Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Nip/Tuck Syndrome

We don't like Modern Family anymore. This season, at best, it's mediocre.  Usually, it's just crap. It makes me sad, because we used to think it was super fantastic.

I decided to label my feelings The Nip/Tuck syndrome. Why? It reminds me of when I loved THAT show and then went on to strongly dislike it.

This syndrome doesn't apply to slightly good stuff that dips a tiny bit in quality. It applies to wonderful things that become really awful.

(Of course this is all opinion.  Other people might think the later seasons of Nip/Tuck and Modern Family are perfectly fine)

So what's one of the main things that worries me about Australia.

Trip one and two were incredibly wonderful.

What if our upcoming sequel is a huge let-down?

For a few moments, I became really pessimistic.  I thought, you can't have THREE good things in a row. Life is never that generous.

Nothing gold can stay.  

But then I cheered up a bit.

The first thing I thought of was Toy Story.  I loved that movie, but I love the second and third ones no less. I might even love them more.

In the last few months, we watched seven seasons of How I Met Your Mother. I don't think it has had any reduction in awesomeness.  In fact...although I love all the seasons, I probably love the later seasons a bit more.  

Our third trip to Australia might be even better than the first and second.

Or if being too optimistic scares me, I could say it might be like The Big Bang Theory.  We loved that show.  Now our love has been slightly reduced. But we still enjoy the show.  


Now I'm thinking, what's more alarming—my unrelenting obsession with Australia or my addiction to television?

Let me move onto other analogies.

JK Rowling!

I loved every Harry Potter book. For me, it never got bad.

But then she had to go and write something else.  Of course it would probably be shit and my idol would fall off her pedestal.

Nope. It hasn't happened.

I'm reading The Casual Vacancy now and am totally in love with it.  

As for vacations.....

There's Disney World.

We keep going.

We continue to love it.


I have some hope that Australia Part Three will be super wonderful...not too much hope, though.   I don't want to jinx myself.

Honestly, I'm at the point of feeling that if we manage to remember our passports, make our flights, avoid a serious debilitating illness (or other disaster), I'll feel we've succeeded in avoiding the Nip/Tuck syndrome.