Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Not Amused, Not Caring, Not Australian, and Not Getting the Message

1. Saw from Twitter that there's a new sketch comedy TV show premiering called Black Comedy.

2. Saw, from this article, that Black Comedy is actually NOT new.

It was on before, and now it's coming back.

How did I not hear of it?

Or maybe I heard about it; then forgot about it. Like usual.

3. Watched the video trailer included with the article.

Nothing made me laugh, but it looks sort of interesting.

4. Decided to try another clip.

5. Didn't laugh at that clip either.

I thought it was annoying.

6. Felt pressure to like the show. Why? Because it stars black people. So if I don't like it, I worry I'll look like a racist.

That thinking in itself is racist. It's not like I feel pressure to like comedies with white people.

Actually, no. Sometimes I do. If something is very popular with Australians, I feel like a failure if I don't like it.

7. Thought of two white comedies popular with Australians that I don't like too much—Chris Lilly Stuff and Kath and Kim.

Eventually, Kath and Kim grew on me a little bit.  But still. It's not one of my favorite things.

8. Decided to try again with Black Comedy.  I watched this clip about GPS voices. I was amused at first—even laughed out loud. But then I felt the joke went too far, and I got bored.

The joke is that this guy driving realizes he can choose an Aboriginal accent for his GPS system.  The voice/personality of the GPS is a bit harsh. That made me laugh, because sometimes the GPS voices sound a bit bitchy to me. It's like they're annoyed that we didn't take the turn they suggested.

But then, in the sketch, there's the idea that the GPS is aware of and watching this guy's life. It doesn't feel like GPS anymore. It feels like there's a man spying on this other man via his car.  At that point, it wasn't very funny to me anymore.

9. Tried to figure out why one thing is funny to me and the other is not.

Maybe I see humor in the idea of AI people bitching us out.

I'm not that amused by the idea of someone using our computer technology to spy on us and talk to us. It's not like I'm offended or bothered by it. It's just not something that would make me laugh.

I think MAYBE it would be funny if it happened in real life. It might be good as a practical joke.

In fiction-comedy, though, t doesn't work for me. Or at least it didn't work for me in that particular sketch.

10. Started watching an episode of Wicked Science.

11. Finished watching the episode.

12. Confused about Grease Live.  Was it done in Australia? The US? Both places?

When I first heard about it, I assumed it was American. Then I saw something about it being done in Australia. Or at least that's what I thought I saw. But now I see an article about it that makes me go back to thinking it's American.

13. Thought the main reason I'm assuming it's American is we don't usually get TV programming made in Australia.

14. Consulted Lord Wiki.

He says Grease: Live is American.

So is this what Australians were Tweeting about yesterday?  Or was there a separate Australian version?

15. Learned from Lord Wiki that Grease: Live was shown on Australia television February 2.

I'm guessing it was the American version.

16. Skimmed through this article and saw that there was not a separate Australian version of Grease: Live.

17. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

18. Could relate somewhat to Oscar (Jake Speer). He wrongly assumes Maddie is going to break up with him, and he realizes he's not really upset about it. He feels fine.

There was a time I wrongly assumed an online friendship was over, and realized I didn't care all that much. What happened is our emails got crossed, and I didn't hear back from the friend.  I had thought the friendship was very important to me, but then realized I didn't feel sad about it ending.

I think, in my case, I thought I loved the friend, but it turned to be more of a mild-like than love.  There's a difference between, I love you! I need you in my life. You're so important to me, and, I like you enough, but if you disappeared from my life tomorrow, I wouldn't be too bothered.  

So, what's the deal with Oscar?

From his behavior and words, I get the sense that he's over Maddie (Kassandra Clementi) He had a crush on her for years, and now he's over it.

19. Thought about how I could be wrong, because Oscar and Maddie had the majorly romantic date a few episodes back.

But the most romantic thing Oscar  said was that he's been dreaming about this date for years.

Just because you dream about something happening, doesn't going to mean you're happy about it when it actually happens.

20. Thought more about online friends.

I've lost quite a few.

If and when it bothers me, it's more like a blow to my ego.  I don't really miss the person.

Am I coldhearted? Probably.

I think these days I don't usually form strong emotional attachments with people outside my family and our little lakehouse group. I also get emotionally attached to fictional characters.  In the past, though, I would have wished for them to be my friends. I'd want to be in their universe. Now I have no such desires.

21. Thought about how there does seem to be a correlation of me having an increase in very social dreams (mostly with strangers I've never seen in real life before) and losing interest in finding/keeping friends in real life.

It might be less about me becoming asocial or anti-social, and more about me getting my social fix while I'm asleep.

22. Admitted to myself that there are other factors...such as having too many so-called friends who talked excessively about themselves and rarely seemed interested in what was happening in my life.

Though the friend I mentioned above wasn't actually like that. She was a good listener. So part of it IS about me being cold-hearted...and having excessive dream socialization.

23. Saw Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) get rescued from her kidnapper.

They really didn't drag out that storyline!

I think she was missing for only two or three episodes.

A part of me is glad because the kidnapping scenes were really creepy.

On the other hand....

Though, it's annoying when soap opera storylines drag on for months or years, I'm not sure it's a good idea to have them so super short.

24. Read a little more of The Rosie Project.

I didn't like what I read.

The book's annoying me.

Don is looking for a wife—or maybe just a girlfriend.

He has a list of qualities he wants and doesn't want.

His friend then sets him up with a woman who is pretty much the opposite of what Don wants.

Since this women is named Rosie, I'm guessing Don ends up falling in love with her.

I'm assuming the basic idea of the book is that Don needs to be fixed, and the type of person that can do that for him is the type of person he prefers not to be around.

In this mindset, if the universe wants to fix me, it should send me a smoker who  a) vomits a lot b) is careless about germs c) eats tunafish salad on a daily basis d) talks a lot about themselves, e) brags frequently f) Goes on and on about the importance of positive thinking

Would being partnered with that person make me a better person?

No. I think it would just drive me insane, or I'd become incredibly depressed.

What MIGHT make sense, from the universe, is if someone matched all the things on my list except one or two things. Let's say there's a nonsmoking person who's very careful about germs. He hates tunafish salad. He rarely brags. He listens as much as he talks. He has a realistic view of emotions. But he has a disease that makes him vomit often.  Having that person in my life, might help me become a better person.  I might become more habituated to vomit.

Or let's say I found the perfect friend, but she happens to be a smoker. Maybe I could get used to the smell, and maybe I could learn to worry less about the detriments of second-hand smoke.

25. Thought about how the relationship of Don and Rosie is somewhat similar to the relationship of Penny and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.  On The Big Bang Theory, though, both characters influence and change each a rather small degree.

I'll be okay with Rosie changing improving Don to some degree IF Rosie is also improved by being with Don.

26. Returned to the Home and Away episode.

27. Thought that Maddie is adorable.

28. Went to the Tropfest website.

Today I'm going to watch a film called "Song for a Comb".

I like that title.

29. Wished I was good at writing songs.

If I was, maybe I'd write a song for all of my favorite objects.

30. Thought the film was quite clever.

There's this creepy tiny statue person who goes through a bag of various objects and turns them into instruments. For example, he finds some pills and makes a sound by shaking them.

31. Thought that the film reminds me of the kind of films we'd watch in elementary school—stuff like "The Red Balloon" and "Paddle to the Sea".

32. Wondered if elementary school kids are still shown these films.

33. Wondered what other films we watched.

I also remember the Duffy Moon movie, but nothing beyond that.

34. Found a message board thread about movies shown in elementary school.

So far, nothing is ringing a bell. Though someone mentioned a scare-film which made me remember another such scare film. It was about kids distracting a bus driver, and then the bus gets into a violent accident.

35.  Saw "The Electric Grandmother" mentioned.

I think I saw that at school; or maybe on TV after school.

36. Went back to watching the Tropfest film.

37. Wondered why we were shown these movies in elementary school. Did it have something to do with what we were studying? Or did the teacher just need a break that day?

38. Thought that "Song for a Comb" might fit in with music class.

39. Decided I liked the beginning of "Song for a Comb" more than the ending.

The beginning has the theme of turning everyday objects into musical instruments. I think that's fun and creative.

Then the last part of the film has the mini-statue person using the comb as a piano.  It actually sounds like a piano, which isn't very realistic. I kind of felt the filmmaker was using his film to showcase a musical piece.

I suppose someone who likes piano music would be entertained. I found it kind of boring.

40. Looked back at the film.

Almost half of it consists of the piano-comb being played.

41. Went to the website of Sal Cooper.  She or he is the one who made "Song for a Comb".

Is Sal a male name or female?  Or is it one of those names that can work with either gender?

42. Saw, from this name website, that Sal is for both boys and girls.  It's a nickname for Salvador, Sally, and other names like that.

43. Went to the video page.

I watched Sal Cooper's advertisement for Autism Australia. I didn't get it. It shows people playing Pictionary.  There's frustration and confusion during the game. Then we're told people with autism experience frustration daily.  Yes, because neurotypical people only experience frustration when playing Pictionary.

Then some kind of Pictionary charity game is promoted.

Or multiple Pictionary games, actually.

So, in 2014 people dumped ice on themselves to support motor neuron disease.  Back in 2008, they played Pictionary for autism.


44. Watched Sal Cooper's showreel.

All his (or her?) stuff reminds me of the elementary school movies.

45. Thought about how we could take all our activities and say we're doing it for a cause.

I'm blogging for blindness. Why blindness?  I liked the alliteration.

I'm using alliteration in honor of colon cancer.  Sorry, lost the alliteration there.

I'll drink hot chocolate in support of people with MS.  Why?  I don't know. I just really like hot chocolate.

I'll watch YouTube videos in support of people with heart disease.

What else?

I'll write down my dreams in support of abused children.

46. Thought of the games/activities my family enjoys at the lake house. Why just have fun? We  can turn it all into a cause.

Water balloon fights can be in support of asylum seekers.

Boat rides can be for Lupus sufferers.

Scattergories can be Crohn's Disease.

Tripoly can be for sufferers of Schizophrenia.

Trips to the ranch can be for victims of Ebola. Well, how about this. The morning trips will be for Ebola. Evening trips will be for the Zeka virus.

47. Started to watch one of Zal Cooper's non-animated films. It's called "Art vs. Sport".

48. Saw that most of the film consists of two people playing badminton in the ocean.

49. Finished watching the film.  There's nothing in it besides two people playing the ocean badminton game.

It seems a bit pointless. Though I do like the idea of playing Badminton in the water.

50. Read the description/explanation of the film.

Beyond the immediate comedy of this video piece and its reference to the sport-obsessed culture of this country, there sits the absurd notion that we might - as the waters around us continue to rise - just play on, regardless.

Okay. Yeah.  I didn't get that.

51. Thought of a conversation Jack and I had the other day. He complained about artsy films and books.

I'm not a big fan either.

I'm okay with artsy qualities IF it's not the main point of the project.  I'm okay with someone showing an extreme close-up of a crumb in a toaster if it's within a movie with great characters and a great storyline. I'm not okay with a filmmaker making a movie just so he could show off his ability to get a good shot of a toaster crumb.

The other thing I'm thinking is that if you have to give an explanation of your artsy film so people can understand it's message, than something isn't right.

52. Thought about how all films are going to have a mixed audience. Some people are going to get it. Some people aren't.  That's why we have YouTube comments.

53. Figured there ARE probably people who understood the message of "Art Vs. Sport" without first reading the explanation.

For me, though?  Even after reading the explanation, I'm not seeing the message in the film.

To me, it just looks like two people enjoying a game of badminton.  I don't feel like they're sport-obsessed.

54. Saw from the press page on Sal Cooper's site, that in this case, Sal is a female.

55. Thought that my post is especially negative today.

Or am I usually this negative?

56. Decided I'm not usually this negative.

57. Wondered whether I'm in an especially negative mood this morning, or is it just a matter of me running into things today that I didn't like.

On another day, would I have liked these things more?

Or if I read and watched different things today, would my post have been more positive?