Thursday, May 21, 2020

If the Country Reopens That Must Mean Covid 19 is No Longer a Problem

Tim and I have noticed there's mindset happening in the United States...and maybe elsewhere.

This is that the country reopening means the Coronavirus drama is over. So it's not about positive tests or deaths. It's about whether you're allowed to eat at a restaurant, go to the gym, or get a haircut.

One of Tim's catch phrases lately is, What has changed?  Meaning: Are there less cases? Less deaths? Do we have a vaccine? Is there widespread testing in your area? A good tracing system in your area?

Has ANYTHING changed besides your favorite restaurant now allowing you to eat inside instead of just picking up food or your child's school declaring they shall be open in the fall?

I've been fascinated (and disturbed) by the Covid 19 skeptics. I mean fascinated enough to start saving Twitter profiles of some of these skeptics, so I can check back and see whether their mindset stays the same or changes throughout the next several months.  

One of the things I've been wondering about is what would change someone's mindset.  

As they say there are no atheists in foxholes. How about Covid 19 skeptics in ICU beds?  

I don't think simply contracting the virus would be enough to change anyone. I think, actually, if someone had a fairly mild case, it might actually confirm their belief that the disease is a small-deal. my category thing again.  I divided the situations that would cause people to change from a skeptic level to this-shit-is-real-we-need-to-take-action level.

So looking at situations ranging from ICU-death, I'd put people in these categories.

A) People who don't know of anyone who has been in the ICU or died, but they still think it's a huge deal.

B) People who have 2nd and higher associations of ICU or death. For example, their neighbor's aunt or their cousin's teacher.

C) People who have an acquaintance who has been in the ICU or have died. 

D)  People who have a friend or relative who has been in the ICU or died.

E) People who have a very close friend or close family member who has been in the ICU or has died.

F) People who themselves are in the ICU and close to death.  Or I guess if there's an afterlife...maybe they could be dead and thinking, NOW I get why they were making such a big deal about all that.

I think someone would have to be very narcissistic to have to be all the way to F to believe there actually SHOULD be so much fuss over COVID 19. Well, I mean if they already knew other people dying of it.  There could be people in which the first person they know with a bad case of COVID 19 is themselves.  So I wouldn't see them as being super narcissistic.  But if someone's friend died; then wife; then son; etc. died and they were still thinking there's too much fuss over COVID 19 but then they got it and finally understood the disease is quite scary and shitty....well, that would be extremely narcissistic.  

Anyway, as I said I've been collecting Twitter accounts.  

One of them is a guy called Guy With a Phone.

He really seems to think that the rules determine how bad the Covid 19 situation is

On May 16, he Tweets  Yesterday in New Mexico I almost get arrested and refused service at food counter for NOT wearing a mask, Today in Utah, sitting inside Diner drinking coffee eating a meal, What a diff a couple of state lines make, danger zone in NM, ALL clear in Utah, almost like all this a hoax

A few days later, his Tweet: This virus is weird, so dangerous in New Mexico, Oregon, can't even buy food without a mask, in Utah, Oklahoma, Arkansas, sit in restaurants no problem, strange how the virus is so potent in some states and barely noticeably in others.

And the next day, he Tweets So I am in California, walk into a place to eat ... Won't seat you at all, walk across the street, sitting in a diner eating a meal drinking coffee ... One side of the street the virus is deadly, the other side, not dangerous at all ..yep, this is where we are America.

I'm trying to think of an analogy to help my brain deal with his thinking, but I can't think of anything for now.

Okay. Got one.

It would be like comparing two cars. One has seatbelts and the other does not. Then someone says that this shows that driving the car with seatbelts is dangerous and driving the car without seatbelts is safe.

Or how about the person who is getting chemotherapy HAS cancer and the person who chooses to forgo chemotherapy does not have cancer. 

Even if the danger of the virus could be measured by what is open in an area...the thinking is still very illogical and ignorant.  Because there ARE areas, at this point, where the virus is more prevalent.  This is in no way evidence that the disease is a hoax.

Covid 19 is not evenly distributed around the world.  I think most people DO understand that at least. What some of them might not understand, though, is that the distribution can change. There might not be a scary amount of cases in our county this week, but there might be a lot next week. 

Guy with a Phone shows he doesn't understand that with this earlier Tweet.  Look folks, if you don't want to die from the Wu Flu, it is simple, don't contract it while old or already badly ill ..and ..well ..don't Live in that Hell called New York .. The rest of you go about your lives normally ... You are Welcome!

One thing I'm thinking that gives me hope and peace of mind...while at the same time making me feel stupid is that this Guy With a Phone COULD be a parody account.  I kind of doubt it, though.


  1. Hi, I'm spending an exciting Saturday evening blog hopping. I had gone to a blog called High Riser and you were on the list.

    I'm from Georgia and people are ridiculous with their opinions and then there are those who agree with me. lol I wear a mask and will be cautious for awhile. After memorial day weekend, I think a lot will have a "come to Jesus" moment and some of the blarney will stop. But the bots will keep the conversation going long after it should have ended.

  2. Hi Ann

    I lived in Georgia for awhile.

    I'd like to think most of these people are bots, but I think unfortunately too many are not. OR maybe they are bots but like Westworld bots, so they are walking outside instead of just being on Twitter. In that case, the virus probably can't effect them anyway. So no harm done.