Sunday, August 9, 2020

Ben Isn't Dead

I've come to expect tragic things to happen to Australian TV characters. And usually it comes in the form of motor vehicle related.

Really. Australian TV people need to just stop driving. Cars need to be outlawed. Anything with wheels, really.

So...some days ago, I saw Ben (Brian Vriends) get injured when some awful teens threw rocks into his ambulance.

I expected him to die.

To my surprise, he didn't.

And his CAT scan came out clear! Miracle of miracles. the episode I watched today,  Ben suddenly went unconscious while driving the ambulance. It turns out his brain was slowly bleeding.

I thought about how of course, they couldn't give the poor guy a break.

And they couldn't give me a break.

Now I have something to add to my things to be paranoid about.  If someone bumps their head, gets a CAT scan, and is fine for weeks....I still have to worry that they have a slow growing brain bleed.



Maybe I won't worry so much.

Because Ben survived!

Towards the end of the episode, his partner (Conrad Coleby) and his girlfriend Bron (Libby Tanner) stand at his bed chatting cheerfully away. Ben looks out of it. I was thinking, okay. Here we go. He may be alive, but he's severely brain damaged. Or he has amnesia with a drastic personality change.

A personality change would be tragic when it comes to Ben, because he has a really great personality.

But my pleasant surprise, Ben started talking. He seems fine.

Now what I'm worried about is a McLeod's Daughter type situation.  In that, Tess (Bridie Carter) had a major breast cancer scare. She ended up being okay. And then her sister (Lisa Chappell) died in a terrible, terrifying accident. 

The lesson that show taught me is to NEVER be overly relieved and/or happy about a negative test result. 

Ben doesn't have a brother or sister that I know of. But I'm expecting that now something awful will happen to Bron.