Friday, June 12, 2015

The Secret Life of Us, American Stuff, Cannabis, and Pretty Little Liars

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

Amber (Jenna Rosenow) is wanting to get back together with Daniel (Tim Phillips).

I don't think the feeling is going to last.

2. Started watching season three of The Secret Life of Us and saw there's a new cast member. I guess he's replacing Jason (Damien de Montemas)

3. Forgot the new name I saw in the credits. I looked through the IMDb credits to find it.

I think it's probably Dan Spielman.

Oh! He was Andrew on Offspring—Mick's brother.

4. Excited to see that Rhys Muldoon is a guest star in the episode. I like him.

5. Thought the mean surgeon bossing around Alex (Claudia Karvan) sounded like that actor from Very Small Business and Upper Middle Bogan. I forgot his name.

I can't tell if it's him or not, because he has a surgical mask on.

6. Looked at the IMDb credits again. I don't see a name I recognize.

7. Found out it IS the same actor. The guy is named Kim Gyngell. I thought I just wrote about him a few weeks ago. How did I forget his name so fast?

8. Saw that Miranda (Abi Tucker) now has brown hair instead of blond. I'm guessing brown is her natural color.

I wonder if there are many blonds who dye their hair brown. I think it's much more often the opposite.  My guess is if a blond is going to go dark, they're going to take the black route.

9. Felt weird seeing Michael Dorman with long hair. I'm used to him with short hair now.

10. Noticed that Evan (Samuel Johnson) has American flag boxing gloves on his wall.

I've been noticing a lot of American stuff lately, both on my Aussie TV shows and Coronation Street. It seems like on almost every episode someone is wearing an American city t-shirt. Or there's something like the boxing gloves.

11. Felt grateful towards a rich guy named Barry Lambert. He's donated $34 million dollars to The University of Sydney for medical cannabis studies. I think that's very important.

I'm a hypochondriac, and a hypochondriac-by-proxy. I like knowing that there could be new treatments for all the scary diseases out there—whether it's to cure the patient or make them more comfortable.

The article I read says cannabis has been studied for use in child-epilepsy, treating chemo-induced nausea, and chronic pain. I saw the latter two on my TV shows. On Desperate Housewives, Lynette ate brownies that helped with her nausea and helped restore her last appetite. On Coronation Street, there was a brief storyline about the elderly characters using marijuana pastries to help with their arthritis.

12. Consulted Lord Wiki about medical cannabis. He says both the American Medical Association and the American Society of Addictive Medicine oppose its use.

That totally disgusts me.

What is so awful about Cannabis compared to all the other legal prescribed drugs out there?

13. Read a lot of what Lord Wiki had to say about medical cannabis. Yes, there can be side effects...and more so with young people. But I think that's the case for every single drug out there.

Why the hell is it legal for someone to drink beer every day and ruin their liver, but it's not legal for someone with cancer to use marijuana to relieve their nausea?

14. Heard Australia mentioned on Pretty Little Liars.  My nieces are obsessed with that show. I feel it's on almost constantly at the lake house...well, at least if the girls are inside.  The funny thing is, the girls are on different episodes. So I'm often hearing two episodes at once.  I heard Australia mentioned earlier but didn't pay much attention. I wonder if my younger niece was watching the same episode the older one is watching now. Or has Australia been mentioned on multiple episodes?

15. Looked through Pretty Little Liars cast on IMDb to see if there are any Australians. I'm not clicking on every name. It would take way too long. I'm just kind of picking and choosing.

I've found one Australian so far. Claire Holt. She appeared in five episodes of Pretty Little Liars.

Oh! And she was on The Originals! I think I saw her when I was watching a scene with Eka Darville.

16. Saw that Baz Luhrmann's next project is a TV show that takes place in the Bronx. It's called The Get Down.

17. Had SHOCKING conversation with my mom. She made a remark about my sister's flip-flops and then told us that they used to be called thongs! I had no idea that we used to use that term here too.  According to my mom, the name was changed to flip-flops after people started using the word thong for underwear.

18. Wondered what Australians call thong underpants.

19. Looked at Yahoo Answers. People on there say that Australians call thongs g-strings. Yeah. I think we use that term here as well.

20. Thought of another word. Root/rooting.  How did that come to mean sex? And do just Australians use it? How about the British?

21. Used some of my Australia love when we played Scattergories tonight.  We had cities with T, and I said Tamworth. Then for things you dream about, we had S. I wrote down Sydney.