Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Game of Thrones and The Office

Tim and I are currently watching season 5 of The Office.

We watched the first four seasons last year, and then kind of got distracted. Well and also, I felt it was awkward watching it in the midst of the MeToo storm. Like a lot of people, I had a lot of confused feelings during that time. And it seemed watching a show whose comedy is centered around sexual harassment might make things even more confusing.

Of course, the MeToo movement is far from over. And I'm also still confused about it...and tons of other things. But I'm okay enough to watch The Office.

I can manage to see Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) not as an evil predator but a man who is disgusting, annoying, and yet still very endearing.

Anyway...none of that is the point of this post.

I'll get to the point.

Yesterday we were watching the show, and I thought about that Game of Thrones scene where Jon Snow (Kit Harington) looked at the camera briefly, and people were saying it looked like something from The Office.

I started searching through YouTube while we were watching The Office. Because I was in the mood to see that scene.

I expected it to be easy to find, but I didn't find it!

I went to Google.

No luck there either!

I searched using various keyword combinations. "Game of Thrones and The Office" "John Snow Looks at the Camera" "Kit Harington looks at the camera". "The Dragon and the Wolf and The Office"


I gave up.

But then when I was trying to fall asleep later, I opened my eyes, picked up my phone, and started searching again.

Nothing again.

What's happening?

Did I dream it all?

Am I experiencing the Mandela Effect?

Maybe I'm in some awful universe where John Snow did NOT look at the camera for a brief second.

And I might be having another Game of Thrones Mandela Effect. This one is in regards to the scene in which the alleged camera glance took place.

It's where they have that meeting in King's Landing. When I was trying to get help from IMDb, I learned that the scene took place in the last episode of season 7. That surprised me. I thought it took place earlier.

You know...

I'm going to search one more time.

Maybe I'll have better luck with my laptop.

Or maybe it's out there and the universe was hiding it from me last night.  I think the universe does have a wicket sense of humor.

OR it could be that now I've switched back to the better universe.

Well, I just checked.

I didn't find it.

You know what.

I hope there's a universe where Game of Thrones is always filmed like The Office. That would be a fun world.