. I'm glad I have only two more episodes left.

Maybe these episodes could have used a comic-relief type of subplot. It's getting a bit intense. And boring. In my opinion.

It's like Hayley's cancer storyline on Coronation Street.  It's tragic, beautiful, insightful, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking. But if the show was only about that, I'd find it unbearable. I'd want to find a different show to watch.  It's nice that the cancer storyline is only one of many storylines. Although some of those storylines are stressful and depressing as well.

23. Looked at filming locations, on IMDb, for The Elephant Princess. It says, Melbourne and Montsalvat, Eltham, Victoria.

So are the Gold Coast scenes not filmed in the Gold Coast?

24. Learned from this article that Montsalvat is an art colony.

25. Visited the Montsalvat website.

They're 35 minutes away from Central Melbourne.

26. Looked at their photo gallery. Nothing really reminds me very much of Manjipoor. I'm assuming it's the Manjipoor scenes that were filmed there.  Perhaps some of the Melbourne ones as well?

27. Found the Montsalvat page about hiring the location. The Elephant Princess is part of the slideshow.  Neighbours is on there as well.

28. Thought about how there's a difference between season one and season two of The Elephant Princess.   The first season reminds me of a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel type show. Kind of along the lines of iCarly or Wizards of Waverley Place.  Season Two reminds me more of a WB show. Like Charmed or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

29. Disagreed with Aussie Japan-fan Eric Thompson  about 4:45 being an obscene time to wake up to catch a flight.  We've gotten up that early to catch a flight.  Tim gets up around that time every Monday!

I think when we left Melbourne in 2013, we got up around that time. It might have been a little later. Maybe 5 or 6?

Or wait....

Thompson might be saying it seems obscene to wake up at 4:45 for a 10:50 flight.  Yeah. But not if you're doing an international flight.  And Thompson says they had about a two hour commute to the airport. Ouch.

I imagine if we had an international flight, at 10:50, we'd leave around 7:50, which would have us waking up around 6:50.

Ah! But not that I think of it. If we left at 7:50, we'd hit rush hour. So we'd probably have to leave before all that.  I'm not sure when it starts? Maybe 8?  I think we'd leave around 7:00.

30. Wondered what airline Thompson took, because he says every seat had a USB charger, and a an electric outlet. That's awesome.

31. Read more and saw that I spoke too son. His outlet/powerpoint didn't work. But at least his USB did. So he had a charged phone for the whole trip.

31. Looked back at the previous post to see if he mentioned the airline. And he did. It's Jetstar.  It's weird, because I was looking at the Qantas website the other day. From what I remember, only the upper class cabins get power at every seat. For the lower classes, it's a gamble.

Is Jetstar different?

32. Impressed that Thompson spent six hours studying Japanese flashcards on the flight. That's very admirable!

33. Looked up Anki, which Thompson uses for his flashcards. I bookmarked the site. We might be able to use it in our homeschooling adventures. And I might like it for myself—memorizing Aussie Prime Ministers, and stuff like that.

34. Laughed when I read this on Thompson's blog. Nothing much eventful happened on the train except some other westerners thought that the stuff on the food trolley was free. They soon realised that you had to pay and there were no issues.

I can picture us doing something like that...or at least sitting there, for a long time, trying to figure out whether or not we need to pay.

OR maybe not. It depends on the type of food and how much we paid for the train. If the train tickets weren't especially expensive, we'd probably understand that the food wasn't free.

35. Followed an advertisement link on Thompson's blog that led to a rail pass site.  I wonder if we'll get passes.

I'm getting excited about this trip.

36. Got an idea of how Keegan might have been in my brain. Michelle Keegan is one of the actresses on Coronation Street.  I'm not sure why I connected her with a Matt, or why I connected Matt and Keegan to a story about Norman Bates.

37. Reminded of Poltergeist II when watching the last episode of The Elephant Princess.

38. Finished watching The Elephant Princess. Later I will pick my next show.

39. Made a Spotify dance list for a lake house dance party.  Out of 94 songs, 9 are Australian. I have a feeling even that amount will annoy some members of my family. Although they'll accuse any unfamiliar song of being Australian.  I think anytime I play a song they've not heard before, they ask Is that Australian?

Yes. Because every single song I listen to is Australian.

Well...actually at one point, it was kind of like that for me. But I'm over it now. I listen to a great variety of music. Some Australian. Some not-Australian.

40. Asked to pick my new TV show for me.


Well...I have a few shows, on my list, that are NOT on Hulu but on Netflix instead.  I'm telling you that, because...

My next TV show is Wentworth!  On Netflix.  That should be exciting.

I'll start watching it sometime this weekend, but not tomorrow. I have this rule where I give myself a day before starting the next show. I'm not sure why. I think part of it is to have a mourning period. And the other is to give me a chance to catch up on the other show (since I have two shows going on at once).

41. Realized I feel a bit nervous about using Netflix. We've used it to watch TV shows together on the television. But I've not used it before on the computer.  Or actually...maybe I used it to watch part of a Doctor Who episode.

I'm guessing it saves your place like Hulu does...meaning it will remember what episode I'm on. Right?

42. Embarrassed that I'm having Netflix anxiety.

I might also be having Hulu separation anxiety. Though I'll still be using that for The Saddle Club and Coronation Street.

43. Looked at first episode cast of Wentworth to see what names I recognize.

I know Nicole de Silva from Rush.

Kate Atkinson from something.

Offspring?! Really? I don't remember her.

She was in season two and three....

Oh! I bet she was the partner of that nurse. What's her name?


Thank you, IMDb

44. Saw Aaron Jeffrey in credits. I know him from McLeod's Daughters and Neighbours.

45. Saw Catherine McClements in credits! Cool! I like her.

46. Wondered if Georgia Flood was someone I knew (of). I wasn't sure. But yeah. She's Phoebe on House Husbands.

47. Excited about watching Wentworth.

48. Wished that Hulu (or Netflix) would have Prisoner.

49. Wanted to list other things on my Hulu wish list: A Country Practice, Sons and Daughters, Blue Heelers, Redfern Now, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Heartbreak High....

I also wish they'd have the old original Home and Away and Neighbours episodes.

This week I found some of the Julian McMahon episodes. I watched bits and pieces.  It was kind of sad though. Back when I watched the show order...I felt like I was part of Summer Bay. It's like I lived there. Then going back this week...I felt like a ghost. Visiting at random moments.

And there was a new Pippa.

Tom was gone.

 I want the old Pippa to come back.

I think I want to find myself stuck in a Home and Away time warp.

50. Realized there are TEN Aussie songs on my dance list. I forgot about the INXS song from The Lost boys I had added.

51. Wondered if Andrew will enjoy Canada and New York.  He's not too thrilled about going to New York. I wish he'd end up loving it, but I don't know.  He might end up hating it because he's going in with a negative attitude. Or he could end up loving it, because he's going in with low expectations.  It could go either way.

52. Wished Diva from The Elephant Princess would come over and curse the girls from The Saddle Club. Please! But I'll be okay if she spares the horses.

53. Read a sweet post from A Welsh Girl in Australia about not liking the beach (despite living in Australia) and missing her young daughter.

54. Would ask Diva to spare Veronica of The Saddle Club.  

I like Veronica. She's a brat, but there's a complexity about her. She has layers.

She kind of reminds me of Ben from Lost.

55. Read about some challenging Australian roads on the Lady Cruiser and Mr. Gibson blog.  Caz Vincent says: We drove down some of the most bone shattering roads, the corrugations were terrible, there were gibber planes full of little stones, red dirt corrugation, white sand, beige sandstone corrugation and now and again a little bit of smooth which was oh so nice, but brief, and it was back to corrugation. Some parts we were only going 10km/hr.

See? This is why I'm thinking it might be best for us to avoid that type of adventure.

56. Read article about a Cystic Fibrosis treatment that's being studied in Queensland.

The treatment involves combining two already-existing drugs.

The researchers say the treatment has resulted in an up to 39% fewer lung infections. But what do they mean by up to?  It kind of sounds like that's their most optimistic outlook; but it could be much less than that.  And why don't they have an exact number?

This is probably my fault...for not understanding scientific studies and statistics well enough.

Still! The article makes the treatment sound promising. That's very good news.

I'm all for treatments that make life longer and easier for people with CF.