Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth, Matt Zeremes, Guy Edmonds, and Paul Watters

1. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

2.  Glad that Maddie (Kassandra Clementi) decided not to go home with her mother (Kathryn Hartman).

She was planning to, and I worried she was leaving the show.

Maddie's one of my favorite characters, so I'd like her to stay awhile.

3. Started watching another episode of Home and Away.

4. Saw that the elderly war veteran in these episodes is played by an actor named Vincent Ball.

Ball has an extensive filmography, beginning in 1949.

5. Saw that Vincent Ball is ninety-two. That's pretty impressive.

6. Went to the Tropfest website.

Today I'm going to watch a 2010 finalist film called "No Dice Hollywood".

The actor in the film photo looks a bit like a guy who was working at the Bat Mitzvah this weekend. And the guy was Australian! Maybe it's him.

Though I think the guy told me that he had been in the US for....

Actually, I don't know.

Maybe nine years?

It could have been six. If it was six, then he could have been in Australia doing Tropfest films.

7. Thought about how the Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy didn't say he was an actor.

But his job is owning a photo booth business. This could totally be something that an actor does when they're acting career isn't blossoming as much as they wished it would.

8. Looked again at the guy in the photo.

The resemblance isn't that strong.

I think I'm probably imagining things.

9. Started watching the film.

It's very meta....

Meta what?

I don't know.

I'm not sure the exact term.

But in the film, the Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy is making a Tropfest film. Well, he's typing up plans for one.

10. Thought that the more I see of this guy, the more he looks like Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy.

This is weird.

11. Thought that the film was very surreal.

12. Wished I asked the Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy if he was an actor.

The question never occurred to me.

I did ask him if he watched Home and Away.

He told me he watched Neighbours, and most Australians watch one soap opera or the other.

I would think at that point, he might mention that he was on Neighbours. Although that might not be the case unless he was actually on Neighbours.

He could be one of those rare Aussie actors that's never have appeared on Home and Away or Neighbours.

13. Thought that the Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy's accent is much stronger than the accent of the guy in the film.

BUT....actors are good at changing their accent.

14. Pondered the possibility that the accent I heard at the Bat Mitzvah was the fake one.

An Australian with a strong accent is going to get much more attention in Dallas Texas than someone with a weak accent.

15. Surprised to see Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy singing.

This film has turned into a musical.

The song reminds me of something that would be in either Pete's Dragon or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  

16. Saw, in the end credits, that the man in the movie is not the Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy.

The actors name is Matt Zeremes.

The Bat Mitzvah photo booth guy told me his name.  I'm not 100% sure what it was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Matt.

I think maybe it was Anthony.

Or Jonathan.

17. Saw that Matt Zeremes WAS on Home and Away.

18. Saw that last year Zeremes starred in a comedy-musical called Super Awesome!

Guy Edmonds was his co-star. I couldn't remember who Edmonds was, but knew I knew him from somewhere.

Well, I thought it was House Husbands but didn't remember who he was on House Husbands.

He IS on House Husbands. I can see that from his filmography.

I'm pretty sure he played the biological father of Stella (Edwina Royce)

I also thought I knew him from Underbelly. He was on Underbelly.  It's just he wasn't on the two seasons I watched.

The other thing I saw him in is A Moody Christmas. I'm not sure who he was?  Maybe he was the one in a relationship with Jane Harber?

19. Saw that Edmonds was on Wonderland.

I vaguely remember that.

I have no idea who he played.

20. Saw that there are other actors I recognize in the cast of Super Awesome!, including Andrew Steel from The Justice Lease; two of the stars of Upper Middle Bogan (Annie Maynard and Patrick Brammall), and Simon Burke.

21. Watched the trailer for Super Awesome!

It's not one of the best trailers I've seen, but the movie itself still might be good.

22. Saw that Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes also wrote and directed Super Awesome!

23. Saw that both guys were also producers for the film.

And Edmonds did the editing.

24. Went back to No Dice Hollywood.

The director of the film is a guy named Paul Watters.

His filmography is intriguing to me.

He was a producer for a segment of the Academy Awards—one featuring Hugh Jackman.  I guess that would be the year Jackman hosted the awards.

He did host the awards, didn't he? Or did I dream that?

25. Googled. He did host it. That was in 2009.

Anyway, back to Watters.

He worked as an executive assistant to Baz Luhrmann for Moulin Rouge. That was in 2001. Then later he did work on Australia.

26. Saw that currently, Watters and Luhrmann are both producers for an upcoming American TV show called The Get Down.

IMDb says it's premiering in August.

27. Saw that the show is about teenagers in the Bronx in the 1970's.

I wonder if it will do well.

28. Looked up the Bat Mitzvah photo booth company.

The guy's name IS Anthony.

I'm impressed I remembered.

You know, I was thinking about remembering names the other day.

At least in my case, whether or not I remember a name is NOT a reflection on how much I like someone

At the Bat Mitzvah, I saw these people I adore. They're super nice and talking to them warms my cold, little heart.

 I see these people on an occasional basis—pretty much when my sister's family has a big party. I totally forget their names all the time.  This time I thought I knew one of their names, and I had it totally wrong. Fortunately, I didn't say what I thought this person's name was aloud.

Well, now I know the name of each person in their family, and I'm etching it strongly in my brain.

I'm going to try to think of them everyday, so I never forget.

Okay, but anyway. There are certain people at the Bat Mitzvah that I dislike. I have no problem remembering their name. I don't think I've ever forgotten it.

Then again, it could be because I see this person more often, and she's talked about more often.


I do know for sure that my not-remembering-a-name doesn't mean I don't like a person.

29. Remembered this summer where I felt hurt because two of my sister's friends said they didn't remember me, but they did remember my husband.

I didn't like being forgotten while my husband was remembered.

But now I'm thinking that it's better to be forgotten and/or not noticed than to be remembered and disliked.

Of course, the best would be to be remembered and liked.  If you can't have that, though...being forgotten is really not that bad of a thing.