Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Crazy American Toilet

Andrew had a video of an American toilet in Malaysia. 

I said it didn't remind me of toilets I've seen in America.

So he asked me to take a video of my toilet.

I was hoping my toilet would do a fine performance of simplicity. But it didn't.

I flushed it once, but it looks like I flushed it three times.

If you look carefully, you'll see our toilet isn't very clean. There's an ugly rust stain. 

Just for the record, toilet cleaning is Tim's job.

Actually.  I'm not sure you have to look too carefully to notice.

I'm a bit embarrassed.

In Australia, toilets have two flushes—a little flush and a big flush.

From what I've learned from the past owners of our house (my parents), our flush is equal to the Australian little flush.  It's supposed to save water.  If you poo, though, it's wise to flush a few times.   Otherwise, it's likely you'll have to rush for the plunger.

If you notice, the plunger is in the photo.  


  1. Thanks Dina. Yours seems even weirder. Isn't it strange who different your toilets are Australian toilets, well ones in private houses. I think your style works better.

  2. Andrew,

    I'm not sure if that toilet is representative of most private toilets in America.


    But most toilets don't do three in one flushes like that.

    Or maybe they do and I just haven't noticed.

    I need to start paying more attention.