Thursday, November 30, 2017

Changing The Name of My Blog Again

I've changed the name of my blog again.

This will be the third time.

In the beginning I was The Girl Who Wished She Was Australian. Then, though, I continued to be obsessed with Australia, I no longer had a huge need to move there and obtain citizenship.  SO, I became The Weird American Who's Obsessed with Australia.

I still love Australia and am quite interested in it, but I can't say honestly that I'm still obsessed.  So now I'm just going to name this blog, Dina's Blog.  It's very blah and original.  On the plus side, I don't think I'll have to ever change it, because I'm probably not going to change my own first name.

I really actually hate it, though.

Maybe I will end up changing it again...when I think of something more clever.

Wait. I think I got something.  I'm trying out I'm No Longer Obsessed With Australia But I Still Want a Blog.

It's honest, but a bit long. Also, it's another thing that could change down the line. What I I become re-obsessed with Australia?

I want something that's more permanent.

Okay. I think I got something: The Blog that's Not Always About Australia.

I like that...for now. I might change my mind in ten minutes.

The thing is, the new title is accurate now. It will be accurate in the future, and it is actually accurate for the past.  I often have written things that are not quite Australia-related.  I felt pressured to link things, I wanted to talk about, to Australia, and that was a bit of a pain. It also felt kind of dishonest...maybe also silly and somewhat manipulative.

No, manipulative it is the wrong word.  It's more like....

I don't know, actually.

I can't think of the word I want.

Maybe no such word exists.

In other my-blog news, I've taken away comments. For now.  Since I already took away my email address some time ago, basically I'm cutting out two way communication between myself and the rare people who come to read my crap.

I DO appreciate the rare interesting, kind, and relevant comments I've received.  If you left some, thank you. But all in all, the bad and mediocre I've experienced with two way communication, via my blog, has greatly outweighed the positive.

If reading something on my blog compels you to want to say something, text a friend, write it on your own blog, Tweet it, post it on Facebook, tell your cat, etc.   Seeing that I rarely get comments in the first place, I don't think these actions are going to be often needed.  You're probably more likely to want to talk to your cat about other marijuana legalization or whether each popular food needs it's own day of recognition/celebration.