Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shelter For My Soul When There is a Storm

Today while sweeping the kitchen, I listened to my Aussie Spotify list on Shuffle. "Shelter for My Soul" was one of the songs that the gods-of-randomizing-music decided to play for me.  This is one of the two songs that Bernard Fannning sang for the Ned Kelly movie

I love that song.  It's so a mournful kind of way.  It's a double whammy of sadness. Because you can hear the lyrics and feel sorrow for the death of Ned Kelly; then also be sad for the death of Heath Ledger.

A couple of years ago, when I had my health scare, and, like a proper hypochondriac, worried I was dying; the song depressed me a bit too much.  Now that I'm not in the midst of a health scare, the song gives me a sweet cathartic feeling of melancholy rather than anxious feelings of fear, bleakness, and depression.

Today, though, the song gave me the notion that I finally have an excuse to talk about the Bob Dylan song "Shelter from the Storm". Why is it an excuse? Because I sometimes get the titles of the two songs confused.

Why do I want to talk about the Bob Dylan song? Because of an observation I made a few weeks ago. Or an opinion I formed, really.  I wanted to blog about it, but have pretty much abandoned my non-Australian blogs.  I figured I just need to wait until opportunity knocks, and I'll eventually find some connection between the song and my Australia obsession.

Yeah. I do this sometimes. Australia takes up a HUGE chunk of my heart and brain. But sometimes there are other things I want to talk Doctor Who or Coronation Street.  And I feel wrong putting it in this blog without some kind of excuse.  And sometimes the only excuse I need is my tendency to go off on a tangent. Can I help it if one thing leads me to another thing that leads me to another thing, and then we're talking about my love of the 11th Doctor?

I should shut up and get to what I wanted to say about "Shelter From the Storm". Actually, there is another Australian connection, for me, concerning that song.  I mean besides my thinking it's title is similar to the Bernard Fanning song.  That is, what introduced me to the song is the movie Warm Bodies.  The female lead in that is an Aussie.  What's her name again?  Let me go check. For some reason, I think she might be from Adelaide. I'll be surprised if I'm right. Why would I remember where she's from and not her name?

I'm right! It's Teresa Palmer, and she IS from Adelaide. Wow. I don't know why I remembered that.

Anyway...let me get back to my other thing about the song.

It's about Bates Motel.  One night, after watching the show, I was listening to Spotify.  This time the god of randomized music chose for me to hear "Shelter From the Storm." (Because I wasn't listening to my Aussie song list).

I thought it was probably my imagination, but I felt Bob Dylan sounded like Norman Bates. I had this total image of Norman Bates sitting there with his guitar, jamming out, in the basement, among his taxidermy collection.  I had Tim listen to the song, figuring he'd brush me off as being over-imaginative. But he agreed with me. He said Dylan DOES sound a bit like Freddie Highmore.  It's just in the one particular son,g though.  Also, there are two versions of the song, and Dylan sounds like Highmore in only one of them.

If you're curious to know if you'd agree with me, here's a link to the song.  And if you don't watch Bates Motel, and want enough information to make a's a cute little video with Freddie Highmore.  It's actually quite hilarious.

P.S-You might notice that not only did I use hearing "Shelter for My Soul" as an excuse to talk about Freddie Highmore, Bates Motel, and Bob Dylan; I also used it as an excuse to let it be known that I sometimes take a break from watching TV shows, and blogging, to do housework.

P.S.S-What I said about the Freddie Highmore video is a total understatement. It's not quite hilarious. It's EXTREMELY hilarious.  I've watched it multiple times.  I think people who watch Bates Motel will appreciate it most, but I also think anyone who's familar with the Psycho story will enjoy it as well.