Monday, November 30, 2015

The Secret Life of Us, Farscape, Mystery Road, and Tim Tams

1. Started watching an episode of The Secret Life of Us.

2. Liked Kelly's (Deborah Mailman) voice-over.  Sometimes you can feel that a moment's coming when you have to make a defining choice. Either it will lift you towards perfect happiness or spiral you down towards despair. 

What if your choice plunges someone else into despair. Does that mean your happiness is tainted? 

I think if the happiness isn't tainted, the happy person is a cold and selfish person.

That's not to say we can't live our lives doing things to make other people happy—especially when it makes us feel unhappy. But if we can hurt other people and not feel bad about it; I think that's pretty low.

3. Thought that Bree (Brooke Harman) is adorable. She has really grown on me. When I first started watching the season, I saw her as being quite annoying.

4. Liked Kelly's closing voice-over.  I used to think that if you brought all the elements of your life into balance, you could obtain perfect happiness. Now I see that—for me, anyway—There's just going to be the odd glimpse of perfection. Just a moment; then it's gone. And in between those moments, I'll be okay. I'll be waiting for the next one to come along.

5. Finished with the last season of The Secret Life of Us. Now I just have the clip-episodes left.

I think the season was probably underrated.

It was hard to adjust to all the cast changes, but once I did, I liked the show a lot.

I really think I prefer the new cast members to the original ones.

6. Consulted Lord Wiki about Bindi Irwin winning Dancing with the Stars.

I wanted to see what songs she danced too.

The reason for this is, I heard this song somewhere. I could picture people dancing to it and got the idea I might have seen it in a clip from Dancing with the Stars.

Anyway, I haven't seen that song yet. But I did see that Irwin and her partner danced to "Cry Little Sister" from Lost Boys. That's very cool.

7. Watched some of the video of the dance.

8. Did not see the song I was thinking of.

I don't even know the name of the song.

It's something about beautiful.

9. Found the song. It's "Beneath Your Beautiful" by Labrinth.

I don't know why I associate it with Bindi Irwin dancing.

10. Started watching The Secret Life of Us clip-show episode.

11. Realized that Joel Edgerton has a slight resemblance to Stephen Curry.

I'm wondering if Curry was brought on as a sort of replacement to Edgerton.

Then also, Anna Torv seems like she's sort of a replacement for Sibylla Budd.

12. Decided that Nicholas Coghlan could be a replacement for Damien de Montemas

13. Hoped this clip show helps me remember what happened to Richie (Spencer McLaren), Miranda Abi Tucker), and Gabrielle (Budd) Because I can't remember. Where did they go? Did they leave Melbourne? Australia? Who did they end up with?

I'm trying to remember if Gabrielle ended up with Tidy (Spielman), or not.

14. Realized that the fight between Stu (Curry) and Christian (Michael Dorman) was never resolved.

15. Started watching the second part of the clip show.

16. Finished watching the clip show.

I'm officially done with The Secret Life of Us.

17. Went to to pick my next show.

It's a movie called Mystery Road.

I'll probably start watching that when we get home.

18. Saw from IMDb that Aaron Pedersen, from The Secret Life of Us is in the movie.

Other actors familiar to me: Hugo Weaving, Ryan Kwanten, Jack Thompson, Roy Billings, and Damian Walshe-Howling.

19. Started watching an episode of Farscape.

So far, it's quite entertaining.

20. Wondered if Crais (Lani John Tupu) is my favorite character.

I have a weakness for bad-turned-good characters.

21. Saw that the top trending Twitter topic in Australia, right now, is about the photos of Princess Charlotte.

She's actually quite cute.

I'm not the type of person who's typically interested in royalty or babies. But Charlotte was cute enough to make me want to tell Tim and Jack about the photos.

22. Surprised that Farscape is continuing to have the double Crichton's (Ben Browder)

23. Started to watch another episode of Farscape. This one features the other group that wasn't in the previous episode I watched.

I realized that Ben Browder isn't the only one acting in both groups. Lani John Topu is as well. In this episode, he's playing Pilot. In the episode I watched yesterday, he played Crais.

24. Saw that the episode I'm watching now features Francesca Buller.  She's married to Ben Browder. It's funny, because yesterday I consulted Lord Wiki about Browder and learned that he married someone from the show. Then today I'm watching one of the episodes that features his wife.

This episode is actually not the first to feature Buller. She was on two episodes in season two but played a different character.

25. Looked again and saw that Buller was actually in three episodes before this one and has played a total of three different characters on the show.

26. Learned that Buller played the hungry plant woman in the episode "Born to Be Wild". I remember her!

27. Wondered if many science fiction fans have attempted to watch The Secret Life of Us. Because two of the actors from the show (Anna Torv and Gigi Edgley) have been on science fiction shows with pretty big fandoms (Fringe and Farscape)

28. Checked Gigi Edgley's filmography. She was on The Secret Life of Us after Farscape.

Anna Torv started Fringe three years after The Secret Life of Us.

29. Decided not to wait until getting home to start watching Mystery Road.

30. Started to watch the movie.

At first, it looked like it might be science-fiction horror, and I got kind of excited.

But now I'm getting the idea it's a murder-mystery type thing.

31. Started to get an idea of what this movie is about.

There's an Aboriginal man (Aaron Pedersen) who has a job as a detective.  His coworkers are white men. A young Aboriginal woman has been murdered, and the white people don't see the case as being important. They trivialize it.

So, it's a political-type murder mystery.

32. Looked at the plot description on IMDb. It's similar to what I thought it would be.

I'm not saying I'm psychic or brilliant—just pointing out what I gathered about the movie after watching about twenty-five minutes of it.

33. Figured while looking for movies to add to my to-watch list, I probably saw a plot description. So I could have gotten ideas back then and remembered on a subconscious level.

That being said, even without previously seeing any plot description, I could have probably figured out what the plot of the movie was after watching it for twenty-five minutes.

I'm sure most people could do that with most movies. I'm not trying to say that anything fabulous has happened here.

I'm just blabbing away...rather aimlessly.

34. Started to think this movie reminded me of something else I've seen—another story about a young Aboriginal woman being murdered.  Then I realized I was thinking about The Code.  Both stories are mysteries involving a murder in an Aboriginal community.

35. Stopped watching the movie for now.

I'm going to watch more of it tomorrow, probably.

36. Started to look at palg1305's wet tropics of Australia album.

37. Thought this was a picture of a weird insect; but when I clicked on the photo to get a larger view, I saw it was a crab.

38. Liked this photo of a crocodile.

I wonder if palg1305 saw it in the wild.

Well, I think it IS a wild crocodile. I guess what I mean is, did he see it during a tour, or did he just run into it?

I think I'd be terrified if I saw a crocodile in the wild. Or maybe I would think I wasn't awake. I often dream of alligators and crocodiles.

39. Learned, from Twitter, that Tim Tams and Coles are fighting.

From what I can understand, Arnott's wanted to raise the price of Tim Tams. Coles said no. So then Arnotts said they won't supply Coles with the biscuits anymore.

40. Wondered if that would effect business for Coles. Will Tim Tam fans go to Woolworths instead?

Or are most people like us and go to multiple grocery stores?

41. Saw from Twitter that there is something called Adriana Zumbo Tim Tams.

They have fun flavors like salted Caramel and Coconut.

42. Went to Arnott's website and found an official notice from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Arnott's got in trouble for false product labeling and advertising.

It's quite a punishment. It's not like a tiny little notice in the corner of the website; or one you have to search for. It's what you see as soon as you get to their site.  I had to scroll down to see the main part of their site.

Arnott's had to pay $51,000 for saying their Shapes Light and Crispy had 75% less fat when in reality they had 60% less fat.

43. Tried to understand the other part of Arnott's bad behavior.

It's something like they compared their product to potato chips that had this ingredient called palmolein oil. But most potato chips in Australia don't have that oil.

44. Saw from the Arnott's website that there are two other Adriana Zumbo Tim Tam flavors—chocolate raspberry and red velvet.