Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Founder of Hulu

Hulu is my favorite company right now, because thanks to Hulu I've been able to watch so many Australian TV shows...in a Kosher and legal way.

Because of my love of Hulu, I read this article about the founding CEO of Hulu (Jason Kilar) doing a graduation speech.

I love this quote from the speech. Adversity strengthens us in a way that success cannot. The mountain peaks of one’s life may get the headlines and the Facebook posts, but the valleys — believe me, it is your journey through the valleys that will define you.   

I really agree with what Kilar says. It's not 100% Sometimes people are somewhat molded by their successes. But I do think it's usually the shit we endure that makes us stronger and more interesting.Well...that and the shit we cause. Our mistakes.

You know what would be cool. If there was a valley-oriented social media. This would be where instead of bragging, people would talk about about their embarrassments and failures. And if anyone tried to sneak in a humble-brag in, their account would be suspended.