Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Maybe Nicole Kidman, Not Sympathetic, Packed to the Rafters Actors, and the Toothpick Man

1. Dreamed about looking at photos of Julian McMahon in Charmed.

2. Dreamed about Nicole Kidman. Maybe. I remember thinking/feeling it was her, but I don't think it really looked like her.  I might have dreamed this, because the other day I was looking at movie make-up articles, and there was a photo of Kidman looking not-like Kidman in The Hours.

Anyway, in the dream, I'm sitting next to Maybe-Kidman at some kind of exotic and controversial religious ceremony. Neither of us are of this religion. We're more like guests, and a lot of people there seem to be guests. It's like the people of this religion are putting themselves and their practices on display, so we can all learn about it. There's an orb of light that goes in front of each of us. It feels like a 3D movie.  Someone says something prejudice that Kidman hears. She angrily complains about it. 

3. Started to watch an episode of Sea Patrol.

This is the one that has James Stewart from Packed to the Rafters. He plays a villain—takes the navy ship hostage. His accent isn't Australian. I'm not sure what it is. 

4. Thought that this episode of Sea Patrol is full of suspense and excitement. There's a lot of cleverness between the good guys and bad guys. They're a good match for each other. I'm glad, though, that the good guys are going to win in the end.

5. Watched some of Underbelly, on the phone, in my car. 

That was kind of fun.

I found myself more interested in the show than usual. I don't know if it was more exciting to watch it in the car. Or maybe I'm growing attached to the show.

6. Tried to remember if I knew there was going to be a remake of Pete's Dragon.

I think maybe I did hear of it awhile back. Or maybe I just expect everything to be remade these days.

Anyway, I came across the information while looking at the filmography of someone on Underbelly.
Gareth Reeves is going to be playing Pete's Dad.

I don't think Pete had a dad in the original. I thought he was an orphan. 

7. Recognized a drugged up naked girl on Underbelly; then realized the actress (Ria Vandervis) was on Packed to the Rafters.  She played Layla, the woman who seduced Nathan (Angus McLaren).

8. Felt happy to see Terry (Matthew Newton) get caught by the police in the hotel. They find drugs, a gun, and money.

Should I feel happy, though?

In shows like this, are you supposed to have sympathy for the bad guys?  I kind of thought you were, but maybe I'm wrong.

I do have sympathy for the other drug users and smugglers in the movie. But it seems Terry is the main character.  I feel it might have been better to make someone else the main character. Or at least I would have preferred the show better that way.

9. Thought of the show Wentworth.  Many of the characters are criminals, but I think most of them are very sympathetic and likable. The one, on Wentworth, that I'd say is equivalent to Terry is Jacs (Kris McQuade).  I think, though, that the show focuses more on the other inmates. If Jacs was the center of the show; if she was the protagonist, I'm not sure I'd like Wentworth.

Is Terry the protagonist of Underbelly?

I'm not sure, really.

He seems to the character that's shown the most. 

I'm also not sure if he's supposed to be seen as an anti-hero.

10. Felt that Underbelly should be making me feel more morally confused. I think the thing I should feel is anxiety about Terry being caught by the police. I should want things to be okay for him, and then feel conflicted about feeling this way.

I did feel a little bit like that during the airport scene. Though I thought it was wrong that Terry and his girlfriend (Anne Hutchison) were smuggling a huge amount of drugs, I felt relieved when they made it through security. That might be, though, because the girlfriend IS more sympathetic to me.  

11. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to "Dreamers" by Hopium; featuring Phoebe Lou.  

12. Realized I wrote things backwards. I wrote Hopium as the song and Dreamers as the singer.

I had to fix that.

13. Started listening to "Dreamers"

I sort of like it.

14. Looked at the lyrics.

Nothing there really excites me.

I think I just like the sound of the song.

15. Went to the TV Guide fall preview.

I'm going to continue my project of looking for Australian actors in new American TV shows. 

The next show, on the list, is Rosewood. It's a pathologist thing.

16. Started looking at the cast for Rosewood

17. Finished looking at most of the cast. I didn't see any Australians.

18. Decided to do one more TV show. 

19. Saw that it's Rush Hour.

It's based on that Jackie Chan/Chris Tucker film from several years ago.

20. Looked at the cast of Rush Hour

Henry Ian Cusick from Lost is on it.

Any Australians?

21. Did not find any Australians.

Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow. 

22. Started to look at the new X-Files series.

I'm not sure if it's on the TV Guide article, but I saw a trailer for it while looking at my YouTube recommendations.

So...anyway. Alan Dale is going to be on that. He's going to be the Toothpick Man.

Can I assume the Toothpick Man is going to be a rich and powerful man?

Since his Neighbours days, has Dale played any character that's not rich and powerful?