Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Dream About Guy Pearce

I'm thinking I will stop being a blogger-on-hiatus and will now instead be an occasional blogger.

I won't blog daily like I used to, but I also will no longer be no-longer-blogging.

Anyway, I wanted to share my dream.

We're in some kind of clothing store.  Something big has happened, and it's led me to think that it will have greatly lowered the Australian dollar. I'm predicting it's going to worth around .50 American dollars. I think about how, if it is that low, we really should seriously consider going to Australia soon.  

Guy Pearce comes into the store. He's looking for a tie. He seems stressed and rushed. Tim ends up trying to talk to him, and asks Pearce to come and meet his family. I'm embarrassed about this and not pleased with what Tim has done.  (I'm not big on the idea of bothering celebrities when they're going about their personal life, and especially not if they seem stressed).  I pretend to be busy looking at a tie.  


I forget exactly what happens next, but I think maybe someone gave the tie I was holding to Guy Pearce. But he didn't like it.

When I woke up, in the middle of the night, I tried to remember the last time I saw Guy Pearce in anything. I soon remembered it was last month when we were in Colorado. I watched In Her Skin. That was a creepy and depressing movie, but also fascinating—the type that has me frantically Googling to get more information.

In other dreams....

The night before last, I dreamed we were living in Australia for six months.  I was very happy about that.

I'm not sure if my waking-life self is as keen to move to Australia as my dreaming-self.  I'm very attached to my backyard lately. That being said, I'm sure I could totally end up loving an Aussie backyard.

But moving to Australia would have its stresses (i.e: cat quarantine!!!), and more importantly we've been offered no such jobs or other such opportunities. So for now (and probably a long long time), moving to Australia will be just something I do in my dreams.