Friday, October 16, 2015

Dead Ex-Lovers, Disliked TV Shows, Murderous Teens, and Blackmail

1. Saw article that says Qantas is increasing its international fares.That scared me a bit.

Then I was relieved to see that this excludes the United States, Canada, and Japan. 

2. Remembered I should feel bad for Australians wanting to visit Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.

And I should also feel bad for the people in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc. who are wishing to visit Australia.

3. Started watching an episode of Underbelly: Razor.

I'm giving it about half my attention while playing QuizUp.

I grew to sort of like the other Underbelly season I watched, but the same is not happening for this one.

4.  Liked a song on Underbelly:Razor.

I'm trying to find what it is.

I plugged in some of the lyrics and got "Your Ex Lover is Dead" by Stars. I'm listening to it. It sounds similar, but with a different singer.

Maybe the one on Underbelly is a cover?

5. Plugged in more lyrics and got the same song. So...yeah. I think it's a cover. 

6. Looked at a website that lists songs from the episode. They name "Your Ex Lover is Dead" performed by the Stars.

Maybe what I listened to on YouTube was the cover.

7. Figured out that neither is a cover.

I thought there were different versions because the one I heard on Underbelly had a female singer; and the one on YouTube was a male.  Then I listened to more of the song. It turns out that in one part the guy sings and another part the girl sings.

8. Glad that I'm beginning to get things straight in my head. 

9. Went back and re-watched a bit to see if I missed the male singing part. I don't think I did. They just don't have the whole song, which is not unusual for TV shows. I don't think TV shows usually play songs in their entirety. 

10. Glad that the nice song was used mostly for Wally Tomlinson (John Batchelor). He was the one character on the show that I liked.

The only problem is it was his good-bye song. So now he won't be there anymore.

There's nothing left for me.

Fortunately, I have only three more episodes.

10. Decided I also sort of like the policewoman (Lucy Wigmore).

11. Thought that, for the most part, Underbelly: Razor is simply gratuitous sex and violence with a lovely musical score.

12. Spoke too soon. 

I just felt a smidge of emotion for a mother-and-estranged-daughter reunion scene.

13. Looked at the cast list for my next episode of Rake.

Arlie Dodds, from Neighbours is on it!  She played Rain, Daniel's (Tim Phillips) ex-girlfriend—the hypnotist-hippy.  

14. Saw that Rhys Muldoon is on this episode. I like him.

And we also have Marshall Napier (From McLeod's Daughters) and Robyn Maxwell (From Upper Middle Bogan)

15. Watched a video about Tokyo with Jack. At a certain scene, he asked if that was their CBD.

I was pleased, because I think CBD is more of an Australian term than American. I think we usually say downtown.

Are central business districts usually truly centralized? Are downtowns usually in the lower parts of the city? 

I kind of doubt the answer is yes to either of those.  

16. Consulted Lord Wiki.

From what he says, I get the idea that most places use the term central business district.

It seems the US is unique in using the term downtown.  

17. Consulted Lord Wiki some more.

He says downtown is a North American thing.  

He says in the UK, the term city centre is used. 

18. Started watching the third episode of season two of Rake.

19. Thought that this episode had a pretty scary, freaky situation.

Teenager are making a student film that involves a murder. Something goes wrong with the prop knife, and the pretend murder turns into a real murder. Or really...manslaughter, I suppose.

I don't quite understand yet what happened with the knife. It was supposed to retract, and it didn't. Or maybe they used the wrong knife?  

20. Read article that talked about murder-props gone wrong. 

Sometimes something is supposed to retract and it doesn't.  

21. Saw that maybe the accidental murder on Rake wasn't so accidental.

22. Liked that the suspense from this episode comes from the moral decision Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxburgh) will have to make.  

We know Cleaver Greene has questionable ethics, but how low will he go?

He does cocaine. He has sex with his best friend's wife. He's a tax evader. He defends criminals when he knows they're guilty.

In this episode, he has sex with a young woman (Lilly Sullivan) who turned out to be not of the legal age. Now she's blackmailing him into helping her get away with murder.  Will Cleaver Greene defend her in court, or will he allow himself to get in trouble for statutory rape?

23. Felt that if someone is blackmailing you about a crime, it's better to just get in trouble with the legal system. Because how do you know when the blackmailing is going to stop?  It could go on forever.

Yeah. The crime might put you in prison. But being blackmailed is kind of like a prison, too.  Well, it depends on the blackmailer.  If they're just wanting you to bake chocolate chip cookies every Thursday, it's probably not so bad.  

 24. Saw that one of the actors from Underbelly Razor is on this episode—Felix Williamson.  

25. Thought that Scarlett (Danielle Cormack) is being very unreasonable.

Last season she slept with Cleaver Greene, her husband's (Russell Dykstra) best friend.  Now she's forbidding her husband to be friends with Cleaver Greene. She wants Greene out of their life. Why should her husband be punished for her transgression?

Although maybe her husband would prefer not to be friends with Cleaver Greene, since Greene did sleep with his wife. Still, I think it's really up to him to decide. It shouldn't be Scarlett's decision.  

26. Finished watching the episode.

I was pleased with the outcome.

Cleaver Greene is very clever.

He's bad but not evil. I find him very likable. 

27. Went to palg1305's Flickr account.

I'm going to look at his Noosa Heads album.

Noosa heads is in the Brisbane area, I believe.  

28. Checked on Google Maps to make sure I wasn't completely wrong.

I'm my head. But I may have sounded wrong.

Saying "the Brisbane area" probably makes it sound like it's a Brisbane suburb or a town right nearby. It's not that.

What it is, and what I meant, is that it's within a few hours of Brisbane.  And the main thing I was thinking is, that if we ever wanted to go to Noosa Heads, we'd probably fly into Brisbane.

29. Looked at the five photos of Noosa Heads.

I think this one is my favorite. 

The caption says it was taken at Noosa National Park.  

The picture is of a rocky shore kind of thing.  

30. Looked at Noosa National Park's website.  

The park has koalas. 

Camping is not allowed in the park, but there are various places nearby that people can stay.

31. Saw a warning about serious assaults in the park.


32. Found an article about a 2010 attack of an elderly woman by a mentally unwell man in Noose National Park  

It was a psychosis thing.

The guy did a lot of drugs in his life, so the psychosis might have been brought on by that.

OR maybe he was plagued by demons throughout his life and used drugs to try and quiet the madness.

33. Found another article  about a Noose National Park crime. It fits in kind of well with the episode of Rake I watched today.

The episode involved two teenage girls trying to get away with murder.

In 1998, two teenage girls tried to murder an elderly woman in Noosa National Park. 

34. Saw that one of the teenage girls was released from jail in 2012. 

I wonder if she's an okay person who went a bit bad back in her teen years but is now sort of decent

Or is she an evil person who's been set free and might strike again?

It's hard to know the answers to these things...well, especially when you're far away reading about it in brief news articles. People personally involved in the story might have better answers. 

Or maybe not.

Even those close to us can fool us sometimes.