Sunday, December 6, 2015

Toy Animals, Kids Clinic, Fake Americans, and Second Chances

1. Dreamed that, I hear noises on my window. I see that there are mice running around my window blinds. Then they're running around my office. I notice that one looks like a tiny koala toy holding a baby. I somehow get a hold of the tiny animals and throw them into the toilet. As I flush them down, I feel conflicted. I feel bad for the murder and worry that the toilet will clog.

I have an idea of why my dream had a tiny maybe-koala in it.  

Today we're supposed to go to a family Chanukah party. I was supposed to get a gift for my youngest nephew. And I did do what I was supposed to do. I ordered from Amazon on Wednesday.  On Saturday, I realized I hadn't seen the gift yet. I checked outside. Nothing was there. I checked my email and saw, on my account, that the gift had been delivered.

This is the third time this has happened to me.  

So I had no gift for my nephew. I thought of driving to the local store to find something but then thought about all of Jack's old toys. He has so many. I found a bunch of animals, and Jack said he was fine with me giving them away.  My sister, though, said they didn't need a lot of toys. So I decided I should lessen the pile of animals a bit. I started eliminating a few. This was hard on me, because I have a total Pixar brain. I started worrying about separating friends and families. What if my nephew gets part of an animal family and the other part is left behind in our drawer?

Anyway. As for the koala? I included some Australian animals in the gift. I felt a bit conflicted but then felt these animals are stuck in a drawer. They get no love and attention. If I give them to my nephew, there's a chance that he or my other nephews will love them and play with them. Also, I guess sometimes I like spreading the Australia-love.  

2. Remembered a year or so ago when my nephews sang songs about Australia. The oldest one sang "Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees", with his classmates, at a school performance. The middle one made up a song about loving Australia. It was very cute. 

3. Remembered that didgeridoos were mentioned on an episode of Coronation Street that I watched recently.

The local library is closing, and the Coronation Street people are organizing protests. An old woman (forgot her name) talks about how she participated in protests throughout her life. She says that, for one, she played the didgeridoo.  

4. Read an old post from 2011 where I talk a lot about the death of young Jacob Belim and Sam Nassar, the doctor who was allegedly the cause of Belim's death. Long story short: Belim had appendicitis, and Nassar responded with arrogance and negligence. He refused to give credence to the concern of the parents or another doctor.

I'm wondering what ever happened to Nassar. Did he lose his job? Was he successfully sued?  

5. Saw a LinkedIn Profile for a Sam Nassar working as a pediatrician in Sydney.  I'm not sure if it's the same Sam Nassar that was awful to the Belim family.  

This Sam Nassar works for a place called Kids Clinic.  

6. Saw that the Kids Clinic Sam Nassar worked at a hospital in Westmeade. Is that near Liverpool? Because that's where the Jacob Belim tragedy happened.  

7. Saw that this article, about the incident, talks also about a hospital in Westmeade. I guess both places are to blame.  

Belim went to Liverpool hospital, at first, where concerns for the child were ignored. Then eventually he was transferred to Westmeade where he died.

However, the article has Nassar working at Liverpool.

So maybe the Nassar at Kid's Clinic is a different Sam Nasser.

I'm guessing it's a common name.

8. Hoped that the Sam Nassar at Kid's Clinic is not the same one who didn't listen to the concerns of Jacob Belim's parents. Otherwise, what's said on the True Local website, is complete bullshit.

Trust is paramount in the relationship between parent and paediatrician. You should feel comfortable asking questions and voicing your concerns. Dr Nassar listen attentively to each parent and discuss, in detail, any questions you may have about your child's care and health.

9. Thought that maybe it is the same Sam Nassar, and he's changed. Maybe the experience made him realize he needs to be better at listening.

The thing is, in cases like this, I don't believe in second chances.

I'm forgiving towards doctors who make accidental errors. Let's say someone is distracted and accidentally gives the wrong dosage of medicine. Or they give the wrong vaccine.  Maybe they cut off the wrong breast. It's scary, but things like that happen. Good, decent people get distracted and make honest mistakes.

To me, it's different, though, when someone makes a mistake out of pure arrogance. With Jacob Belim, he was in horrible pain. Other doctors believed it was appendicitis, and his parents did as well. Sam Nassar refused to listen. He pretty much belittled their concerns. If what the articles say about him are true, he shouldn't still be working as a doctor. He shouldn't still be getting the prestige, trust, and salary that comes with being a doctor. He should have lost all that.

If he wants to help sick children to repent for his crime; then he should be doing it as a volunteer...WITHOUT the doctor title.

10. Found a PDF file that's a proposal for Dr. Sam Nassar to use a certain facility for his medical practice.

It's an official-type document relating to his wanting to open up a private practice.

It does mention that he has rooms in Liverpool, which could mean he sometimes worked at Liverpool Hospital. I'm not sure if there's any other way that could be interpreted.

11. Started watching more of Drift.

12. Had some hermit crab synchronocity.

I was playing an animal category of QuizUp while watching the movie.

One of the characters (Lesley-Ann Brandt) used a metaphor involving a hermit crab. A moment or two later, I had a question about hermit crabs.

13. Wondered if the American surf shop person, in the movie, is played by an Australian.

His American accent sounded kind of fake to me. There was a strong emphasis on the [r] sound. I think sometimes when Australians try to sound American, they do that.

I could be wrong, though. It might have been a real American in the movie.

14. Could not find the American listed on IMDb.  I was hoping it would say something like "American Surf Shop Owner". But no such luck.

15. Went back to the scene to see if the guy provides his name.

16. Found the character's name.

It's T.J Edelman.

But the character isn't listed on IMDb.

Maybe I'll find him in the movie credits.

17. Looked at the movie credits, and saw that T.J Edelman was played by the writer and director of the movie—Morgan O'Neil.

I'm right about him being an Australian faking the American accent.

18.  Felt good about being right.

If I was wrong, I'd probably feel stupid.

19. Disappointed...and slightly sad.

I foolishly got my hopes up.

I went to to pick my next show and ended up with Neighbours.  I thought, what the heck. Maybe it's back on Hulu. I Googled. And from Google, it looked like Hulu had Neighbours. But then I went to the link, and it was a dead end.

20. Tried again with

My next thing to watch is the movie Infini.

It's a science fiction thing. I hope it's good.

I'll probably start watching that on Tuesday.

21. Saw that Luke Hemsworth is in Infini.

I don't really recognize any of the other actors.

22. Started watching an episode of Farscape.

23. Saw that Alexandra Fowler, from Neighbours, lends her voice to this episode.

That might be fun.

24. Felt anxious while watching reunion between Aeryn (Claudia Black) and the not-dead Crichton (Ben Browder).

It's just so weird.

Aeryn has lost the love of her life. Yet another version of him is still alive and still in love with her.

25. Thought that the episode had a very powerful ending.

26. Thought more about Jacob Belim.

A lot of children die tragically. Some have died today.

We live in an unfair world.

But for some reasons, certain deaths, in the news, effect us more. They make us more angry or more sad.

More afraid.

I think I've had a mistrust of doctors for several years now, and the whole Sam Nassar thing feeds into that.

27. Thought about how I don't think Sam Nassar should have a doctor job anymore.

But if he does...If he's the one working at Kid's Care in Bankstown, I hope he's a changed man.

I hope he's sorry for what happened.

I hope he's made changes to his bedside manner.  I hope what the Kids Care website says is true—that the relationship between parent and doctor is now important to Nassar.  I hope he listens to parents and takes their concerns seriously.

28. Decided maybe I usually do believe in second chances.

But only when it's deserved.

29. Hoped that if Sam Nassar has gotten a second chance, he deserves it.