Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TV, Blogging Behavior, Alexandra Hart, and Spiders

1. Realized I'm having Be-on-TV regret synchronocity. Yesterday I said no to being on TV. Today I read an old post from January 2011 in which I also said no, to being on TV.  It was a project to promote The King's Speech.  Eventually, I changed my mind and said yes. I remembered doing the thing, but the fact that I originally said no was a surprise to me.

This actually ended up being one of those things that I regret doing. Tim and I were asked to talk about what we liked about the movie. It seems we didn't do a very good job, because we didn't end up being in The King's Speech commercial. So that kind of led to a feeling of rejection.  But then the experience also caused me stress, because before I knew we weren't going to be on the commercial, I was nervous about having to encounter it.  I'm not sure which would have made me feel worse, seeing myself or not seeing myself. It might have been equal.

2. Thought about comments on my blog and decided I'd rather have no comments than cold comments. What are cold comments? Comments that are lacking in warmth. Unfriendly. That kind of thing.

3. Saw from Statcounter that another person in France has come to my old George Miller post. For some reason, I'm getting French interest in that post.

4. Excited to watch The Elephant Princess today. I'm into that show now.

5. Not too excited to watch the second season of The Saddle Club.  I'm a bit unhappy with Random.org for picking that one for me. Maybe I should have taken the show off my list. Though I want to avoid doing that unless I really can't stand a show.  There's a small part of me that likes The Saddle Club. I just wish I had more of a break between the first and second season.

6. Played Australia Quiz-Up, multiple times, with someone in Australia. We both did quite well.

7. Noticed a Pack to the Rafters actor on The Saddle Club.  Or at least that's what I think I saw. I seem to have a problem identifying Packed to the Rafters actors.

8. Looked up Packed to the Rafters on IMDb and found Angus McLaren.  IMDb confirms that it is him that I saw on The Saddle Club.

9. Saw that Angus McLaren is also one of the stars of H20: Just Add Water.

10. Decided to throw niceness out the window and say that The Saddle Club actors have progressed in age more than they have in acting talent.  But I think part of the blame goes to the director of the show.  The acting on the show reminds me a lot of the acting on Barney, and the first Harry Potter movie. It also kind of reminds me of the acting I've seen from slumber party and summer camp skits.

11. Saw that there might be a Measles outbreak in Queensland.  From what I understand, one person has been diagnosed at this point. But it could potentially spread to thousands.

12. Liked how characters in The Elephant Princess hide the truth by telling the truth.  For example, Caleb (Richard Brancatisano) uses magic to get money to help a Gold Coast club stay open. Veronica (Alexandra Park) doesn't know about the magical world. She asks Caleb where he got the money. He says, Magic!  Because, of course, she won't take that seriously.

13. Realized that both The Saddle Club and The Elephant Princess have a villain-type character named Veronica.

14. Read Nikki's blog post about being a temporary single-parent to a baby, in Australia, while her husband was working in Hong Kong.  She talks about being addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It brings back memories of when I was the mother to a baby, and had my own TV addictions. For me, it was ER, Roseanne, and Days of our Lives.  There might have been something else as well. And I watched a few things at night.  But the shows listed are the daytime ones I watched...often while breastfeeding.

15. Felt a mixture of sympathy, jealousy, and admiration while reading about Nikki's experience as an expat in Hong Kong.

16. Wanted to find out who Alexandra Park played in Wonderland.  I looked at her filmography when I was exploring The Elephant Princess cast, and I saw she had been on the show. There's a character name provided (Jodie), but I'm not sure who that is.

Who is Jodie?

I feel Park looks like the woman that Rob (Ben Mingay) started dating. But she was in multiple episodes, and Jodie is listed as being in only one.  Could it be a mistake?

Lord Wiki has a description of "Comfort Zone" the episode Park appeared in. That helps. I think I know who she played now. It was the swimming partner of Maggie (Tracy Mann). Maggie tried to set him up with her son Tom (Michael Dorman).

17. Looked at Alexandra Park's Instagram Page.  She has a lot of photos of herself.

18. Decided there is a certain type of blog that annoys me. I was struggling to figure out how to put it in words, but now I got it. There's a sense that the blogger is trying too hard. It's like they're trying to write the type of thing a student would read aloud to their university creative writing class.  Big words, deep thoughts, and somewhat pretentious. Of course, it's all a matter of opinion. Some might read the same blog and feel it's not pretentious. And they might not see the blogger as trying too hard. And other readers MIGHT like that type of writing.

I prefer blogs that are more casual—the type that feel like letters to friends, or a personal journal in which someone isn't obsessed with using the right words.

19.  Listened to Angus Stone's "River" while I put towel laundry away.

20. Went to Angus Stone's website. I want to see what he's up to.

His news page hasn't been updated since January 2013. That makes me think of Coronation Street. Because when I started watching the show, January 2013 is where I began. I mean I didn't start watching it in 2013. I started watching it a few months ago. But I began with the January 2013 episodes.

21. Went to Angus Stone's Twitter Page. His last Tweet was in April of last year.

I wonder what he's been doing this past year.

Maybe he's trying to go off the grid. Or how does that saying go?

22. Found Angus Stone on Instagram.  He has a post from only 9 hours ago, so it turns out he's not trying to go off the grid.

23. Watched a promo for an episode of The Royals, which is Alexandra Park's new TV show. I think it's American, maybe? It's on the E Network.

24. Consulted Lord Wiki. He says The Royals is an American Drama about royal people in England.  He also said many critics have given the show unfavorable reviews.

25. Read about the spiders raining down in Australia. That's very cool.  I love the pictures of the webs on the ground. Though I wonder if that's hard to clean up. Does it go away on its own?

26. Learned from this article that the spider thing is happening in Goulburn. We've been there!  If I remember correctly, we stopped there for a Thai lunch.

27. Saw that the Australian Dollar is equal to $.79 in US dollars. I wish it was that low when we've visited.

28. Felt it was wrong that Alex and her gang keep trying to hide the secrets of magical Manjipoor from Veronica. Poor Veronica could end up thinking she's delusional and mentally ill.