Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Twitter Trends, GeoGuesser, Copies, and Failed Twitter Adventures

1. Looked at Twitter Trends in Sydney, because that's my default setting now. The bombs in Nigeria aren't trending. It's also not trending in Perth, Melbourne, or Brisbane.

It's not trending in Dallas-Fort Worth, where I live.

It's also not trending in Los Angeles.

2. Saw that it is trending in Johannesburg. So at least people in Africa are noticing that their own continent is being bombed.

And it's trending in Nigeria itself.

3. Saw that it's trending in London.

It's also trending in Manchester—the hometown of all my beloved Coronation Street characters.

4. Changed my default setting on Twitter to all of Australia.

I didn't realize I could do that. That being said; it wasn't until a few days ago that I learned you could change your trending-location setting.

5. Saw that right now the popular topics with Australian Twitterers are Mockingjay Part II, Star Wars Battlefront, Justin Bieber, Charlie Sheen, Zoolander 2, a song called "I Know What You Did Last Summer", the sad death of Jonah Lomu, and....

Justin and Halsey.

Who are Justin and Halsey?

Oh! Okay. Justin is Justin Bieber. Halsey is a female singer I've not heard of, because I'm a bit out of touch with the American music scene.

6. Saw that ISIS is now trending in Australia. It was added when the page was refreshed.

7. Saw that my episode of The Secret Life of Us for today is about risk-taking.

8. Saw from IMDb that Jane Harber, from Offspring, is on this episode.

And this is the first episode that has Ben Mendelsohn.

9. Hungry for pasta after seeing it served on The Secret Life of Us.

Or maybe I'm just hungry in general.

10. Saw Ben Mendelsohn. It looks like he might be brought in as a love interest for Nikki (Anna Torv).

11. Learned about a fun geography game website from Jack.

We're playing now.

It's called GeoGuesser. You get images from Google Maps and have to guess where it is you're looking at.

I failed at an Australia image, unfortunately. I guessed that it was Africa.


12. Learned that Jack chose Africa for the Australia location as well.

In our defense, the last Mad Max movie was filmed in Africa, so obviously there are some imagery similarities.

13. Started to play an Australia-only map in the game.

14. Got the first question wrong.

I choose Queensland, and it's Sydney.

15. Got the second one wrong. I guessed New South Wales, and it was Perth.

I'm doing horribly.

16. Got the third one wrong. I guessed south Victoria, and the answer was Queensland.

17. Got the fourth one wrong.  I picked South Australia, and the answer was Queensland, again.

18. Was wrong yet another time. I picked New South Wales, and the answer was Western Australia.

Will I ever get anything right?

19. Felt like I either missed an episode of The Secret Life of Us, or I daydreamed too deeply at some point.

Stu (Stephen Curry) suddenly has a new roommate—Zelko (Ryan Johnson).

I don't remember him living there before; though I do remember Zelko playing cards with the guys on a previous episode.

Did I miss something, or did the creators try to sneak in yet another new main cast member?

It's getting a bit ridiculous.

20. Found out that Jane Harber plays a relative of Zelko. Maybe his sister?

21. Started watching an episode of Farscape.

This one's going to have two Crichtons (Ben Browder), because, in the last one, he was cloned.

D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) and Chiana (Gigi Edgley) were cloned as well, but their clones perished.

22. Figured that Crichton II is going to die as well. I doubt Ben Browder is going to do a Hayley Mills thing for the rest of the series.

23. Remembered that they're not really clones. They're...

I forgot what they're called. But they're exact copies. They have the same memories and personality.

It's like the second 10th Doctor on Doctor Who.

24. Thought back to that Doctor Who question.

When the Doctor dies, does his consciousness end and then a new doctor appears with the same memories? Or does the consciousness pass on from Doctor to Doctor?

I kind of think it's the former based on David Tennant's melodramatic good-bye scene. The 10th Doctor seemed to think it was the end for him.

25. Thought maybe The Doctor himself doesn't know.

It's like on the last episode of Farscape. Chiana didn't know if she was truly herself or if she was the copy.

26. Saw, from the opening credits, that Rebecca Gibney is in this episode.

27. Saw that Linda Cropper is in the episode as well.

She was in an episode in season two. I wonder if she plays the same character.

28. Saw from IMDb that she plays a different character—maybe a relative of Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black). She has the same last name.

29. Wanted to get a screenshot of Rebecca Gibney, because she looks quite different on Farscape.

30. Wasn't 100% sure that it's her. But I am 99.9%. Because she's in the credits, and that character looks more like her than the other characters.

31. Listened to "Switching Lanes" by Tkay Maidza.

I'm going to listen while looking at palg1305's Flickr pictures.

Tonight I'm looking at palg1305's Northern and Tropical Queensland album.

It includes photos of a wild platypus.

32. Saw a photo of cave paintings at Carnarvon National Park.

That's pretty cool.

33. Saw, on Google Maps, that Carnarvon National Park is about nine hours west of Brisbane.  It's pretty far out there.

34. Saw that you can do a road trip to the park, and stop in Roma.

That might be cool.

35. Liked this photo from the park.

36. Loved this photo from the Whitsundays. Amazing!

37. Decided to begin my exploration of Dan Spielman's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Although there's a chance he might not have those things.

38. Saw Dan Spielmans on Twitter, but not the Australian actor one.

39. Could also not find Dan Spielman on Instagram.

Maybe I'll move onto the next The Secret Life of Us actor.

40. Looked on IMDb.

The next person on the list is Brooke Harman.

I got to say. She kind of amazes me. In terms of range? Her character on The Secret Life of Us is so different from her character on Dance Academy.

Saskia is an uptight, scary bitch. Bree is overly bubbly. In a way, she actually kind of reminds me of Tara (Xenia Goodwin) on Dance Academy.  They both have a lot of enthusiasm, and they're both idealistic romantics.

41. Saw that Harman played a housekeeper on Banished, a BBC series about convicts in Australia.

Russell Tovey, from the Titanic episode of Doctor Who, was also on the show.

42. Did not find the Brooke Harman, I'd like to find, on Twitter.

43. Did not find Brooke Harman on Instagram.

44. Decided to try for one more person. Then I give up for today.

45. Saw that the next actor is Stephen Curry.

46. Did not see any Stephen Curry account on Twitter.

That's kind of strange.

47. Found a Stephen Curry.

He's not the Australian actor, but he seems to be very famous. He has three million followers.

He's some kind of sports star.

48. Found another popular Stephen Curry on Twitter. He doesn't have millions of followers, but he does have ten thousand.

He's a structural biologist in London.