Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Different Ways Trumplicans Might be Responding to January 6

This is my list of the various ways that Trumplicans might be responding to January 6, 2021. 

Note: By Trumplicans, I mean any person who adored, supported, accepted, or tolerated Trump.

Another Note: Some of these responses I've seen. Others I imagine might be happening.

1. They are horrified by what has happened. They strongly regret being a Trumplican. They are apologetic and remorseful and want to use any power, they have, to right the wrongs that have occurred. They are very retrospective and are looking back and realizing that this was years in the making. They want to hit themselves for not acting or speaking out sooner.

2. They are inspired by what has happened. They see the people who broke into the Capitol as freedom fighters. They plan to join the war and take back the country that belongs to them.

3. They think what happened was awful, but they talk about how the Democrats started it back in 2000 and 2016 when they protested against the election results. You can try to point out the vast differences in the situations, but they're not interested in hearing it. 

4. They think what happened was awful but it's not as bad as what Black Lives Matter "thugs" did to their country over the summer. Oh and of course, they're not going to want to hear ANYTHING about the differences in the police response to the two situations.  

5. They think what happened was very bad, but it has nothing to do with Trump. Most of the protesters were peaceful. There were just a few bad actors. It's not Trump's fault. 

6. They believe what happened was bad, but it wasn't Trump supporters who did that. No way! Trump supporters are very peaceful people.  All those bad people were Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters.  Antifa is the real evil.  Antifa! Antifa! ANTIFA!!!!!!!!  

7. They believe what happened in the capitol was a travesty, and yes. okay. They will admit Trump is to blame for some of it. But was he a bad president? No way!  He was a good president and a good man. But the relentless witch hunt of the far left socialist radicals and the crooked, biased fake news drove Trump mad.  Oh...and it's also the fault of all those mean, annoying, shrill people with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  

8. They resort to gaslighting. What do you mean they supported Trump? They never did! They were against him from the very beginning! In fact, they were stronger critics than you. When you show them past texts, Tweets, or bring up past conversations, they ignore you and continue to DARVO. How dare you insult them with these accusations! 

9. They don't claim to have been against Trump, but they use DARVO to divert the conversation.  It's like yeah, what those guys did to the capitol is shitty. And Trump shouldn't have said what he said. But the real crime here is you guys attacking me for my opinions.  How dare you!!!!!

10. They are mildly outraged by what happened on January 6, but they save their strong outrage for the corrupt social media companies that have banned Trump. 

11. They react with silence. They say as little as possible about what happened. They change the subject quickly if the topic comes up. Though if pressed, they will resort to any of the above (but probably not #1)  

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