Sunday, September 20, 2015

Peter Allen, Review with Myles Barlow, Unclean Vocals, and American TV Shows

1. Went to Target and bought more Tim Tams.

We bought regular and caramel. 

2. Went to to receive help with picking my next show.

It is going to be Review with Myles Barlow.

It's an ABC comedy thing.

We'll see if I like it.

3. Doubted that I'd like it as much as Neighbours.

4. Went to bed; then woke up and saw that Peter Allen is bringing a lot of traffic to my blog again.

5. Had idea that maybe the Peter Allen series was on again.

I thought each episode would come right after each other; but maybe instead it's being shown on a weekly basis?

6. Saw that IMDb is not working.

That's a bit scary.

It kind of feels like the end of the world.

7. Saw from Lord Wiki that my guess is right.

Last Sunday was the first part of the miniseries. Then, last night, the second part of the miniseries aired.  It ended at 10:30 pm, which would have been 7:30 here. That's around the time that a lot of people came to my blog.

8. Wanted to say that I'm not talking thousands or millions of people coming to my blog. It's just around three-hundred. But usually, I check Statcounter and only see about 20-50 visits.

9. Started watching the first episode of Review with Myles Barlow.

So far, it hasn't made me laugh. But I've only watched two minutes of it.  It's probably too early to judge.

10. Liked the premise of the show.

Instead of reviewing things like books, movies, plays, TV shows, etc; Myles Barlow reviews aspects of life.  I just saw him give three out of five stars to the act of stealing.

11. Recognized actor on Review with Myles Barlow. Then there was some mention of Rabbit Proof Fence. Maybe he's an actor from that movie.

12. Went to find the actor on IMDb, but IMDb is still not working.

13. Learned from Lord Wiki that Margot Robbie is in the episode I'm watching.  I didn't recognize her. Or maybe I haven't seen her segment yet.

She might have been one of the schoolies in the Dickhead segment.

14. Looked at comments on Hulu. Terry Loukissas says the American version is better. Was there an American version of the show?  I didn't know that.

15. Looked closer, and saw that Lord Wiki mentions the American show.  It's called Review; and it's on Comedy Central.

16. Saw that the Australian show aired in 2008, and the American one aired in 2014.

17. Finished watching the episode.

It never made me laugh. In general, I wasn't very entertained by the episode. But I did find some parts of it interesting.

18. Saw that IMDb was back. We were watching The Strain, and I started looking up the various actors.

19. Went to Statcounter, and saw that I had close to seven hundred visitors.

That's very abnormal for me.

20. Wondered if Peter Allen is out there somewhere and aware that a lot of people are thinking about him today.

I mean I know he's famous; and every day there are people probably thinking about him. But I don't think there's usually this many people.

21. Hoped the movie about Peter Allen was good and presented him in the way he would have liked to be presented.

22. Saw from Google News that Hockey is leaving Parliament.

I think he's been there since I've been obsessed with Australia.

That's probably not a big thing. I think there are a lot of MP's who have been there that long...and longer.

23. Consulted Lord Wiki.

Hockey's been in Parliament way longer than I've been obsessed with Australia.

He started in 1996.

24. Saw that Hockey plans to become the ambassador to the United States.

I hope he has fun with that.

25. Looked at article about Turnbull's Ministry.

I recognize some of the names—probably mostly from when I used to watch Q and A.

26. Hoped the new names and old names work well together and do good things for Australia and the rest of the world.

27. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to the 64th song, which is "Lean on Me" by the Amity Affliction.

I listened to one of their songs before.

What was it?

28. Found the song.

It was "Pittsburg".

I don't remember anything about it?

Wait. Maybe there was a suicide? People under water?

Or was that something else?

29. Watched a little bit of "Pittsburg".

I'm not sure about suicide, but there are scenes with people underwater.

It's the song that's heavy metal. Maybe? It has the screaming vocals.

Unclean vocals! I think that's what it's called.

30. Googled.

I'm right about the unclean vocals.

31. Started to watch the video for "Don't Lean on Me".

32. Wondered. What's the appeal of the scream-singing?

What does it mean to people who like it?

32. Thought maybe it's about raw emotion.

33. Imagined we all have a part of us that would like to start yelling and screaming.

34. Consulted Lord Wiki about unclean vocals/screaming. He gives a lot of information about the history, but doesn't say much about why it's done and why people like it.

He does say it can damage the vocal chords if not done properly. The same can probably be said of people who cheer too much at football games.

35. Read a little bit of a message board discussion about unclean vocals.

I like one guy's analogy. He compares it to liking spicy food.  DrDerpberg says:  I see heaviness in music as being roughly analogous to spiciness in food: some people simply find it painful to eat something and can't fathom why you would deliberately add food that makes eating painful, while others would have it no other way, and get hooked to spicier and spicier foods, each food providing a bigger thrill than the last.

That makes total sense to me.

I like spicy food. Sometimes I wonder why. What's the point of eating super hot food that makes my mouth burn?

And I like weird things like hot chocolate made with milk and cocoa; no sugar.  Why? I don't know?

Why do I like green olives? Do they actually taste good?

It's strange. I love a lot of food that tastes good, but then I also love food that doesn't actually taste that good.  But it's not like I'm eating the food to punish myself or fulfill some kind of dare. I actually enjoy eating the food. I crave it sometimes.

36. Decided I want to make more of an effort to find the Australians that are starring in American TV shows.

I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

Often I don't know about TV shows. There are so many of them!

But if I hear of a TV show, I'll look.

Today, I looked at the cast of Heroes Reborn.  I didn't see any Australians.

37. Went to the TV Guide website.  Like always, they have a feature about the fall 2015 shows.

Maybe I will use this to find the new American shows; and I'll use IMDb to find the Australians.

38. Decided I'll look only at the actors who appear in a lot of episodes, because it will take too long to go through every actor on the credits list.

39. Started with Angel From Hell. Here's the cast list.

I don't see any Australians I recognize, but I'll click on names to see if any are from Australia.

40. Clicked on names. I didn't see any Aussies. Nor did I see any British folks. There was one Canadian, though.

41. Moved onto another show—The Bastard Executioner.  I've heard of that show. We see trailers of it when we watch The Strain.

42. Did not see any Australian names I recognize, but I do see a British one—Stephen Moyer from True Blood.

43. Started clicking on names.

I think I hit gold with the first. IMDb doesn't say Lee Jones is from Australia. But one of the few things on his credit list is an episode of Home and Away. Although there's a small chance he's an American actor who was visiting Australia when Home and Away was in need of an American character.

44. Found article that says Lee Jones is Australian.  The article also says Jones plays the lead in the show.

It looks like he's quite new to the screen business.  He did one episode of Home and Away back in 2009.

In 2011, he did two episodes of a TV show called Magical Tales.

That's about it.

It's interesting to me that some Australians do very well in Australia, but never become big in the United States. Then there's this guy who hasn't seemed to have much luck in Australia, and then he gets a lead in an American TV show.

45. Didn't see any other Australians in the cast of The Bastard Executioner. It looks like most of the cast is from the UK.

46. Decided I will continue with this tomorrow.

I'm having fun with it.

47. Remembered, while proofreading this post, that I wanted to find the actor, from Review with Myles Barlow, that looked familar to me.

It's Anthony Hayes, who I know from Farscape and The Slap.

And as the show mentioned, he also appeared in The Rabbit Proof Fence.