Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sort of Funny, Barry, Trying to Create a Popular Franchise, and Burleigh Smith

1. Started watching an episode of Review with Myles.

The first part made me laugh out loud, which is good. Because today I was thinking that I regret leaving the show on my to-watch list.

I don't hate the show. I think it has some nice deep thoughts. I just don't usually find it very funny...even though it's a comedy.

So, I was glad to have something, on the show, make me laugh.  

2. Decided I usually see Review with Myles as being more interesting-funny than laugh-out-loud funny.  

There's stuff I find amusing, but usually not amusing enough to get a laugh out of me.

3. Saw that one of the Barrys is on this episode.

I forgot his last name. It's not Humphrey or Otto.

Maybe it's Otto.

It's the one who sang The Neighbours theme.

Barry Crocker? Is that it? Or am I getting confused with Betty Crocker.

He's the guy who was in the movie that's not starring Barry Humphries, but was maybe written by Barry Humphries.

My mind goes so blank sometimes.

4. Googled. 

The actor IS Barry Crocker. The movie is yet another Barry—The Adventures of Barry McKenzie

Barry Humphries co-wrote the movie along with Bruce Beresford. He also DID star in it. I guess I knew he was in it.  Or Dame Edna is in it.  What I really meant is he wasn't the main star; he wasn't the title character.

5. Wondered. Is there a Barry Otto; or did I make that up?

6. Saw that there is indeed an Australian actor named Barry Otto.

Is he related to Miranda?

7. Saw that Barry is Miranda's daddy.

I probably already learned that once upon a time—back when I wrote a post about Miranda Otto.

8. Finished watching the episode.

9. Started to watch the rest of I, Frankenstein.

10. Thought about how I'd probably like this movie more if it was only about the continuation of Frankenstein's story; and the mad scientist stuff.  I could do without the war between the gargoyles and demons.

It almost feels like there were two movie ideas—a Frankenstein sequel and a gargoyle/demon war. Then someone decided to combine the two.

11. Figured the problem is Frankenstein is more science-fiction horror—as far as I know. Then gargoyles and demons are more religious-supernatural horror.  I don't know if I like the mix of the two that much.

Well, I don't like it in this particular case.  

I do like it in The Strain.

12. Wondered if that's true.

Maybe I'd actually prefer The Strain without the supernatural stuff. 

13. Thought that Farscape is a better example of a show, I like, that combines the supernatural and science fiction.  

Well, at least there're some bits of mysticism—life after death ideas.

14. Felt I am probably just burned out on the whole mythical creatures genre—angels, demons, vampires, witches, etc.

I used to love that stuff.

15. Finished watching the movie.

I thought it was pretty bad.

26. Thought that maybe the dialogue was the worst part.

The lines were really corny.

I guess that could be excused by the idea that Frankenstein is a scientific-creation. Maybe his speech skills aren't well developed. 

In general, though, I felt it was that kind of movie that wasn't made by the heart. Instead, it seems made by people hoping to create a popular franchise.  I especially got that feeling with the last scene; and the last lines of dialogue. 

27. Wondered if there really are movies made by people who don't care about the story and characters; and just want to make money.  Or does it just feel that way when a movie fails to entertain us?

I mean maybe the people who made I, Frankenstein really DID put their heart and soul into it. 

28. Wondered if there were any movies put together just for the purpose of making a box office hit; and the movie actually turned out to be well-liked and critically acclaimed.

I'd also wonder the same thing about books and TV shows.

Are there any well-loved books out there where the author started with the questions, What's popular and what's going to make me a lot of money?

29. Figured it might be hard to find the answer to the above questions, because if books, movies, or TV shows like that exist, I'm not sure the creator is going to want to admit they were just trying to make something that would appeal to the masses.  

30. Went to to pick my next thing to watch.

It's the kid's show Scooter: Secret Agent.

That might be fun. 

31. Started to look at Scooter: Secret Agent on IMDb. 

I don't really recognize any of the main cast, except Tony Nikolakopoulos in a very vague way.

I'm kind of disappointed.

I like watching Aussie stuff where people are very familar to me. It's kind of comfortine.

We could say Dan Wylie is sort of like my security blanket.

32. Looked at some of the guest cast and starting getting happy.

So far I see Ryan Corr and Dena Kaplan. That's awesome.

Anyone else?

Nicholas Bell. I used to love him, but now he's gone down a few notches for being in the Frankenstein movie.  

Yeah. I hold grudges sometimes. I'm still unloving Damien Richardson for attacking Kelly (Deborah Mailman) on The Secret Life of Us.

33. Saw Damien Fotiou from Neighbours!

I think of that guy every time I don't want to cry in public. I bitched about Nick's how-not-to-cry-at-funerals advice. But then that advice came very much in handy when we went to see Inside Out

And I've used it since then. I think the last time might have been at The America Adventure attraction at Epcot.  That song really gets to me. 

It's not that I'm super patriotic or anything. But it reminds me of my childhood.  

Also...though I'm not very patriotic about the United States. I AM very patriotic about Disney World.

34. Saw Kim Gyngell appears on an episode.

I've seen him in various things, but for some reason the thing that sticks out is his surgeon role on The Secret Life of Us. 

35. Saw Nicolai Nikolaeff in the credits, and wondered if he's from The Saddle Club.

I know I've seen him in something; and The Saddle Club is what comes to mind.  

36. Saw that yes, he's from The Saddle Club. And he was also on Camp.

37. Started to watch a 2007 Tropfest Finalist film.

This one is called "Mere Oblivion".

38. Saw Kate Ritchie in the opening credits.


39. Liked the music used for the film.

I'm pretty sure it's jazz, but I can be pretty ignorant about music. So I might be wrong.

40. Finished watching the movie.

I think it was pretty good.  

Kate Ritchie had a VERY small role. She was in a only a photograph that was shown for about two seconds.

41. Looked at the director of Mere Oblivion on IMDb—Burleigh Smith.  He's made a lot of short films. It seems to be his thing.  

42. Learned from Lord Wiki that Burleigh Smith sees Woody Allen as his biggest influence.

I can see that.

The film had a Woody Allen aura to it.

43. Learned that Smith's film Ragtime features Bridie Carter and John Waters. 

44. Saw that Bridie Carter has been in two of Smith's films.

45. Learned that Smith is going to be making/releasing a full feature film called You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules. 

46. Hoped to one day see Smith's short film "Why I Hate the Left".  Lord Wiki says it's supposed to be released on Christmas Day.

Released where?

Oh! Okay. I reread the information. It's going to be spread among the film festivals.  

Hopefully it will be on YouTube or Vimeo someday.

I don't go to film festivals.

47. Thought maybe I should go to a film festival someday.

Jack's been interested in film lately.

It might be a good thing for our family to do together someday.

48. Got idea from Lord Wiki that "Why I Hate the Left" is actually anti-left. I was imagining it was more of a parody of people hating the left; or at least something that makes fun of both sides of the politics.

Lord Wiki, though, gives me the idea that it really is anti-left. He says, The film is a reaction to Outrage Culture, Feminazism, Social Justice Warriors, political correctness and Left-Wing entitlement.