Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Game That God Plays

I just started reading a book about Christmas Island. It's written by Julietta Jameson. I'm on only page 8, but I'm already loving it.

She's very excited about going to Christmas Island. It reminds me of how I felt when we went to Australia.

I love some of the passages because they remind me of my own feelings.

It was a place I had heard about, read about, and thought about; even dreamed about, for nigh on four months. And now here it was, a hypereality, a larger than life magnificence.

The funny thing is I had about four months (a little less so) from the time we bought the plane tickets, and I became obsessed, to the time that we boarded the airplane.

A few paragraphs later, Jameson says, I had felt propelled, but by what? By the hand of fate, I supposed. A slight of the hand of fate. Life often led you to where you never intended to go.

I'm a big believer in fate...much more so than I'm a believer in God or gods.

Jameson talks about how she had begun believing that God's plan was to simply roll a die. Life was all random. I don't think I agree with that. I believe SOME stuff out there is random. For the most part though, I believe there is a plan.

I love what Jameson says here though. There seemed to be one certainty in that gambling game of God's--no result could ever occur in isolation. He might as well have been playing dominoes.

I love that.

My feeling is that MOST of us can agree that life is like dominoes. It doesn't matter whether you're Christian, Atheist, Hindu, or a Neopagan like me. I don't think it matters whether you believe coincidences are purely random occurrences, or events carefully orchestrated by meddling spirit guides. I think we can agree that in life one thing leads to another...and most of our actions influence the actions of others.

We are all catalysts.

In other News....It is Tim's birthday today! So happy birthday to him!!!