Monday, February 8, 2016

Being Open About Feelings, Standing in the Way of Love, Safety Supervisors, and Unhelpful Platitudes

1. Had a dream about Home and Away.  It involved two characters in a hospital bed. I'm pretty sure one of them was Josh (Jackson Gallagher) I'm not sure about the other one, and I'm also not sure which character in the dream was Josh.

Character A and Character B are both patients at the hospital. They're sharing a room. The two of them usually do not get along.  Character B has recently broken up with his girlfriend. Character A tries to get him to admit he's sad. He finally achieves this by talking about how he himself has been sad when that happened to him. This confession softens Character B up a bit.   

I think the message of the dream is that it's easier to reveal our feelings to people who admit they have similar feelings.

I'm not saying people should lie about their feelings. If they've never had such feelings, they needn't make it up.  But people shouldn't deny their own feelings in order to feel and look strong.  It's not helpful to themselves; nor is it helpful to the others.

It's like with the hospital scene.  What if Character B mentioned the break-up and Character A responded with something like, I've had relationships end. I don't let it get to me. I say good-bye and move on with my life. I don't let these things get to me.

MAYBE it's the truth, though it's probably not. If it is the truth, maybe it's a truth that doesn't need to be spoken at this particular time.

I think it's just going to make Character B reluctant to share his feelings.

2. Started watching an episode of Wicked Science.

3. Finished watching the episode.

4. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

5. Felt more dislike for Rickie (Bonnie Sveen). She's trying to forbid two people, who have feelings for each other, from getting together.

That's so controlling.

I don't like it when people try to stand in the way of love.

6. Understood that there'd be exceptions—such as relationships where there's strong evidence that it would cause harm to one of the individuals.

When I say harm, I'm thinking of child abuse and/or physical danger/death. I'm not talking about emotional pain.

7. Thought of Wonderland.   There was the storyline where the guy didn't want his best friend dating his sister. That annoyed me.

8. Thought of Scooter: Secret Agent where a girl sabotaged her crushes advances with another girl.

9. Wondered about Coronation Street.  On that show, Dev sabotaged a date between Julie and his friend.

That bothered me much less. I think it's because I knew that Dev and Julie had feelings for each other. It was mutual. They just hadn't come together yet.

A mutual love that hasn't blossomed yet is different from a one-sided love that may or may not blossom in the future.

The thing is, though, I knew it as a viewer that it was a mutual love. Dev didn't know...although there were hints to it.  But still. I think he was in the wrong, even though on an emotional level, I found it to be kind of sweet.

10. Went to the Tropfest website.

Today I'm going to start watching the 2010 finalist films.

2010 is the year we went to an Australian-themed store in London, and met up with our Australian friends in Hawaii.   Yeah...just thought I'd share that random piece of information.

11. Started to watch the first film on the page for 2010.

It's called "There Had Better Be Blood".

12. Saw that this film might fit together with the theme of yesterday's film—brothers.

The mother in this film says, You're brothers. You're supposed to stick together.

Last night, one of my other dreams involved a child who murdered his twin when they were both younger. I think the dream was an argument against what I wrote about yesterday regarding sibling love. I think I dreamed it to remind myself that sometimes the relationship between siblings is far from loving and supportive.

13. Finished watching the movie.

I can't say it impressed me much.

It's one of those stories where I find nothing likable about any of the characters.

Watching the film reminds me of going to social events where the people are totally not my people.  I feel snobbish against them, and at the same time I'm pretty sure they don't like me.

14. Saw from IMDb that Nathan James, the actor who played the dead guy in "There Had Better Be Blood" has done stunt work in a lot of films and TV shows.

He also often works as a safety consultant or supervisor. I'm guessing that means he tries to prevent injuries in other stunt workers.  He probably also helps to prevent injuries in actors that perform their own stunts.

15. Looked at Nathan James' profile page on a stunt website.

It lists actors he's done stunt work for. One of the actors is Dominic Purcell. I feel I've heard that name before, but I don't know what from.

16. Saw that Dominic Purcell was in Prison Break.

I haven't watched that; nor have I seen the other things on his filmography.

17. Went to the website of Action Stunts Australia. They list Nathan James as one of their Safety Supervisors.

As for their services, they say, OUR SAFETY SUPERVISORS are highly skilled and OH and ;S qualified. They are attuned to both the needs of the production company whilst keeping in line with the MEAA, SPAA Safety Code and current OH and S practices. All of our Safety Supervisors are forward thinking, team orientated and committed to ensuring your workplace is a safe environment.

18. Wondered if most TV shows and movies have a safety supervisor.

Is it legally required?

It's not something I've seen in short film credits, so I don't think it's an enforced law in that situation.

But maybe in bigger productions it is?

19. Thought that whether it's a law or not, it's probably a good idea to have a safety supervisor.

20. Consulted Lord Wiki about film accidents.

There's been a lot of them through out the years.

21. Saw this article which says that camera crew are more often injured than stunt people.

One of the reasons seems to be that the stunt people are offered more protection.

22. Looked at the deaths listed for camera people.

It seems a lot of them died in helicopter accidents.

Are helicopters that dangerous; or are the camera people being asked to take excessive risks with the helicopters?

23. Looked at Lord Wiki's list again and saw that crew members from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome collapsed because of heat exhaustion.  Lord Wiki says it was 146 degrees.

Do places really get that hot?

I forgot what the earth's heat records are.

But anyway, if it's incredibly hot, I think it's irresponsible to push people to keep working.

24. Thought that the more I look through this list of injuries, the more I think it's important to have a well-trained safety supervisor on set.

25. Wondered if safety supervisors are ever pressured to look the other way by pushy, overzealous directors.

26. Understood that honest accidents happen sometimes.

But I think there are also cases where people are pushed too hard.

27. Started to watch another episode of Home and Away.

28. Wondered if what I'm seeing on the show reflects reality or not.

Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) is paranoid  about her stalker-kidnapping returning.  She talks to policewoman Kat (Pia Miller) who won't give her any information, and just assures Phoebe that she doesn't need to be concerned. The stalker is in custody.  

Phoebe is rightfully upset about this.

Is Kat just being annoying, or is there a law that says victims of crimes can't get information about their perpetrators sentencing and whereabouts?

 29. Tried Googling for information, but I don't really know how to go about it.

I'm not sure which terms to use.

30.  Thought Kat was very bitchy Chris (Johnny Ruffo). She threatened to arrest him for defamation because he asked about her love life.

I can't see how she would have the grounds to arrest him, and I think it's wrong for a police officer to make false threats against a civilian.

31.  Figured I might have to add Kat to my Home and Away dislike list.

So far, it would just be her and Rickie.

32. Consulted Lord Wiki about Johnny Ruffo.

His career began with him being a singing contestant on the X-Factor.

33. Started watching a video of Ruffo's audition.

Back in those days (20110 he was a construction worker.

34. Saw that Ruffo has a Michael Jackson type voice.

35. Relieved to see Kat doing something kind.

She obtained the information Phoebe wanted about the stalker.

36. Saw Phoebe looking relieved.

It makes me think about how people sometimes feel they're being helpful by trying to shut up someone else's worries.

They say things like, You'll be fine. You don't need to worry about that. We'll cross that bridge when IF we come to it.   

If we're going to dismissively reassure someone, we should at least have facts to back up our statements.