Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mystery Faces, QuizUp, Anthony Simcoe, and Burning the Bee Gees

1. Started to watch an episode of Sea Patrol.

2. Wondered why the show is not showing the face of the hijacking survivor. They're only showing his back—as if they want to keep his identity a secret. Usually, when shows do that, we eventually see the person's face, and it's someone we know. I just don't know who the viewer would know but the navy crew would not.  No one on the ship seems to recognize the guy.

3. Wondered if perhaps all the Navy folks haven't seen the survivor yet. Maybe some of the other Navy crew would recognize him, and the viewer would as well.

I probably wouldn't, actually. I have a bad memory. Or sometimes I'll vaguely recognize the face, but have no idea who the character is.

4. Saw that they're now showing the survivor's face.

Maybe they weren't trying to hide it.

Maybe what happened is they changed actors, and didn't want to reshoot the beginning scenes, so they just cut out shots that included the guy's face.

5. Saw, from IMDb, that Alan Dale is back for this episode.

I'm betting we're going to learn his evil secret.

I think almost all of Alan Dale's characters have an evil secret.

6. Played one of the user-made Australia QuizUp games. This one's called Australian Locations. It's pretty good, because it has 202 questions.  I think the more questions, the better.  When there are less than ten questions, it's not very impressive or interesting. Each round of the game has seven questions. If there's too few questions, the game is pretty much over after the first or second round. Or at least it becomes less exciting and challenging.

7. Looked at the credits for this episode of Sea Patrol, and saw there's a credit listed for Special Make-Up Effects Artist: Prosthetic transfers.  I usually associate prosthetic make-up with aging the actors and monster/creature-stuff. There was none of that in the episode. I'm guessing that the prosthetic make-up was used for injury effects.  

8. Looked at the filmography of Antony McMullen, the guy who did the make-up for the episode.  

He did work on thirteen episodes of Sea Patrol.

He did work on Avatar, but was uncredited. Why?

He also did work for Daybreakers, X Men Origins: Wolverine, Nim's Island, and various other things.
9. Started watching an episode of Underbelly.

10. Bored somewhat by this episode.

I feel it's less about the characters I've gotten to know. They're still there, but less so.

11. Looked at the credits for this episode and saw Anthony Simcoe from Farscape!

It's funny, because, on Farscape, he played the father of Matthew Newton. And Newton plays the evil Terry Clark in Underbelly.

12. Wondered if I've already seen the scenes with Simcoe, and I didn't recognize him.

13. Decided my favorite character on Underbelly is Alison Dine (Anne Hutchison). She's a good girl turned bad, but then she turned good again.  

14. Wondered if this is Anthony Simcoe. 

It kind of looks like the way I remember him looking.

If I can find the guy's character name; then I can see if it matches Simcoe's character's name in the credits. That would be Danny Chubb. I sort of remember seeing it in the beginning.

15. Found out the guy in the picture above is not Simcoe.

Here's Simcoe as Danny Chubb.

16. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to the 91st song which is Meg Mac's "Bridges".

17. Saw that the performance was a cover on Like a Version.

18. Learned from Googling that the original "Bridges" song is by a New Zealand group called Broods. 

19. Started to listen to Meg Mac's cover of the song. 

20. Liked the song.

I'm trying to figure out the lyrics.

It sounds to me like she's singing, we're burning all the Bee Gees. Is she? Or is this a case of misheard lyrics?  

21. Realized it's a case of misheard lyrics. 

She's singing about burning BRIDGES; hence the title. 

It really does sound like she's burning the Bee Gees, though.

22. Started listening to the Broods sing "Bridges".

With their singing, I hear bridges and not Bee Gees. 

23. Looked at the comments on the Meg Mac cover to see if anyone else heard Bee Gees.
Dreded84 says, Why is she "burning all the bee gees" now

Andrew Speirs-Bridge heard, And I blame in on the Bee Gees now. He says, I thought that was a bit harsh on the Bee Gees.

It's so funny.

The thing is there are songs that make references to celebrities: I got the moves like Jagger; I look just like Buddy Holly, She wants to dance like Uma Thurman.

It wouldn't surprise me if someone wrote a song about wanting to burn the Bee Gees. OR blame the Bee Gees.