Thursday, August 6, 2015

The News, Caveman Crichton, Felix Williamson, and Eve Morey

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

I predict I'll be bored.  From the preview, it looks like it's going to mostly be about Tyler (Travis Burns) and Paige (Olympia Valance).  I really hate that storyline.

There's also going to have Daniel (Tim Phillips) and Josh (Harley Bonner) stuff. I DID like that storyline, but now I'm growing tired of it.

2. Felt somewhat depressed about living in a world where it's top news that Hugh Jackman photobombed a reporter.  I'm not sure why, because usually I'm quite supportive of frivolous news. My usual feeling is we live in a dark and depressing world, and trivial fun stuff lightens the mood a bit.

3. Started watching an episode of Farscape. This is the one where Matthew La Nevez plays a caveman.

This might be interesting.

4. Thought more about Hugh Jackman. Maybe it's not the frivolous news bit that makes me feel depressed. I think it's more about the highly unequal distribution of attention.

There are some people out there who have huge horrible things happening to them, and no one notices or cares. Or maybe they're having wonderful things happen, and no one notices or cares. Then other people can't do a simple silly thing without it becoming a top news story.

Some people would probably be happier if they received a little more attention, and others would probably be happier if they received a little less.        

5. Decided I'm probably wrong for the most part. These days, if something huge and horrible happens to someone...even if they weren't already famous; they become famous.  Or at least their disaster becomes famous for a few days. Or hours.

6. Wondered if maybe the news in general annoys me. I think I can divide it up between a) things I should know, but would rather not, because it's really scary, depressing, or shameful b) things we really don't need to know, and journalists are just trying to come up with content to fill up empty spaces.

Yeah, but not everything fits into that. I could further divide it into c) Things that interest me, and I'm impressed with myself for being interested d) Things that interest me in a kind of guilty pleasure kind of way.

Johnny Depp and his dogs would definitely be a D thing for me.

The stuff that some militant Jews have doing lately would be an A thing.

7.  Saw Caveman Matthew La Nevez.

It's not easy to see Nina's beloved Patrick in that photo—I think because of the teeth effects.

The caveman is supposed to be a version of Crichton. I'm not sure why Ben Browder himself didn't take on the role. Maybe he's not fond of wearing fake teeth?

8. Looked at Matthew La Nevez' filmography and relearned that Farscape was his first TV appearance. So I'm sure he was grateful for the job.

He probably didn't see the need to complain about Ben Browder not wanting to do his own caveman work.

9. Realized that it's not just teeth that Le Nevez had to deal with. There's some major hair and body work there as well.

10. Thought that Future Crichton looks a bit like the guys from Alien Nation.

If I'm understanding things right, this is what humans are supposed to look like in the future. I wonder why we've gone hairless, and our brains can be seen.

11. Thought it would be funny if humans did not go hairless with visible brains, and future Crichton has some kind of rare genetic disorder. Then it's assumed that this is how future humans are supposed to look.

12. Thought that this episode has similarities to the Doctor Who episode "The Girl Who Waited".  Both stories involve a character, and his/her buddies, becoming acquainted with an alternate version of themselves. Then the lives of one of the versions of the character is threatened.

So far, I think "The Girl Who Waited" had more emotional power.  In that, elderly Amy Pond, the character whose life is threatened, is one that the audience has come to know.  She's actually the version of herself we've been watching through the fifth and sixth season...well, kind of. Maybe?  It gets confusing sometimes.

In Farscape, it's Caveman Crichton whose life is most threatened. The villains say they want one of the three Crichtons, or they're going to kill everyone on the ship.  The Moya crew kind of has an implicit agreement that it's the caveman who's the most expendable. Except for Chiana (Gigi Edgley) and regular Crichton.  Chiana's developed a bit of an attachment. Maybe a crush? (She might understand that without the big teeth and hair, Matthew La Nevez isn't too bad looking) And regular Crichton doesn't want anyone to have to die.

But anyway...futuristic Crichton and caveman Crichton were just created for this episode.  I don't think there was much time for us to develop an emotional attachment.  I think the threat of either of their deaths is only mildly sad—like the death of any minor character.

Basically, they're redshirts. Or I guess potential redshirts.

13. Liked the message of the Farscape episode. It's that things like compassion, sensitivity, and bravery are often more valuable than intelligence.

It's wonderful that we have people who are physically beautiful, very kind, and very intelligent. But since most people can't be all that, and if we had to pick which of the three we'd rather them be; I'd say kindness is most important.

Yeah. A kind-hearted, ugly, dumb person would probably be better company than a mean, ignorant, fashion model or an ugly, evil genius.

14. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.  I'm going to watch another video.

The second song on the list is by an Australian group called Peking Duk.

The song is "High", and it features Nicole Millar. Nicole Millar is an Aussie too.

15. Started watching the video.

It begins with trees.

Then there are people in costumes, a dead animal, and a blue suitcase.

16. Thought maybe the video was about some type of an apocalypse—not a zombie one, but one that causes people to dress up in weird animal costumes.

17. Thought girl in video looks familar.

I feel like her identity is right on the tip of my brain.

18. Didn't like the song too much. I don't think it's my kind of thing.

19. Figured out who the girl reminds me of!

Rain on Neighbours!

20. Found an article about the Rain actress. Her name's Arlie Dodds.

I'm not sure, though, if Arlie Dodds was in the "High" video.

21. Could not find anything about Arlie Dodds staring in a Peking Duk video.

22. Started watching another episode of Farscape.

23. Saw that Matt Day, from Rake and Tangle, is in this episode.

24. Remembered that I also know Matt Day from Reef Doctors.

25. Saw that Bianca Chiminello is in this episode. Although now it looks like she's called Bianca Roe. Maybe she got married? Or unmarried.

I wrote a post about her in the past.

26. Wondered about Felix Williamson, one of the guest stars of this episode. His name sounds familar to me, as well as his face. But I looked at his filmography. The only thing I've really seen him in is Lost.  He was in one episode of season two. Was his character that memorable to me?

27. Learned that Dr. Ian McVay, Williamson's character, was a coroner who did an autopsy on someone named Charlotte Malkin. I don't really remember any of that.

28. Wondered if recognize Williamson from Me, Myself, and I.  He was in that, and I saw some of the movie.  But that, too, I saw a long time ago.

29. Figured maybe Felix Williamson looks like someone else, and that's why I think I recognize him.

30. Started to watch a Neighbours backstage video. This one stars Eve Morey who plays Sonya.

31. Saw that it was a rainy and cold day on the Neighbours set.

When it's cold, the actors wear these puffy black coats. I've seen them a lot in the backstage videos.

I'm not sure why they all wear the same coat. Is that like an actor thing? Or is it just a Neighbours thing?

It is nice that the show provides coats for the actors, and they don't have to bring their own.

Or maybe they don't, and all the actors decided to buy the same coats.

32. Wondered what would happen if one of the actors brought his own coat to the set. What if it was a bright red or blue one? Would he be treated like a pariah?

33. Saw Josef Brown wearing a coatt, and it's not a black puffy one.

34. Saw Eve Morey get excited about fake Erinsborough pamphlets.They're very detailed, and realistic.

With that, she's won my heart. Or at least a portion of it. I'd get excited about that too.

It would be great to sell pamphlets to Neighbours fans.  I wonder if they ever do that—auction off disposable type props.

35. Thought Eve Morey was cute and funny in the video.

I like Sonya too.

I wonder if Eve and Sonya would get along in real life.

36. Saw that Eve Morey was born in 1983.

I think whenever I see people born in the early 1980's, I think of the Cystic Fibrosis camp.  When I volunteered there, the kids in my cabin were born in the 1980-1982 range.  I thought of them as being so young.  It's weird now to see full-grown adults and know that they're close to the same age as these kids I once knew.

I wonder if other teachers and counselors do the same thing about kids they knew in the past.

37. Saw, from IMDb, that Eve Morey's first episode of Neighbours aired on July 23, 2009.

If I've understood things correctly...she and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) got together after he found out she was the birth mother of his adopted son. Or did they get together, and then...huge turns out she's the mother of his adopted son?

Maybe I should go read about that.

38. Mesmerized by the Sonya-Toadie-Callum storyline.

  Lord Wiki is guiding me along here.

So...Toadie adopted Callum (Morgan Baker).  Then Sonya came along to assist them with training a guide dog. Well, no. Actually, she came to assess their progress. That's how Sonya met Toadie. They fell in love. Things were rocky, in normal soap opera fashion. Eventually, it was revealed that Sonya is Callum's birth mother. Wow.  It's kind of sweet—like the three of them were really meant to be together as a family.

39. Learned from Lord Wiki that Eve Morey has a baby girl.

40. Started to watch another Farscape episode. This one is a continuation of the last one I watched. It's actually a three-parter. Will Crichton get married and become a statue for eighty cycles...or not?

I think he probably won't.

41. Saw Jonathan Hardy's name in the credits of the episode as a guest star. I wondered what's that about, since he does the voice of Rygel.

I looked at IMDb. He plays a character on this episode. I mean he plays the whole character and not just the voice. It will be interesting to see him.

42. Saw Jonathan Hardy.

He's some kind of god.

43. Saw, from IMDb, that Jonathan Hardy died in 2012.

44. Figured I shall have to watch another Farscape episode. That last one was intense, drastic, and kind of depressing. I don't think I'll sleep well if I don't see the conclusion of the story.

Yeah. I know the show continues, and John Crichton isn't going to be stuck as a statue for eighty cycles. But I need to see him get rescued from the situation.  Soon.

45. Saw things getting even worse for Crichton in part three.


46. Finished watching the episode.

Everyone is safe and sound.

I can relax now.