Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank You

For those who are interested, here is the Aussie playlist I have on YouTube.  

There are 84 songs so far.......

Thank you to all of you who have sent in suggestions!


  1. So glad there's some Magic Dirt and some Custard there as well as all the other bits you've talked about!

    Very nice playlist :)

  2. Ohhhh I love your play list. We have very similar tastes if you like most of what you have there. The Go of my all time favourite bands. :-)

    When you come over, we can go through my collection and burn whatever you like too!


  3. Gina: Thanks!

    Tracey: I do like most of what's on the list. Some stuff I love as soon as I hear it. Then other stuff....I have to hear it a few times before it begins to grow on me.

    There are a few things I still don't like. AC/DC is one of them. Maybe I'll like it....EVENTUALLY.

    Awesome about burning music. That would be so cool. And you can get music off my IPOD. Not that I have anything that exciting. About 20% is music I actually like and the other is stuff that Tim put on and I don't like.

  4. pffttt... nah forget AC/DC, they're crap. But don't tell my husband I sai that!!! lol

  5. Fantastic playlist!

    Glad to see some Ben Lee, Powderfinger and Sarah Blasko made it on there. Classic stuff.
    I thought of a couple more, which if you like Regurgitator and Custard you might like/know. Nick Cave and Spiderbait.

    Also there's a fantastic Aussie jazz/ska/rock fusion band which I thought really should get a listing. The Cat Empire.

  6. Tracey:

    Glad you share my views on that! I was afraid you were going to tie us to a chair and force us to listen to AC/DC the whole time we were there.

    Catatonic Kid: Thank you! I will look all those up and add them to the playlist if they're available.

  7. Great playlist! Think I might add a few to my own... :)